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Warren and Polly Hull House
Lancaster, New York

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Membership Application

The application is available in the following formats: (select one)

Green Pointer image Member Lineage Form

Every member should submit this form. While not mandatory, if you submit a Lineage Form, it is reviewed by the HFA Genealogy Committee versus information already in our files. In some cases we can extend your lineage several additional generations. We will also provide more details or additional information if available, correct any info that we know to be incorrect, and offer suggestions for further research. It is an online form and contains its own instructions.

Family Group Sheet

This form is provided for your convenience. It is not a requirement of membership in the HFA and not something you need to submit for our review. If our genealogists find that they need more information to review your Hull lineage, they will contact you as needed. It is available in the following formats: (select one)

Reunion and Annual Meeting

  • For the Registration Form, Hotel info and Agenda, look here.

Query Submission Form

New members may submit a single query when they join, using the Member Lineage Form (see above).

Additional queries should be submitted using this online form.