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 Query #445 – Children of Cornelius and Alice Rigg Hull: Looking for information regarding children of Cornelius and Alice Rigg Hull from Toledo, Ohio. We know some are Laura, Walter, Arthur, Chester, Mable, possibly Alice. We believe there is one other son, but don't know his name. Thanks in advance for any potential information!

– Submitted 07 Nov 2018 by Geoffrey, HFA Member #1574

  • 11 Dec 2018 Reply from Sheran McCants, HFA DNA Admin: I did not discover any other sons. However, I found information on the parents and siblings of Cornelius Hull.
  • 11 Dec 2018 Reply from Sheran McCants, HFA DNA Admin: Records viewable on familysearch.com reveal that William Henry Hull was a son of Cornelius Hull and Alice Rigg. The Lucas County, Ohio Record of Births states that Wm Henry Hull was born 5 Jan 1886 to C Hull and Alice Rigg. A Lucas County Marriage Record states that William H Hull, age 19, son of Cornelius Hull and Alice Rigg married 18 Oct 1905 to Belle Marsh; his residence was 1445 Macomber St, Toledo, Lucas, Ohio. Ohio Certificate of death stated that William Henry Hull, born 5 Jan 1886 in Toledo to Cornelius Hull (born Ottawa Canada) and Alice Rigg (born Wood Co. Ohio), died 26 Jul 1930 in Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio; his residence was 1432 Macomber St, Toledo, Lucas, Ohio.

Reply to Query #445:


 Query #444 – Marriage of Ezekiel Hull and Mary Denton, 1786: Seeking documentation for the marriage of Ezekiel Hull and Mary Denton. On 12 Nov 1786, Ezekiel Hull, born 1765 in Redding (Fairfield) Connecticut, married Mary Denton, born in 1765 in Goshen (Orange) New York, were married. Robert Sollars in “The Ezekiel Hull and Mary (Denton) Hull and The Platt Hull and Susanna (Sollars) Hull Families” Hull Family Association Journal 12 (3), Autumn, 2001, gives the marriage location as Connecticut, with no source. Weygant author of The Hull Family in America (1913) lists place of marriage as Syracuse, New York, also with no source. They both give the same date of marriage.

29 Aug 2018 by Peggy Norris, HFA Member #1938

Reply to Query #444:


 Query #443 – Grandparent Betty J. Hull: Note: Due to a mixup by two members of the HFA Website Committee the following query was not posted on the HFA websites; it was, however, published as Query #441 in the Nov 2017 edition of the HFA Newsletter. We have assigned it a new number, 443, on the HFA websites.
      Seeking any information on my biological grandmother's life. She was b. 11 Mar 1923 and raised in Lincoln, (Lancaster Co.) Nebraska. She put my father up for adoption in Sacramento, (Sacramento Co.), California in June 1944. I know that she married a man, Wesley Lloyd Johnson, in the military and changed her name in January of 1945. I don't know where she was married. Her name changed from Betty J. Hull to Betty J Johnson. I don't know much about her life after she was married. I know she died and was buried in Clovis, (Curry Co.), New Mexico on 7 Dec 1998.
      She may have relocated to different cities throughout her marriage and had children. I am seeking any information about her life or potential relatives.

13 Aug 2018 by Erin C. Dutton, HFA Member #1946

  • 13 Aug 2018 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: We note by your lineage submission that you seem to have more Hull info preceding Betty Jean Hull. It is always helpful to include that info, too. Therefore, I am copying this below so that others might see more of your Hull line. We have not yet checked all of these remaining generations for accuracy.
    • Betty Jean Hull, b. 11 Mar 1923; res.: Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE; m. Wesley Lloyd Johnson
    • Frederick Hull, res.: Sacramento, Sacramento Co., CA
    • Clarance Conley Hull, b. 13 Sep 1895 in York, York Co., NE; d. 25 Mar 1966 in Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE; m. 17 Sep 1922, Margaret Coletta Weinerth
    • William H. Hull, b. ca. Feb 1847; d. [–?–]; m. 17 Oct 1875, NE, Pricilla A. Harman 
    • George W. Hull, b. 28 June 1817, York Co., PA; d. 21 Jul 1901, Champaign Co., OH; m. 26 Aug 1841, Gettysburg, Adams Co., PA, Mary Ann Stout

Reply to Query #443:


 Query #442 – Vital Records Research: Is anyone aware of a list of states which still allow release of vital records for genealogical research (if any)? Perhaps such a list would also have contact-points of agencies which could be queried for the records. Thank you.

– Submitted 13 Aug 2018 by Mary Hull Yox, HFA Member #1833

  • 13 Aug 2018 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: I know of no such offering on the Internet. There are so many ways that we can access vital records instead of just one way. That would include birth records, marriages, deaths, town records, church records, courthouse, and cemetery records. I doubt that any state would have compiled all of this into one complete account for these records. If anyone else has info on this, please reply.
  • 13 Aug 2018 Reply from Sandra Johanson, HFA Member #1953: You might try the Center for Disease Control website. They have an index button to find the Vital Records link here. It gives up-to-date information on where to write for vital records. You can then visit the links of interest and determine the information you seek. Happy Researching.

Reply to Query #442:


 Query #441 – William Preston Hull, TN: Note: Due to a mixup by two members of the HFA Website Committee the following query was not posted on the HFA websites; it was, however, published as Query #433 in the Nov 2017 edition of the HFA Newsletter. We have assigned it a new number, 441, on the HFA websites.
      I have a unique situation. My maiden name was Hull; my father was born in 1896. He was adopted by William Preston Hull in Tenn. But a picture I have of him as a young boy and his father; they bear a striking resemblance to each other. I would like to join the association and have the DNA testing done to see if there is a link to Hull DNA, which I believe would settle the question of parenting, and hopefully find out something about his family. I don't want to use the wrong DNA testing company so wanted your thoughts on this. I hate to join and go down another dead end road. Do you think this association can help?

– Submitted 13 Aug 2018 by non-member Diann Hull Bannerman

  • 13 Aug 2018 Reply from the HFA DNA Admin: I think William Preston Hull was the son of… [answer to this query is available only to HFA members; become a member here].

Reply to Query #441:


 Query #440 – Desired Information: Who are the parents of the Elizabeth Hull Thompson listed below?: According to Find A Grave Elizabeth Hull was born on 8 Jan 1774 in Bennington, VT and died on 20 Apr 1858 in LaPorte Co., IN. Elizabeth (Hull) Thompson is buried in Salem Cemetery in LaPorte Co., Indiana. Elizabeth married Robert Thompson. According to the book History of Lake Co., Indiana, Elizabeth Hull was a cousin of Gen. Hull who surrendered Detroit in the War of 1812.
     Robert Thompson was probably born in New York state and died before the 1850 census of LaPorte Co., Indiana. Elizabeth Hull and Robert Thompson probably married in New York because they had a daughter Nancy who was born in New York in 1804. Robert Thompson was a farmer in New York state and also served in the War of 1812. He died at age 45. (According to the History of Lake County Indiana book, p. 579-581 under the James Gilbert Van Dewalker bio.)

– Submitted 05 Aug 2018 by non-member Linda McGlothlin

  • 05 Aug 2018 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: We do not seem to have any info on this Elizabeth Hull. However, we would seriously doubt that she was a cousin of General William Hull, as he seemed to have no relatives in Vermont. Many people try to claim famous relatives when in fact there is no relationship at all.
         Perhaps others can help to identify this Elizabeth Hull.

Reply to Query #440:


 Query #439 – 3 Gt Grandparent: The spouse of John M. Hull (b. 1805 Indiana Co. PA; d. 1891 Westmoreland Co. PA) was Matilda Clark (b. 1826 Indiana Co., PA; d. 1893 Westmoreland Co., PA). John M. and Matilda married in 1839. Matilda’s parents were William Clark and Jane Longstretch from County Down, Ireland who emigrated to Indiana Co. PA. Did William and Jane Clark have sons (brothers of Matilda) named Isaac Clark (b. 1820 Indiana Co., PA) and Samuel Clark (b. 1823 Indiana Co. PA)?

– Submitted 05 Aug 2018
by David Charles Clark, HFA Member #1950

  • 05 Aug 2018 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: Normally we do not try to follow the lines of the Hull wives. It is just more than what we have time for. However, we do have a family group sheet for your John M. Hull and Matilda Clark. If you would like that, I'm happy to send it.

Reply to Query #439:


 Query #438 – Seeking names of parents for Benjamin Hull, b. 27 Aug 1740; d. 11 Oct 1832, Lincoln Co., NC; married Sarah Hutchinson, b. 1749; d. 1829.

– Submitted 21 Jan 2018
by Marcus William Mouery, HFA Member #1932

  • 21 Jan 2018 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: This is a line which we have been studying for a good many years. We do not yet know just where this Benjamin Hull was born. It may have well been NJ but we do not know the county. We do know that this line descends from the Crewkerne, co. Somerset, England line.
       We would recommend that you order this HFA Journal in which we discuss this line: HFA Journal, Summer 2001. Our article contains most of the references which we have for this family.
       Our CCC coordinator can recommend several others in the HFA who descend from this line for you to correspond with.

Reply to Query #438:


 Query #437 – Desire info on Stephen Hull m. #1 Welthan? Hyde; Ostego Co., NY: Stephen Hull, b. 01 May 1804(?), [_?_]; m. [_?_], to #1 Welthan(?) Hyde; res. ca. 1850–1880, Ostego Co., NY; d. 01 Feb 1892 (?), Ostego Co. NY. Wife: Welthan(?) Hyde, b. 12 Dec 1811 (?), New London Co., Conn (?); res. ca. 1850–1880, Ostego, Co., NY; d. 22 March 1889 (?), Ostego, Co., NY.

– Submitted 21 Jan 2018 by non-member Robert L. Harter

  • 21 Jan 2018 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: We have some limited info on this Hull line. We can carry this line back another generation. Isaac Hull was the son of… [answer to this query is available only to HFA members; become a member here].

Reply to Query #437:


 Query #436 – Hester Hull, b. 1672, Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT; m. George Chatfield: Hester Hull, b. 04 August 1672, Killingworth, CT. She was dau/o Lt. John Hull & Abigail Kelsey and she m. George Chatfield. I would like to know if anyone else is also descended from her. Does anyone have any info on her?

– Submitted 21 Jan 2018 by non-member Julianne Chatfield Clark

Reply to Query #436:


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