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In addition to maintaining our public website, the HFA Website Committee also maintains a site at Spokt.com that can be accessed only by our members upon electronic invitation from the Webmaster. (If you want an invitation, contact the Webmaster.) Following is a list of the committee’s intentions for the site, some ground rules, and, most importantly, detailed instructions about accessing and using the site.

Spokt.com screenshot


Our basic intent is to provide a “members only” site where we can

  • Keep an updated list of our active members
  • Send e-mail to all of our “electronic” members as a group
  • Maintain a calendar of association events
  • House genealogical resource information dealing with the Hull* surname

If you haven’t been invited to join Spokt.com, contact the HFA Membership Secretary/Treasurer: .

Please note that HFA becomes co-owner with the submitter of all postings on HFA’s Spokt.com website. For more information see this Submissions Policy.

We hope you enjoy the “Members Only” site. If you have any questions at all about Spokt.com, do not hesitate to contact the webmaster.