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“Doodle” sketch of double-helix DNA structure by James Watson. Working with with Francis Crick, the two identified its shape in 1953.

The Hull DNA Project title image

A Hull DNA project is being administered independently of the HFA. Its purpose is to analyze the information that is obtained from DNA testing of Hull descendants. Anyone doing Hull/Holl/Hohl family research has an opportunity to participate in the project. Note: The Hull Family Association has not reviewed nor verified the genealogical data on this website and, therefore, assumes no responsibility for its accuracy.

DNA as a Genealogical Research Tool

In the past ten years DNA testing has become a tool that can help identify related genetic groupings from which one is descended, depending on how many “markers” (identifiers) have been researched.

DNA testing can provide clues to genealogists for tracing Hull families worldwide and for discovering relationships among these families, thus pointing them towards areas of genealogical research. It should be clear, however, that trustworthy genealogical research is needed in order to derive the most from any DNA results.

HFA Support of the DNA Project

While this project originated independently of the Hull Family Association, the HFA believes in the value of this study and has supported this endeavor with the following.

  • A ready-made pool of Hull-surnamed males to draw from as volunteers for the project (the study uses the “Y” chromosome unique to men)
  • Financial support, as well as private funding from members, to be used for DNA testing
  • Several articles in our Journal and Newsletter, and notices on our website, publicizing the project
  • A forum for discussion of the project at our HFA reunion meetings
  • Provision of genealogical data for the project

Accomplishments of the Project

This project has accomplished the following, through DNA testing for Hull/Holl/Hohl lines, on behalf of the volunteers and their close relatives.

  • Established a genetic signature (haplotype) for a volunteer’s oldest known ancestor whereby other Hulls are able to test relationships
  • Identified Hulls with whom they share a common ancestry
  • Proved and disproved theories regarding certain family histories in their Hull line
  • Provided an avenue for determining locations to research
  • Validated existing research