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 Query #013 – Hull–Thrush–Wolf?: I would like to have more information on the spouses of my 2nd gt. grandfather, William Henry Hull, b. 19 Apr 1828, who were #1 Sarah Thrush, m. 07 Nov. 1851, Hampshire Co., WV, #2 Minerva Jane Wolf(?), and #3 Allie Wolf(?). These Hulls also lived in Carthage, Hancock Co., IL. I know that his last two were sisters, and he returned to VA to marry them.

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— Submitted 29 Dec 2006 by Rick Zern, HFA Member #1500

  • 14 Jan 2007 Follow-up from Rick Zern: William Henry Hull’s death certificate states that he was married at the time of his death in 1907. Sarah Thrush passed away in 1895. The certificate does not say who his wife was. I still would like any further information on wives.

 Query #012 – Hull–Brandon: I’m hoping you can help me. I’m looking for any information on Isaac Alexander Hull, born 10 Jan 1858, Hull [Sioux or Boone Co.], Iowa or Hull [Pike Co.], Illinois. He d. 22 May 1930, Farber [Audrain Co.], Missouri. He m. Emma Idona Brandon.

My mother is Betty Jean Hull Chamberlin (81 years old, b. ca. 1925) and Isaac is her grandfather. I’m a novice at this. Mother was only 4 years old when Isaac died. We have no information about Isaac. It would be wonderful to find his parents and lineage.

I’ll be glad to join the Hull Family Association if needed. Thanks.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 30 Nov 2006 by Peggy McAfee, HFA Member #1496

  • 30 Nov 2006 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: I believe that we can furnish some limited info on your Isaac Alexander Hull. The 1900 Audrain Co., MO census shows that he was born in OH—not IA or IL. We have some of his children, but you did not state who your mother’s parents were. Their names would be very helpful to know. All of the siblings of your grandfather should be studied in order to push back this line into another generation. We do this working from the known info to the unknown. We also have info that this family lived in AR, as some of Isaac’s children were born there. If you join the HFA, we can work on this more at length. Therefore, we have three states to begin searching: OH, AR, and MO, and possibly in IA and IL.
  • 06 Dec 2006 Reply from Peggy McAfee, HFA Member #1496: Here is the information on my mother’s parents. [Dates for below people, still living, have been omitted.] I’ve mailed my membership application.
    • Isaac Alexander Hull, b. 10 Jan 1858; d. 22 May 1930; m. Emma Idona Brandon
      Their children:
      • Clarence Bovea Hull, b. 24 Aug 1881; d. Oct 1964; m. 1903, Minnie Cormeny
      • Marshall Ernest Hull, b. 27 Sep 1883, MO; d. Mar 1964; m. Florence Herlinger
      • Shirmie Hull (male), b. 07 Oct 1886; d. 31 Aug 1888
      • Winnie Hull, b. 11 Dec 1889; d. 18 Nov 1918; m. (1) Bert Johnson; (2) Henry Walls
      • John Leonard Hull, b. 26 Feb 1892, AR; d. 17 Oct ????, IA; m. 19 May 1919, Delia Belle Cook
      • Thomas Lee Hull, b. 15 Nov 1894, AR; d. 01 May 1976, Mexico, Audrain Co., MO; m. 17 May 1917, Nannie Katherin Clark
      • Benjamin “Bennie” Brian Hull (mother’s father), b. 28 Feb 1898, MO; d. 04 Mar 1954; m. 1952, Clara Ellen Brown
      • Infant Hull b. 24 Jun 1901; d. 24 Jun 1901
      • Jennie Beulah Hull b. 02 Aug 1902; d. 22 Aug 1920
    • Benjamin “Bennie” Brian Hull m. Clara Ellen Brown
      Their children:
      • Gertrude Irene Hull, b. 15 Sep 1922, IA; d. Aug 2006, Charles City, Floyd Co., IA
      • Joseph Martin Hull, b. 15 Oct 1923, IA; d. 03 May 1994 Charles City, Floyd Co., IA
      • Betty Jean Hull (my mother), b. Des Moines, Polk Co., IA
      • Dorothy May Hull, b. 17 Feb 1928 Laddonia, Audrain Co., MO; d. 17 Feb 1996
      • Donna Maxine Hull
      • Milton Junior Hull, b. 1931, IA; d. 1931, IA
      • Wayne Edward Hull, b. 08 Jul 1932, IA; d. 15 Jul 2006, IA
      • Ronald Dean Hull, b. 03 Aug 1935, IA; d. Jun 1959
      • Clayton Lucien Hull
  • 12 Dec 2006 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: I am very happy to report that we can give you one new earlier generation for your Isaac Alexander Hull, whom I found was born not in IA or IL, but rather in... [answer to this query is available only to HFA members; become a member here]
  • 19 Sep 2007 Reply from Kenneth Lee Weaverling, non-member: John Leonard Hull is buried in Rockford, Floyd Co., Iowa. He is my grandfather. My Mother was his daughter, Shirley Hull.
    • Note: John Leonard Hull is the son of Isaac Alexander Hull and Emma Brandon (John Leonard Hull, b. 26 Feb 1892, AR; d. 17 Oct ????, IA; m. 19 May 1919, Delia Belle Cook)

 Query #011 – Henry Sealy Hull: Can anyone provide any information on the following Hull?

Henry Sealy Hull, died 19 March 1829 in Scotland Neck, Halifax Co., NC

Reply to this query

— Submitted 13 Nov 2006 by David Braithwaite, HFA Member #1281

  • 13 Nov 2006 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: I have quite a bit on this man. I have his parents and children. What is it that you would like to know? Please look on pp. 39–40, of the Enhanced Hulls in 1850, Part I, that the HFA issued in 2005, and also on pp. 44, 45. There’s info there on this man’s sons. I have a family group sheet I can send if you’d like to see that, too.

 Query #010 – Hull–Cruttenden/Crittenden: Abigail Hull, who married Thomas Crittenden/Cruttenden on 11 Sep 1640, is listed as the daughter of Abigail Kelsey and Lt. John Hull of Guilford, New Haven Co., CT. She married Thomas Crittenden. Trying to find the branch of Hulls for Lt. John Hull, her father.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 11 Nov 2006 by Diane Lobb-Boyce, non-member

  • 11 Nov 2006 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: Lt. John Hull was the son of... [answer to this query is available only to HFA members; become a member here]

 Query #009 – Hopestill Hull: I am interested in the Hopestill Hull of Query #005. Do you know who her parents were? The tree I’ve constructed includes a Hopewell Hull born in Weymouth or Hingham, MA in 1636, married to Mary Martin in 1668. He died in 1693. With the similarity in their names I wonder if they are daughter and father.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 11 Nov 2006 by Stephen Z. Hull, non-member

  • 11 Nov 2006 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: Hopestill Hull is confirmed to be a daughter of Hopewell Hull and Mary Martin, HFAm #9, Rev. Joseph Hull line. Some records give her name as Hephsibah Hull. We have only one husband for this woman—Nicholas Mundy.

 Query #008 – Ancestry of Richard Hull: I was just reading your Common Errors in Hull Lineages on the Internet. Thank you for making this available to me and others. I am descended from Richard Hull (b. 1599, Derbyshire, Eng.; d. 1662, New Haven, CT colony) through his daughter Hannah (b. 1640; d. 1700) who m. Edmund Dorman, 25 December 1662. I have seen information about Richard’s parentage and earlier generations, but after reading your article I question their authenticity. Does information exist about his ancestral line? Furthermore, does information exist in terms of the events in his and Hannah’s lives?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 22 Sep 2006 by John Cornet, HFA Member #1495

  • 22 Sep 2006 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: There is absolutely no ancestral information available on this Richard Hull. I’ve done a lot of research on this and the evidence for saying he was from Derbyshire just does not exist, even though it has been published.
         Also, Gustave Anjou published a completely fictional ancestry for this Richard Hull, taking it back several generations in England. (I have a complete copy of this.) This, too, is a fraudulent line. Many prominent genealogists have exposed Anjou as a fraud, because he did this not only for the line of Richard Hull but for other families as well and was paid handsomely for this completely untrue work. I think you can find information on this if you do a Web search. There is also a website on fraudulent pedigrees which you might find of interest; Anjou is mentioned there.
         To answer your second question, information does exist on the life of Richard Hull after he came to the colonies. Two of our HFA Journals feature his life. Members can access these references on the members-only website.

 Query #007 – Ruth Hull–Joseph Lambert: Would appreciate having info on the parents of my 4th gt. grandmother, Ruth Hull, b. 01 Feb 1777, prob. Harrison Co., WV; she m. Joseph Lambert, 16 Jan 1791, Harrison Co., WV. Ruth died 10 May 1817, Lawrence Co., OH.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 05 Sep 2006 by
Patricia Herbert Feldmann, HFA Member #1489

  • 05 Sep 2006 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: The parents of Ruth Hull are Samuel Hull (1735–1814) and Martha Glover (1744–1825) who married 02 May 1758, Morristown, Morris Co., NJ. Both are bur. in the Hull Cemetery, Hopewell Twp., Licking Co., OH, on the farm of their son, William Hull. HFA members may contact me (genealogist [at] hullfamilyassociation.org) and I will send a very complete family group sheet on this couple. Unfortunately, the parents of Samuel Hull were incorrectly given in The Hull Family in America, 1913, and I am still working on this problem, for which I do have some theories. The parents of Martha Glover were Uriah Glover Sr. and Martha [__?__].
  • 23 Sep 2008 Reply from Colleen Wilkes, HFA Member #1206: Phyllis, can you tell me where I could find proof of Rev. War service for sons John or Charles of Samuel Hull and Martha Glover. I am related to both. Thank you.
  • 23 Sep 2008 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: There really is no concrete evidence at all that Charles Hull served in the American Revolution. There is very scanty evidence that John Hull served, and this is contained in a 1883 county history, which sometimes can have incorrect information. The biography is for Alexander Hull, MD, the grandson of John Hull, and it only states that John Hull was a revolutionary soldier—no further proof is given. I'll give you the name of this publication if you e-mail me.
         Since there are no service or pension records for either of these men, I would conclude that proof is lacking that they served.
         In 1997, I published a book on the Hulls who served in the American Revolution. I'll be happy to send my entry for John Hull from this book, if you e-mail me personally [phyllisjhughes (at) hullfamilyassociation.org]. However, my entry does say that this biographical information is probably incorrect.
         John Hull was born ca. 1763. Therefore, unless he served in the later years of the war, it's not likely that he served. Again without a militia list, a service record, or a pension record, one cannot prove that he served unless some other fairly reliable source surfaces. John Hull is my own ancestor, too.

 Query #006 – A.B. Hull Papers: I am looking for information on descendants of A.B. Hull, b. 12 Feb 1910, unknown; d. 16 Sep 1997, Wilson Co., TX. He married Ima Jewell Newberry. Other res.: Hughes Springs, Cass Co., TX, 1930–1940s. Served in WWII. (His military papers state his initials only.) I believe he had a brother Sam. I recently purchased an old suitcase in Hughes Springs containing personal and military papers along with letters he wrote to his wife from Germany. The letters mention no children. I want to return these papers to the family.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 29 Aug 2006 by Janet Jackson, non-member

 Query #005 – Hull–Mundy: I am requesting information on my 7th gt. grandmother,Hopestill Hull, b. 5 Feb 1672/3, Piscataway, NJ; m. Jul 1691, Piscataway, NJ; d. after 1734. She married #2 Nicholas Mundy, b. 3 Aug 1668, Piscataway, NJ or Barbados; d. Sep 1734, Piscataway, NJ. Does anyone have a clarification of which Nicholas Mundy (of which there were three or four) married Hopestill Hull, and whether this Nicholas was born in Barbados or NJ? When did the first Nicholas Mundy arrive in North America, and how?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 19 Aug 2006 by
Sharon L. Kane Wieland, HFA Member #1488

  • 17 Jan 2007 Reply from non-member Andrew R. White: I don’t know the answers to your questions but I am very curious as to how you made the connection all the way up to Nicholas Mundy. I understand from other postings of yours that you descend from George Washington Mundy and I’m very interested in knowing how you found Ephraim Mundy’s parents. Ephraim was George’s great grandfather. I too descend from Ephraim Mundy. By the way, George Mundy has a family line back to Edward Fuller of the Mayflower that I’ve proven. I’m looking forward to your reply.

 Query #004 – Hull–Emery: I am requesting information on my 4th gt. grandmother, who was Hannah Hull, b. 15 Feb 1781, NJ; m. 11 May 1795, Northumberland Co., PA; d. 17 Feb 1852, Slippery Rock Twp., Mercer Co., PA. She married Joseph Emery, b. 10 Apr 1775, Lebanon Twp., Hunterdon Co., NJ. Joseph Emery d. 05 Feb 1848, Slippery Rock Twp., Mercer Co., PA. Would like Hannah Hull’s parents’ names and birthplace in NJ. I descend from the Emery son, Henry Hull Emery, who married Elizabeth Pisor. They resided in Mercer and Lawrence Cos., PA.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 28 Jul 2006 by Lisa Kerr Ilowite, HFA Member #1487

  • 05 Dec 2006 Reply from non-member Mark Crawford: Lisa, did you have any luck finding info on Hannah Hull’s origins and ancestors? I am descended from her son John Fostor Emery. I have tentative info that Hannah’s father was Henry Hull, but it is not reliably sourced.
  • 05 Dec 2006 Reply from HFA Genealogist: Mark, please give a wife’s name for Henry Hull if you have that info. This might enable us to locate this Henry Hull in our HFA database and further document whether Henry Hull might be Hannah Hull’s father.
  • 06 Dec 2006 Reply from non-member Mark Crawford: Thanks for the quick response. As far as I can tell, no one has broken through on my Hull family collection. The history of the Emery (and Pisor) families in Western Pennsylvania is very well documented, and the evidence is very trustworthy with regard to Hannah Hull and her husband Joseph Emery (published Emery history and published cemetery data for Hannah). My hunch from my records is that there is a Hull family in the Hunterdon, New Jersey area from the late 1700s from whom Hannah Hull is descended. I attach a PDF of my information [requires free Adobe Reader] on Hannah Hull and her family. Please let me know if you need anything further.
  • 06 Dec 2006 Reply from HFA Genealogist: I am showing that we have 72 family group sheets for Hulls in Hunterdon Co., NJ. We have also done a number of articles—at least five—in our HFA Journals on Hunterdon Co., NJ Hulls. Back issues are available at our cost to HFA members.
  • 22 Dec 2006 Reply from Lisa Kerr Ilowite, HFA Member #1487:  I haven’t been able to do any research yet on the Hull families in Hunterdon Co., NJ, although I plan to do that after the first of the year. I also thought Hannah’s father was Henry Hull, but the only Henry Hull I’ve identified to date was living in western PA during the same time frame as Hannah and is younger than her. My query represents a brick wall in my research, and from the replies so far, it sounds like it’s the same brick wall for others, too. I’ll let everyone know if I find anything in Flemington (the county seat of Hunterdon Co.).
  • 22 Dec 2006 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: It might be helpful to describe why the name of Henry Hull was thought to have been the father of Hannah Hull. I have 9 Henry Hulls in our database who lived in NJ. I have 63 Henry Hulls who lived in PA. None of these that I’m showing have a daughter Hannah who married Joseph Emery. However, knowing something further about the suspected Henry Hull might shed some light on this theory to see if the theory has any credence. Each little clue might help to solve this problem.
  • 27 Oct 2008 Reply from non-member Daryl Emery: Hello, I just saw your post. I do have some info if you want it. Just e-mail me [e-mail address omitted to protect privacy]. I am a decendant of Joseph Emery's father, John.

 Query #003 – Hull–Wadsworth: Mary Ann Hull Wadsworth was born 22 Apr 1812 in VA. I am looking for her parents. She m. Benjamin Wadsworth in Connelsville, Dunbar Twp., Fayette Co., PA on 14 Dec 1830. Thank you.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 19 Jul 2006 by Margaret Gagliardi, HFA Member #1483

 Query #002 – Hull–Weaver: Every so often I make a plea for help in locating a family for my Hull. She is Margaret Elizabeth Hull, and apparently used Elizabeth. She was born about 1802, probably in Pennsylvania. I have no info on parents or siblings. She married Henry Weaver about 1820 and they had the following children, all born in Pennsylvania: Henry Jr.; Mary b. 09 Aug 1822, d. 11 Jan 1917, and married John Gould; Elias b. 10 Jun 1825 and married Sarah Lantz; George (he and Elias were twins) b. 10 Jun 1825 and married Mary Ann (Polly) Shaffer and Margaret Jane Gould Beck; Martha b. ca. 1827; James b. ca. 1829 and married Elizabeth McClelland; David Albert b. 13 Apr 1831, d. 08 Aug 1892 at No. Point, Indiana Co., PA, and married Elizabeth Postlethwaite; Elizabeth b. ca. 1833; Nancy b. 22 Apr 1834; Catherine b. ca. 1836, d. 28 Sep 1896, and married Jacob Gould. Any help will be appreciated.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 18 Jul 2006 by Mrs. Erdine Nugent, HFA Member #0838

 Query #001 – Jacob Hull & Wives (1) Frances “Fanny” Robinson, (2) Catherine Snyder, (3) Hannah Ruble: Desire info on the parents of Jacob Hull; also place of birth; b. 04 Jul 1776 or 1777, poss. in MD or VA; d. 30 Dec 1872; poss. buried in or near Grafton, Taylor Co., WV; m. #1, 22 Aug 1805, Frances “Fanny” Robinson, 3 ch.; m. #2, 04 Sep 1815, Catherine Snyder, 8 ch.; m. #3, 1840-41, Hannah Ruble, no ch. Res.: Swamp Creek, now Tygart Lake, near Grafton, Taylor Co., WV.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 06 Jul 2006 by Carol G. Ackerman, HFA Member #1397

  • 06 Jul 2006 Note from HFA Genealogist: We well understand why member Carol Ackerman has submitted this query. This family is featured in the Autumn 2002, HFA Journal, pp. 111–123. The Jacob Hull line depicted in this article is a line found in The Hull Family in America [HFAm], 1913. Jacob is given as HFAm #1580-J. However, there is much circumstantial evidence to indicate that this is a German line, originating in Maryland, rather than an English line, descending from the Rev. Joseph Hull, 1635 immigrant. We are fortunate in that we have found several biographies that give an account of descendants of this family and some of their ancestry. Other HFA members from this line, as of Autumn 2002: #0412 Glynn Dewey Hull, #0457 Nancy Walker, #0503 Lyle K. Corder, #0575 Joy Hull Myers, #0589 John Curtis Hull, #0850 H. Mendell Smith, and #1121 William Hull Drennan.