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The purpose of our organization, as outlined in our Articles of Association and Bylaws, is to develop, preserve, and exchange information on Hull history and genealogy in the United States.

Member Lineages

We accept Hulls* into our association with lineages from many different immigrant ancestors. With so many Hull immigrants and such varied lineages, we try to feature articles from as many lineages as possible in each issue of the Journal. We especially like to feature articles on our members’ lines whenever possible, and we welcome having well-documented contributions from our members.

Kinds of Articles

Our articles run the gamut: Immigrant articles; Biographies; Bible records and wills; Marriage and cemetery records; Newspaper records and obituaries; Probate, court, land, and census records; Genealogical compilations of several members of one line; Articles on famous and prominent Hulls; Updates, additions, and corrections to previous Journal articles.

Geographical Focus

We also feature different areas of the country in each issue. Over the fifteen years since the Journal began in 1990, we have highlighted Hulls from forty-seven states and fifteen countries. Therefore, when one reads any given issue of the Journal, they are reading about Hulls from all over the United States and Canada, the British Isles, Europe, and Africa, and from a selection of several, varied lineages.

Sumissions Policy

All submissions to the HFA of any kind become the joint property of the submitter and the HFA, with the understanding that the HFA may, using its own discretion, share this information with others unless otherwise requested in writing by the submitter. The submitter’s expenses cannot be reimbursed by the HFA.

Questions? E-mail us.