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Webmaster’s Note: This page of our website originated with Phyllis J. Hughes, HFA Genealogist from its inception in 1985 until her retirement from day-to-day involvement with the HFA in 2020. She was a major contributor to the formation of the HFA and it’s success today. If you’ve been searching for a Hull ancestor in the past 35 or so years, it is very likely that you’ve read her works, seen her contributions to the HFA and other forums, or perhaps even had personal contact with her. Whatever the case, the HFA was privileged to have had the services and support of Phyllis J. Hughes all those years. Her contributions to preserving the history of the Hulls across America has been phenomenal. She has actively promoted and advanced the purposes and goals of this Association since its inception in 1985 and has ensured the preservation of the volumes of information she has personally compiled over the years by entrusting it to the Denver Public Library in the form of the Phyllis J. Hughes Hull/Holl/Hohl Genealogical Collection.

Genealogical Pointers

The following articles provide a head start for the novice researcher and a helpful reminder for the experienced genealogist.

Items we would like to add at a future date include:

  • Hull immigrant lists from our HFA Journals
  • Major Tools for finding your Hull immigrant ancestor


HFA members may submit queries to aid in finding new information on their ancestors.

Family Group Sheets

The HFA has a database of nearly 20,000 Hull/Holl/Hohl family group sheets. Even though the data on these sheets is not always complete, the information they contain, along with the various sources cited, can serve as a guide for additional research on those families.

Current members (and members only) may request PDF copies of these family group sheets. Please limit your request to no more than three sheets at a time, and allow up to three weeks for a response.

  • Please be very specific about names, dates, locations, etc. For example, it is not enough to simply ask for the George Hull family group sheet because we have over 600 George Hull families in our database. Tell us when they born or died, spouses name, where they lived, etc.
  • Every sheet requested must contain a Hull, Holl, or Hohl surname. Due to limitations of time and resources, we normally we do not carry down female lines once the Hull/Holl/Hohl surname has been lost.
  • If the request is for a name that also appears in The Hull Family in America, by Charles H. Weygant, published 1913, we may be unable to send those sheets, unless we have information not found in that publication. While the Weygant book is known to contain some errors, it is freely available online (but not part of the HFA website). One such location is: The Hull Family in America
  • Family group sheets will only be sent by email and only in PDF format.
  • In your request, be sure and include your full name and HFA Member number, and send all requests to: