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Mary Eliza (Hull) Cogswell

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Membership is open to people with the surname Hull* descendants of Hulls, and anyone with an interest in this surname and/or family. However, we do not accept commercial genealogical companies or individuals as members of the Hull Family Association. The HFA is non-profit association and our Genealogy Committee members receive no payments or funding. Ours is a strictly volunteer organization.

Membership Application

The application is available in the following formats: (please choose one)

Membership Benefits

The HFA is pleased to be able to offer the following benefits:

  • Periodicals: While the HFA is not currently publishing any new periodicals, Members do have online access to ALL of the back issues.
    • HFA Newsletter: The Newsletter was published 1981-2018, with 135 issues and over 1800 pages of information. Newsletters typically included articles on more current Hulls or at least post-1900 Hulls plus info about HFA meetings and activities.
    • HFA Journal: The Journal was published 1990-2018, with 117 issues and nearly 2900 pages of information. Journals typically involved articles on pre-1900 Hulls, and a variety of other historical and genealogical topics, including Hull immigrants, biographies, primary source material, and corrections to previously published material.
    • Hulls in 1850: Enhanced Edition, Parts I & II: Includes data not found in the original 1850 US Census, such as: maiden names of wives and spouses of children; references to other records for each family, such as biographies, family histories, cemetery records, wills, military and church records; Hull Family in America id numbers; and the nationality of the immigrant ancestor. Published instead of a Journal in 2005. Look for it in the Journal Tables of Contents between Volumes 15 & 16.
  • Annual Meeting: The HFA sponsors an annual meeting / reunion to conduct business and to provide social and research opportunities for members. Meetings have been held in ten states, usually in summer or early fall. Dates and location are announced well in advance 
  • Genealogy and History: Access to a growing body of information on Hull history and genealogy, including tips on methodology, and the forms you’ll need. We’ve outlined what members can expect to receive on their lineages including the following: 
    • Free Queries: At the time of registration, in your Member Lineage Form, you can submit a query for one of your Hull generations. We will publish it on the this website (omitting personal contact information) and on the “members only” website (where only members can reply). Additional queries can be submitted using this online Query Form
    • Computer Comparison Check (CCC**): Free cross-checking of your lineage with those of other members, to facilitate exchange of genealogical records. Frequently we can add more generations to a Hull lineage and/or correct information that is known to be incorrect
    • Family Group Sheets: Free family group sheets, with references, three sheets at a time, from our database of nearly 20,000 Hull families.
    • Access to Genealogist: When we receive a new member lineage, it is reviewed by the HFA Genealogy Committee in an effort to extend that lineage, make corrections, and give suggestions for further research—all at no charge.
  • “Members Only” Website: A growing genealogical resource repository exclusive to members; includes member names and street/e-mail addresses
  • Opportunities for Service: The officers, coordinators, and committee members all serve as un-paid volunteers and offers of assistance are always welcome

Membership Dues

Membership is based on a calendar year. Members who join in mid-year pay dues for the entire year. Members become delinquent if dues are not received by December 31 and will not receive benefits for the new year until dues are received.

  • First Year (or fraction thereof): $23 USA address; $28 Outside the USA
  • Renewals: $18 USA address; $23 Outside the USA

Questions Regarding Membership

Some questions may be answered by reviewing the membership application (above). The application also contains contact information for further questions. And we’ve outlined what members can expect to receive as a benefit of their HFA membership.