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 Query #276 – Sarah Hull, Daughter of Lewis C. Hull: Does anyone have information on what happened to Sarah (Sally) Hull? She was born about 1832. She is the daughter of Lewis C. Hull. She married James R. Richardson. They had the following children (all born in Texas):

  • John (1866)
  • Meredith Frank (1866)
  • Isaac Louis (1870)
  • Mary Malvina (1873)
  • Samuel Abraham (1874)

I have no information on her except her date of birth. Thanks.

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— Submitted 26 Dec 2011 by Dana Balkum, HFA member #1744

 Query #275 – Jesse Hull m. Rebecca (?Staley): Would like to know the parents of my 4th gt. grandparent, Jesse Hull, who m. Rebecca (perhaps Staley). Jesse was born 11 Sep 1773 in NJ.

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— Submitted 22 Dec 2011 by Dana Balkum, HFA Member #1744

 Query #274 – Reply to Query #189: Samuel Karr Hull of Garfield Co., WA: Samuel Karr Hull is my great, great grandfather. He was Sherriff of Garfield Co., WA, 1886–1888. Died Walla Walla, WA. I am looking for some of the same info you are.

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— Submitted 22 Dec 2011
by Kenneth Karr Woods, HFA Member #1730

 Query #273 – Jacob Hull m. Sarah Miller of Franklin Co., PA and Knox Co., IL: Desire info on the family of Jacob Hull, b. 29 Sep 1798, Warren, Franklin Co., Pa; d. 01 Nov 1883, Salem, Knox, IL; m. Sarah Miller, b. 19 Aug 1806, PA; d. 21 Mar 1879, Salem, Knox Co., IL. They were my husband Harry Luther Hull’s gg-grandparents. Also desire info on Jacob’s son, Sanford LUTHER Hull, b. Nov 1856, Yates City, Knox Co., IL; d. 25 Jun 1926, Chicago, Cook Co., IL; m 03 Feb 1880, Henry Co., IL to Clara B. Everett, b. Aug 1856; d. 16 Nov 1916, Chicago, Cook Co., IL.

Sanford Luther’s son, Harry Luther Hull, b. 01 Aug 1925, Montgomery Co., OH; d. 26 Apr 1999, Norwood, Hamilton, Ohio; m. 09 Oct 1976, Norwood, Hamilton Co., Ohio, Ann Hull (maiden name).

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— Submitted 26 Sep 2011 by Ann (Hull) Hull, HFA Member #1548

 Query #272 – Robert Hill Hull of Twillingate, Newfoundland, Canada; m. Elizabeth Wells: My 2nd great grandfather was Robert Hill Hull of Twillingate. He married Elizabeth Wells. I have seen records that show their marriage was witnessed by a George Hull. I’m hoping to find my 3rd great grandfather. Would you happen to know the names and birth dates of George and Elizabeth’s children?

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— Submitted 19 Nov 2011 by non-member John F. Hull

 Query #271 – Phineas Hull: who were his parents? Seeking parents of my 9th Gt Grandparent Phineas Hull. I believe that Phineas Hull’s father was Joseph Hull Jr and Rev. Joseph Hull was his grandfather. Not certain on the two generations and the spouses.

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— Submitted 19 Nov 2011
by Sharon Williams Garrison, HFA member #1741

 Query #270 – Seeking Grandparents of William H. Hull, b. 1855; d. 1933, Macon Co., IL: Who were William H. Hull’s grandparents and when and where were they born? William H. Hull was b. 29 Aug 1855; m. 21 Feb 1882; d. 22 Dec. 1933, Macon, Co. IL.

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— Submitted 11 Nov 2011 by Charles Lee Ater, HFA Member #1740

 Query #269 – Hulls in Livingston Parish, LA: Does anyone know the lineage of the Hulls that settled in Livingston Parish, LA? They don’t seem to be from the New Orleans Hulls. [Note: This query was originally posted on MyFamily.com on 28 Sep 2011.]

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— Submitted 10 Nov 2011 by Kevin Jay Hull, HFA Member #1738

 Query #268 – Seeking Info on Grandfather Frank Lambert Hull Sr.’s Siblings; His Residence: New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA: I am seeking info where the siblings of my grandfather Frank Lambert Hull Sr. lived. My grandfather m. #1, Catherine Saling, and they lived in New Orleans, Orleans Parish, LA.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 26 Sep 2011 by Kevin Jay Hull, HFA Member #1738

 Query #267 – Seeking info on parents of 2nd Gt. Grandfather, Allen Brock Hull: I would like info on the parents, children, birth and death dates, county and state locations of my 2nd gt. grandfather, Allen Brock Hull, who m. Syrena Maynard.

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— Submitted 20 Sep 2011
by John R. Rosenbaum, HFA Member #1735

 Query #266 – Seeking info on 5th Gt. Grandparents Joseph Hull, b. ca. 1781; m. Mercy Rose; Resided in NJ, NY, & OH: Looking for info on Joseph Hull & Mercy Rose who were both born in NJ. They lived in NY for a few years & then in Auburn, Geauga Co., OH, I believe. I know that his children lived in Geauga Co. Then moved to Washtenaw Co., MI; then to Windsor Twp, Eaton Co., MI. I would like to find out where in NY they lived and also find out for sure who Joseph’s parents were. I have a hunch that his parents were John Hull & Susan Vaughn from NJ but I’m not convinced yet.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 16 Sep 2011 by Lorie Neuman, HFA Member #1734

 Query #265 – Burial place of George Hull, Fairfield, CT?: Is our “alpha Hull” George Hull buried in Fairfield CT? I am interested in making a pilgramage to see his grave.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 30 Aug 2011 by non-member Jonathan W. Hull

 Query #264 – Seeking info on my living Hull relatives and Gt. Grandfather Orris T. Hull, b. ca. 1837, CT; m. Hannah Mariah Nelson: My main goal is to find living relatives as, because of a traumatic divorce situation in the 1950s, my mother cut off contact with Hull relatives. My brother, David Nelson Hull, and I have lived in Tempe, Maricopa Co., AZ since 1959–60, but don’t know anyone to ask about my father Charles Elton Hull’s relatives in Barnum, Hull and Nelson lines. Charles Elton Hull was b. 14 Dec 1907, Waterbury, New Haven Co., CT.
   Goal #2 is to find out more details about my great grandparents, Orris T. Hull and Hannah Mariah Nelson.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 30 Aug 2011
by Frances Ellen Hull Martin, HFA Member #1665

 Query #263 – Henry Hull m. Catherine Snider/Snyder, Wayne Co., OH: As per your Query #074, I’m looking to verify the parents of Henry Hull and his wife, Catherine Snider (Snyder) who resided and died in Wayne Co, Ohio (1863 and 1865, respectively). I cannot trace forward from George Hull III, who most online trees list as his father, nor can I trace back from Henry.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 29 Aug 2011 by Neil Alan Hull, HFA Member #1726

 Query #262 – Seeking information about the parents and siblings of Johnathan/Jonathan Hull, my gt. grandfather; of Brooke Co., VA/WV; Tippecanoe Co., IN; Jefferson Co., KS: Seeking information about the parents and siblings of Johnathan/Jonathan Hull, b. 21 Jul 1830, Brooke Co., VA/WV; m. 28 Oct 1858, Tippecanoe Co., IN to Mary Rein; d. 08 Feb 1909, Ozawkie, Jefferson Co., KS. Children are Annie E., George Willard, Rosa Lee Jane, Mary, Ida Ellen, Gertrude, and Lucy. There was some speculation that Johnathan had been adopted. Anyone who can help fill in the blanks or others researching the descendants of Johnathan Hull please contact me.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 29 Aug 2011
by Nancy Jo Beems Seifert, HFA Member #1727

 Query #261 – Benjamin Hull, b. 27 Aug 1740; d. 11 Oct 1832 info: I would like information on Benjamin Hull, b. 27 Aug 1740; d. 11 Oct 1832. I can link my husband through copies of death certificates to Polly Hull (daughter Richard Anderson Hull, grandfather Benjamin). My husband was born near Perry Co. IL, but coincidentally we now live in Plainfield, NJ, near Middlesex, NJ (area settled by the Hulls). I am interested in info linking Benjamin to the Hulls of New Jersey.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 28 Aug 2011 by Donna Harris, HFA Member #1732

 Query #260 – Seeking parents & siblings of Mary Alice Hull, b. 1862, of Oktibbeha County, MS & Enterprise, MS: Mary Alice Hull was b. 31 Jan 1862, Sturgis, Oktibbeha Co., MS; d. 22 May 1941, Enterprise, MS. She m. William Leroy Neal and had a child, Allie Neal. I am seeking the parents and siblings of Mary Alice (Hull) Neal.

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— Submitted 05 Aug 2011 by non-member Kenneth David Gunn

 Query #259 – Margreda Hull m. Peter Helsel/Holtzel; of Blair Co., PA & Mahoning Co., OH: Seeking parents and siblings of Margreda (Hull) Helsel, b. 11 Jan 1796, PA; d. 07 Sep 1866, Berlin Center, Mahoning Co., OH. She m. Peter Helsel/Holtzel, b. 22 Jul 1796, Greenfield, Blair Co., PA; d. ?1860, Blair Co., PA.

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— Submitted 04 Aug 2011 by Rose Mary Warner, non-member

 Query #258 – Matthew “Matt” G. Hull m. Julia Sills Martin; have photograph to share: Looking for descendants of M. G. (Matthew “Matt” G.) Hull, (b. ca. 1837, NY) of Kendall Co., IL. I have photos of M.G. Hull and his wife to give to family members and would like to obtain/share family history information. M.G. Hull had a brother, Azariah Z. “Zach” Hull, and their father was Duncan Hull, b. ca. 1805, Chautauqua Co., NY; mother was Sarah Matilda Scofield.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 04 Aug 2011 by non-member Marjorie Zwickel

 Query #257 – Franklin Augustus Hull, b. 1888, Keene, Essex Co., NY, m. Marjorie B. Deloria; also of Saratoga Co., NY: Looking for info on my grandfather, Franklin Augustus Hull, b. 1888, in Keene, Essex Co., NY; d. 1969 in Corinth, Saratoga Co., NY. He m. my grandmother, Marjorie B. Deloria, b. 1895 in Keene, NY; d 1958 in Corinth, Saratoga Co., NY.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 04 Aug 2011
by Craig Curtis Hull, HFA Member #1723

 Query #256 – Henry Hulls of Greenup Co., KY: My Hulls were in Greenup Co., KY in the 1840s, and many of the children of John and Rebecca [_?_] Hull were married there.

A Henry B. Hull was also married there on 6 April 1841 to Mary Ann Crawford. The HFA Genealogist, Phyllis J. Hughes, told me at the time I was researching the Hulls there that the latter Henry B. Hull was not one of my relatives, but rather was Henry Blake Hull.

I put the information I had gathered about Henry Blake Hull on my website (why waste the research?), but apparently I have confused two Henrys who married two Mary Anns. I recently received a comment to my site, identifying one of the Henrys as a Henry who married Mary Ann Branson in Osage, MO on 2 Feb 1843.

I am not clear on the ethics of using information I get here to answer questions addressed to my website, but I would appreciate it if someone could clear up my confusion—and then at least I will not be adding to the incorrect info floating around in cyberspace. By the way—the page in question is here.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 04 Aug 2011 by Alethea Bothwell, HFA Member #1400

 Query #255 – Michael ?Stillwell Hull m. Laura Carvey: Seeking parents/grandparents/siblings of Michael ?Stillwell Hull, b. ca. 1801, Genesee Co., NY, who m. Laura Carvey. One of their seven children was my gt. grandmother Maria Hull MacMaster. Michael’s father was said to have been born in CT.

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— Submitted 11 Jul 2011 by George MacMaster, HFA Member #1693

 Query #254 – Who was the father of William Thomas Hull, who married Delilah (Lila) Carolina Ford?: Looking for the parents of my grandfather William Thomas Hull who m. Delilah (Lila) Carolina Ford. Was my great grandfather Cordell Hull, 1871–1955, the politician, statesman, senator, and Secretary of State from 1933–1944?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 11 Jul 2011
by Debra Lynne Hull Farthing, non-member

 Query #253 – Searching for info on parents of Lucinda Hull, b. 1815; d. 1899, of Knox Co., OH; m. 1838 Andrew Welker: I desire info on the parents/family of Lucinda Hull, b. 20 Nov 1815, d: 28 Apr 1899. She resided in Knox Co., Ohio and died in Danville, Knox Co., Ohio. She is buried in Mt. Zion Cemetery. She was a member of the M.E. Church for 40 years. I have a copy of her obituary from the Ohio Daily Republican newspaper. Seeking the names of her parents and siblings. I know her maiden name is Hull from a copy of a death certificate from one of her children. Her father was b. in PA and mother in MD.

Lucinda m. Andrew Welker, b. 1816; d. 1899, 20 Feb 1838, Knox Co., OH.

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— Submitted 23 Jun 2011 by Wendy Howard, non-member

 Query #252 – Searching for info on Grandfather Francis William Hull who m. Dorcas Hefferton Bungay; of Springdale, Newfoundland, Canada: Looking for information on the father of Francis William Hull (1917–2003). He was probably born in Springdale, Newfoundland, Canada.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 23 Jun 2011
by Francis Garfield Hull, HFA Member #1720

  • 23 Jun 2011 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: We are happy to tell you that we do have the parents’ names, plus three more generations, for Francis William Hull. Francis William Hull’s parents were… [answer to this query is available only to HFA members; become a member here].

 Query #251 – Seeking parents of Jacob Hull, b. 1780, who m. Catherine King; of Greene Co., TN: Would like to learn parents of Jacob Hull, b. 25 Dec 1780 somewhere in Virginia and lived most of his life in Boone Co., IN; d. 22 Mar 1821; was married to Catherine King.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 23 Jun 2011 by Connie Jean Hull, HFA Member #1717

 Query #250 – John Hull, b. 1791, m. Amy Strickland: I am seeking information as to who John Hull, b. 1791, and Amy Strickland’s parents are. I believe from what I have read on the Internet that Philip Hull and Elizabeth Barbara Lingenfelter are John Hull’s parents and that John Strickland may be the father of Amy. It also seems that Philip had a brother named John Hull who married Barbara Lingenfelter’s sister. I’m seeking for some kind of proof. And is Johann Abraham Holl the father of Philip or just Abraham Holl, b. May 20,1714, in Palatinate?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 03 Jun 2011 by John Anderson Hull, non-member

 Query #249 – Elijah Curtis Hull; m. #1 Jane Crooks; Trumbull Co., OH: Desire info on Elijah Curtis Hull, b. ca. 1804, NY; m. 22 May 1828, Trumbull Co., OH, #1 Jane Crooks.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 03 Jun 2011
by Kayla Robinson Carroll, HFA Member #1702

 Query #248 – Hiram Henry Hull of Gallia Co., OH; m. Frances Gooch: Hiram Henry Hull, b. ca 1817/18, CT; d. 09 May 1875, Gallia Co., OH; m. 13 Oct 1847, Gallia, OH, Frances Gooch. Desire to know who Hiram Henry Hull’s parents are and also his siblings’ names.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 03 Jun 2011
by Deborah Lavey Hull, HFA Member #1708

 Query #247 – Robert Wendell Hull, b. 1933, CT, m. Eleanor Karin Paulson: Desire any information on my family that is from CT. My father is Robert Wendell Hull, b. 22 Dec 1933; d. May 1974. He had 5 sisters. His mother’s name is Mulvey, and all I know is there is a connection to the Hull Brewing company in Yale, CT. My mother’s name (Robert’s wife) was Eleanor Karin Paulson, born 07 Feb 1930; died 03 Jul 2010.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 03 Jun 2011 by Steven Hull, non-member

 Query #246 – Seeking Anton Frederick Holle: I am seeking the origins and change of name for my 2nd gt grandfather, Anton Frederick Holle.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 03 Jun 2011
by Mary Lucia Carozza Morrison, HFA Member #1713

 Query #245 – Seeking parents of James Hull Kidd, b. 1869: I am revising my Query #243. I am searching for any information that might lead me to the parents of “James Hull Kidd,” b. 18 Dec 1869. Birth place unknown. Because the name “Hull” is used as the middle name, we can only suspect that this might have been the surname of the blood father of “James Hull Kidd.” “Kidd” is the adopted name of James Hull Kidd.

This is a stretch, but could be relevant. In 1874 at Cleveland/Independence, Cuyahoga Co., OH, Elijah Fulton Kidd adopted “James Hull Kidd” and at that time, as we know it, Elijah F. Kidd was referred to as “uncle.” Enter Emma J. Hackett of Cold Spring, Jefferson Co., Wisconsin, half-sister to Elijah Fulton Kidd. In 1874 Emma J. Hackett married Lorenzo Brown of Reedsburg/Baraboo, Sauk Co., WI. Did she have a child she had to give up in order to marry Lorenzo Brown? Was there a Hull involved in the equation?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 18 May 2011 by Rollyn L. Kidd, non-member

 Query #244 – Richard Hull, NH; m. Patience Mains: I would like to find parent information on Richard Hull, b. ca. 1710, New Hampshire; m. Patience Mains.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 18 May 2011
by Linda Hull Swanson, HFA Member #1712

 Query #243 – Hellen Myrtle Hull, b. 1843; m. Elijah Fulton Kidd; res. Jefferson Co., WI: My name is Rollyn L. Kidd and I have one question to ask. Was there a Hellen Myrtle Hull born on 2/2/1843? Or could be Myrtle Hellen Hull. This is a shot in the dark. A Hellen M. (Myrtle) with no maiden name was married to an Elijah Fulton Kidd from 1861 to 1865 in Jefferson County, Wisconsin. There is a marriage license, but no maiden name. I have tried to find information pertaining to subject, to no avail. There might not be a Ms. Hull by that name. I won’t know unless I try. Thank you very kindly for any consideration. Respectfully,

Reply to this query

— Submitted 25 Apr 2011 by Rollyn L. Kidd, non-member

 >Query #242 – Seeking parents of David Holl/Hull: I would like to find out who the parents of David Holl/Hull were and any information available about the generations who came before them. I have the will of David Holl, so know his children.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 12 Apr 2011 by Bruce L. Fincham, HFA Member #1710

 Query #241 – George Lewis Hull, WWII Hero, AAF, Germany: Desire info on George Lewis Hull, WWII hero, AAF, Germany. DSC, Silver Star, Air Medal (oak leaf), Two Purple Hearts.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 05 Apr 2011 for non-member Barbara (Hull) Eberle by non-member William F. Hart, US Army Retired

 Query #240 – Angeline Hull Heater, b. ca. 1835; d. 1876, Camden, Camden Co., NJ: Looking for any information on Angeline Hull Heater, b. ca. 1835, NY; m. 05 May 1855, Stillwater, Sussex Co, NJ; d. 24 Sep 1876, Camden, Camden Co., NJ.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 05 Apr 2011 by Nancy Whalen, HFA Member #1709

 Query #239 – David Hull m. Lydia [_?_]; Son Joseph, b. ca. 1814–5; from Hunterdon Co., NJ: Seeking info on my third gt grandparents. Does anyone have any information about David Hull, married to Lydia (maiden name unknown), who had son Joseph (born 1814/5) from Hunterdon Co., NJ?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 01 Apr 2011
by Linda Lee Hull D’Orlando, HFA Member #1707

 Query #238 – Temperance (Hull) Bickford; m. John Bickford: Was this Temperance Hull, dau. of the Rev. Joseph Hull, and did she marry John Bickford and have a daughter Hannah? Hannah Bickford is my direct ancestor.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 21 Mar 2011 by Tracey Morris, non-member

 Query #237 – Grandfather Glenn A. Hull; Father Ronald William Hull, all of Yakima Co., WA; Gt. Grandparents were John & Minerva Hull; Gt. Gt. Grandfather was “Happy Jack” Hull: I am trying to find any info on my Hull family. My father, Ronald William Hull, was killed when I was 4. My grandfather, Glenn A. Hull, b. 1923, passed in August, 2010. My other uncle Francis Hull died a couple of years ago. I have no one to ask about my heritage.

I do know my grandpa had two brothers: Ray Hull of Zillah, Yakima Co., WA and Carl Hull of Idaho. My grandpa’s father was John Hull; his mother was Minerva Hull. Then his grandpa was a man called “Happy Jack” Hull. Does anyone know more about my family?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 14 Mar 2011 by Clay Martin Hull, HFA Member #1699

 Query #236 – Florence Hull, d/o Moses Hull (1836–1907), Adventist/Spiritualist: Has anyone worked up biographical information on Florence Hull, the daughter of Moses Hull (1836–1907), the Adventist/spiritualist reformer? I note that there have been three articles on Moses and family in the HFA Journal: Vol 16, #3 (Autumn 2006); Vol. 14, #1 (Spring 2003); Vol. 13, #1 (Spring 2002). Florence Hull figures significantly in a project I’m researching on the links between spiritualism and feminism in 19th century America.

Below is what I have pieced together thus far, though some of my sources are contradictory and perhaps more anecdotal than documentary. Can you point me toward more information on Florence Hull, or refer me to someone who might have researched her?

  • Florence Hull [AKA: Mary Florence Johnson, Alfaretta Jahnke (?), Mrs. Niver (of the Morris Pratt School)]
  • Birth date/place: unknown
  • Father: Moses Hull
  • Mother: probably Elvira Lightner, rather than Mattie E. Sawyer
  • Siblings: Cynthia, Olive, Alfaretta (Florence the youngest?)
  • Companion: Horace Johnson
  • Children: at least one, Pearl Johnson, who married Benjamin Tucker
  • Location(s): Boston and ?
  • Death date/place: unknown

Reply to this query

— Submitted 08 Mar 2011 by non-member Howard S. Miller

 Query #235 – Henry M. Hull from Ireland to Jefferson and Morgan Cos., OH; m. Viley Dew: Looking for more information on Henry McCargor(?) Hull’s Irish roots, as well as any immigration/naturalization records if known. Family lore has Henry and a brother Robert arriving alone in New Orleans in 1822. I am highly skeptical about this as he would have only been about 14 and Robert about 9 years old. I would assume if this arrival date and port of entry is correct, that they would have been traveling under someone’s care. And what reason for these 2 lads to emigrate to the United States alone? Thanks for any light you might shed on this subject.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 28 Feb 2011
by George Thomas Young, HFA Member #1696

 Query #234 – Seeking Parents of Moses Hull (ca. 1774–ca. 1840); m. Elizabeth: I would like to have proof of who the parents of Moses Hull, b. ca. 1774, d. ca. 1840, were. He married Elizabeth [_?_]. His residences were: Cumberland and Clinton Cos., KY; Overton & Fentress Cos., TN.

I descend from Moses son, David Hull, b. 11 Oct 1811, perhaps in Cumberland Co., KY; d. 1892, Rising Star, Eastland Co., TX; m. ca. 1831, TN (Overton or Fentress Co.), Sarah Elizabeth Crouch.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 28 Feb 2011
by Cheryl Elise Reeves Crain, HFA Member #1694

 Query #233 – Seeking the birth and death date sources for Nellie Maude Hull, who m. #1 Homer Norris Downing, #2 Charles Edmund McMillin, and #3 Tom Devlin, Ottumwa, Wapello Co., IA: I would like to know if you would mind sharing your sources for Nellie's birth and death information. My research is for the John More Association.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 17 Feb 2011 by Juanita Goin, non-member

 Query #232 – Autograph Album of Clayton “Clatie” Hull of Robertsville, Litchfield Co., CT: I’ve “rescued” an old autograph album which once belonged to Clayton HULL of Robertsville, Litchfield co., CT. The album includes entries from both family and friends including all the following entries:

  • Family: Mrs. Ida L. GRAY, 23 Aug 1875, Newark, Essex Co., NJ
  • Friends: J. T. RYAN, 17 Oct 1878, Riverton, CT; Alice M. RANSBOTTOM, 11 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; Freddie B. SMITH, 11 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; I. E. SHAW, 22 Sept 1878; Mollie S. HODGES, 5 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; G. S. BROWN; Ella E. RICE, 28 Sept 1878, Riverton, CT; J. Rose BETTES, 28 Sept 1878, Riverton, CT; Walter F. WILLIAMS, 3 Jul 1878, Riverton, CT; Mary E. STUMPF, 30 Jul 1878, Riverton, CT; Julia M. CLARK, 24 Jul 1878, Riverton, CT; Atwood B. CIDY, 21 Jul 1878, Auburn, NY; Frederic E. CADY, 5 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; Howard MOORE, 31 May 1878, Riverton, CT; Miles ROBERTS, 13 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; Sarah F. CADY, 11 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; Anna L. ANDREWS, 28 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; Nellie E. CLARK, Riverton, CT; Alice M. DEMING, 9 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; Cora A. SHUMUROY; B. O. HAWLEY, Riverton, CT; M. RYAN, 9 Aug 1878, Riverton, CT; Jennie S. FLEMING, Robertsville, CT; Nellie L. FLEMING, Robertsville, CT; Minnie A. TRASK, 11 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; Mary E. WILLIAMS, 10 Jun 1878, Riverton, CT; Charley J. WHITE, 22 Oct 1878, Robertsville, CT

I am hoping to locate someone from this Hull family so that this wonderful old treasure can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me (reply to this query). Thanks.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 17 Feb 2011 by Shelley Cardiel, non-member

 Query #231 – Benjamin Franklin Hull; m. Lucy Wait; of Franklin Co., VT: I believe Benjamin Franklin Hull to be the son of Jehial Hull and Lois Gaylord from Franklin Co., VT. Does any one have any evidence to suport this?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 17 Feb 2011
by Michelle Richardson Dettman, HFA Member #1691

 Query #230 – Hendrick Campbell Hull, b. 1761 (or 1787); m. Betsy Dewey 09 Dec 1813 (or 1808): Seeking parentage of Hendrick Campbell Hull, b.1761 (or 1787); m. Betsy Dewey 09 Dec 1813 (or 1808), and I believe emigrated to Canada in around 1840.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 17 Feb 2011 by Kathleen E. Grossman, non-member

 Query #229 – Looking for info on Henry and wife Maria Prentice of Oswego Co., NY: I am looking for information on Henry Hull and Maria Prentice. I have been unable to locate any parents or siblings of either. They are my 3g grandparents.

Henry Hull and Maria Prentice first showed up in the 1850 census with 7 of their 11 children. They lived in South Granby, Oswego, NY in 1850 to 1870. He was born between 1800 and 1808 in either NY or Maine depending on which census you believe. He was single and living in Oswego county NY in 1878.

Maria Prentice was born in NY, in Nov 1813 or 1815, and is buried in Chase Cemetery, Lysander, Onondaga Co., NY. She lived with her children or by herself after the 1850 census. She died in Sherburne, Chenango Co., NY around 1910. The Chase Cemetery in Onondaga Co. is right next to South Granby, Oswego Co. So they may have lived in either county, or anyplace else, before 1850. I have been unable to locate them before 1850 or any parents or siblings of either one.

Any help would be appreciated.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 17 Feb 2011 by Theron Rogers, HFA Member #0522

 Query #228 – George Henry Hull, Wayne Co., OH: Can you tell me if the line of George Henry Hull, b. 22 Sep 1815, Wayne Co., Ohio, is related to George Hull, b. ca. 1590, Crewkerne, England?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 01 Jan 2011
by Fred Wallace Hull, HFA Member #1680

 Query #227 – Hannah Hull m. Joseph Emery, Northumberland Co., PA: Looking for information on the ancestors of Hannah Hull: b. 15 Feb 1781, NJ; m. Joseph Emery on 11 May 1795 Northumberland Co., PA; she d. 17 Feb 1852 Mercer Co., PA.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 01 Jan 2011
by Kristyn Elaine Pisor Albro, HFA Member #1685

 Query #226 – Isaac and Margaret Hull, Ireland; Son Joseph Hull m. Lizzie Floretta Orne: I want to know the rest of my line. I cannot turn up any other info once I get to Isaac Hull and Margaret in Ireland.

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— Submitted 01 Jan 2011 by Kami May Cook, non-member

 Query #225 – Elizabeth Hull, b. 12 Jan 1810, Richfield, Otsego Co., NY; m. Gilbert Gamet/Gammet, 1829, NY: Desire info on Elizabeth Hull, 12 Jan 1810, Richfield, Otsego Co., NY; m. Gilbert Gamet/Gammet, 1829, NY. She d. 1895, Vassar, Tuscola Co., MI. Her father died when she was young and she was sent to live with another family.

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