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 Query #318 – Hannah Holl m. Conrad Kimmel; dau. Susannah, b. 1822, York Co., PA: Looking for proof, baptism, bible record, family history that Susannah Kimmel was daughter of Hannah Holl and Conrad Kimmel. Susannah Kimmel, b. 23 Sep 1822, York Co. PA; d. 13 Jan 1915 in IA.

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— Submitted 26 Dec 2012
by Doris M. Trester Patrick, HFA Member #1790

 Query #317 – Seeking info on great grandmother Marie Margaret (Hull) Pitts; mother Mary Rhodes; who is the Hull father? Do you have any contacts from researchers doing research on the half-siblings of Marie Margaret Hull? The half-siblings were Daniel Powers and Mamie Powers. All three list Mary Rhodes as their mother on the military and marriage documents I found online. Mamie Powers was living in Ohio, then lived in Tennessee, before she a married a widower named Richard S. Mandeville in Montana. Richard Mandeville had two daughters who were married with families—one married a Walsh and the other married a White. Daniel Powers lived in Tennessee and married [_?_] White and they had a child die and divorced; then Daniel Powers joined the Army and named Mamie (Powers) Mandeville as next of kin on his military paperwork.

I met the Mandevilles in 1959 when they came to our home and transported my mother to the funeral of Marie Margaret (Hull) Pitts. Marie was my mother’s grandmother and half-sister of Mamie (Powers) Mandeville. It would be interesting to locate photos, find out from extended family about Marie Margaret Hull and who her parents were.

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— Submitted 26 Dec 2012
by non-member Pamela Gene Wethered-McClung

 Query #316 – Richard Savillian Hull, New Haven Co., CT: I am the granddaughter of William Henry Hull of New Haven, CT (son of Richard Savillian Hull, also of New Haven). I am just getting started in the process. We have a copy of the early 1900s book—my uncle, Frank Goetz Hull, annotated it, so that it is easier to trace the generations.

I would love to know if any of Richard Savillian’s siblings had children. I remember hearing of Uncle Byron. Not sure what else at this point. I am new to this.

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— Submitted 26 Dec 2012 by non-member Julie H. Mayer-Tschanz

 Query #315 – Samuel Hull, b. 1703, NJ: I am interested in trying to find parents of Samuel Hull b. 05 Nov 1703, Amwell, Hunterdon Co., NJ; d. 1761, Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., NJ.

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— Submitted 26 Dec 2012 by Wanda Clark, HFA Member #1784

 Query #314 – Desire info on Maude Agnes Hull of NE, who m. Patrick W. Donovan: My paternal great grandmother was Maude Agnes Hull Donovan. She lived most of her life in Nebraska where she raised my grandmother, Claire Donovan (married name Wolf—which is my last name). We have a photo of a civil war union soldier; we wondered if he was an ancestor of Maude and we want to know anything about Maude.

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— Submitted 26 Dec 2012 by Mary Claire Wolf, HFA member #1785

 Query #313 – Seeking info on James “Jimmy” Hull who m. Emma Capps, Warren Co., NC: Gt. grandfather James “Jimmy” Hull married Emma Capps in Warren Co., NC. Do not have info as to his father. I would like help finding any info on James and his father. Kindest regards.

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— Submitted 06 Dec 2012 by non-member Carolyn Hull Neville

 Query #312 – Betsy (Elizabeth) Hull (b. ca. 1779) married ca. 1800 to James Lowe Waller (b. 1775), Delmarva, Eastern Shore, Maryland/Delaware: Seeking info on above. Unable to determine Betsy’s family.

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— Submitted 06 Dec 2012
by Robert H. Waller, HFA Member #1795

 Query #311 – Info on Reumah Hull (1764-1793), Litchfield Co., CT: Looking for information on Reumah Hull (1764–1793); married to Daniel Hutton (Ferriss). She was a daughter of John Hull and wife Eunice Jackson and the granddaughter of John Hull and wife Abigail Prindle. These families were of Litchfield County, Conn.

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— Submitted 14 Nov 2012 by Robert Hull, HFA Member #1582

 Query #310 – Seeking Information on Henry Hull, b. ca. 1825, Adams Co., PA; d. 1878, Berkeley Co., WV: I am seeking info on Henry Hull, b. ca. 1825, Adams Co., PA; d. 04 Apr 1878, Hedgesville, Berkeley Co., WV. My sister has told me she cannot find anything pre-Henry Hull and she believes it is due to the name being changed from Hol or Hohl or a different surname.

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— Submitted 31 Oct 2012
by James Edward Hull, HFA Member #1783

 Query #309 – Charles Wheeler Hull m. Anna Kelly Redmond; Res.: Washington Co., PA: Would like info on Charles Wheeler Hull, b. 09 Oct 1825 Washington, Washington Co., PA; d. 16 January 1882? Danville, Vermilion Co., IL(?); m. ca. 1848, Washington Co., PA, Anna Kelly Redmond. Served in Civil War, artisian, union army; not proven. 1860 contractor, carpenter, res. Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., Ohio; ca. 1870, res. Youngstown, Mahoning Co., OH area. Seven children from this marriage. Poss. divorce circa 1875.

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— Submitted 26 Oct 2012 by Alan Arnold Hull, HFA member #1228

 Query #308 – Gravesite for Rev. Joseph Hull in York, Isle of Shoals, Maine: Would like to know the name of the cemetery or gravesite of Rev. Joseph Hull in York, Isle of Shoals, Maine. His death was in 1665. I am a descendant via his great granddaughter, Mary Hull who married John Hoxie.

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— Submitted 24 Oct 2012 by non-member Glenn M. Cahilly

 Query #307 – Desire info on Great Grandparents David Harvey Hull and Elizabeth Louisiana (Hagy) Hull; Resided VA: Would like info on David Harvey Hull, who was b. 02 Sep 1880, Wytheville, Wythe Co., VA; m. 11 Dec 1901, Washington Co., VA, Elizabeth Louisiana Hagy; res. ca. 1910–1911, Roanoke, VA; d. 19 May 1918, Bristol, Sullivan Co., TN. Elizabeth Louisiana Hagy was b. 18 Feb 1883, Abingdon, Washington Co., VA; d. 20 May 1931.

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— Submitted 17 Sep 2012
by Richard Edwin Hull Jr., HFA member #1304

 Query #306 – Reply to Query #223: John Riggs Hull: John Riggs Hull was my grandfather. He was the editor of the Clovis, New Mexico newspaper. He died in 1961 of a heart attack. He was married to Lyndell Chastain. They had one son, my father John Riggs Hull Jr.

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— Submitted 07 Sep 2012 by non-member John Smoot Hull

 Query #305 – Reply to Query #090: Edward Lee Hull–m. Laura Dean Johnson–AL–Oktibbeha Co., MS–De Witt & Henderson Cos., TX: My great grandmother was Edward Lee Hull’s daughter, Ada Lee Hull Jackson. I would be interested in any information you could provide on the Hull line!

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— Submitted 07 Sep 2012
by non-member Christina Jackson Shepard

 Query #304 – Reply to Query #050 Hull-Sharp-Carter-Clinton Co., IL: Need parents of James M. Hull who m. Nancy Parker Beauchamp: Who are the parents of James M. Hull who married Nancy Parker Beauchamp?

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— Submitted 28 Aug 2012 by non-member Nolin Christensen

 Query #303 – Unknown Hull m. Margaret S. (Forbes) Hull, of WI and Kingsbury Co., SD: Desire info on the family of Margaret S. (Forbes) Hull, b. 17 Oct 1844 in WI; d. 17 Jul 1912 in Oldham, Kingsbury Co., SD.

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— Submitted 08 Aug 2012 non-member Douglas Packard

 Query #302 – Seeking info on Johann Holl, b. 1832; m. Anna, b. 1840; lived Zell am Pettenfirst, Upper Austria: I am seeking info on Johann Holl, b. 1832, who m. Anna, b. 1840. They lived in Zell am Pettenfirst, Upper Austria. Father was Josef Holl, b. 1810, who m. #1 Anna Maria Robl, b. 1801, and #2 Theresia Kaiser, b. 1807. Josef’s father was Josef Holl, b. 1780, who m. Elisabeth Stelzhamer, b. 1771. Josef Sr.’s father was Leon(hard) Holl, who m. Eva Maria [_?_].
   Johann’s father and mother were from Purrengut zu Holzham, 9 Kerschbaumer, Zell am Pettenfirst, Upper Austria. Previous generation: Josef Holl, b. 21 Jul 1810, and Anna Maria Robl (b. 1801). Josef previously married Theresia Kaiser, b. 1807; d. 1831.
   Previous generation: Josef Holl, b.1780, Purrengut zu Holzham; m. Elizabeth Stelzhamer, b. 1772. Previous generation: Josef’s father and mother: Leon(h)ard Holl, b. ?, and Eva Maria [_?_], Zell am Pettenfirst, Upper Austria.

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— Submitted 23 Jul 2012 by non-member Basil Christopher Hohl

 Query #301 – Seeking info on Hiram Dunsmoor? Hull who m. Sarah Burkett; of WV: Is any info available on both ancestors and descendants of Hiram Dunsmoor? Hull, b. NH; d. WV 1850. He married Sarah Burkett.

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— Submitted 23 Jul 2012 by non-member Sean Stidd

 Query #300 – Seeking info on 3rd gt grandparent Napoleon B. Hull, of Rockbridge Co., VA: Would like info on Napoleon B. Hull’s parents and siblings. I believe he was born in Rockbridge Co., VA.

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— Submitted 23 Jul 2012
by Rebecca F. Hull Holmes, HFA member #1623

 Query #299 – 4th Great Grandparents: Peter Thomas Hull m. Barbara Peninger: Peter Thomas Hull, b. 1752 in Cub Run, Rockingham Co., Virginia; d. Jan 1818 in Highland Co., Virginia. Married 1783 Barbara Peninger. Would like more info on him.

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— Submitted 20 Jun 2012 by Joyce Blaylock, HFA Member #1769

 Query #298 – Ancestors of Jacob Hull, Rockbridge Co., VA: Who are my 3rd, 4th, 5th (and other) preceding great grandfather Hulls before my 2nd great grandfather, Jacob Hull, from Rockbridge County, Virginia?

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— Submitted 20 Jun 2012
by Richard F. Culhane, HFA member #1770

 Query #297 – Desire to confirm marriage of Sarah Hull and Joseph Allen. Any relationship to Cordell Hull? I would like to confirm that Sarah Hull (1650–1705) married Joseph Allen (1642–1704). What would be the relationship between my wife to Cordell Hull?

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— Submitted 20 Jun 2012 by Carolyn Hoffman, HFA member #1776

 Query #296 – Seeking parents of Ebenezer Hull (1810–1911); Guilford and Forsyth Cos., NC: My g-grandmother was Elizabeth Hull who married Zadock Stafford—they lived in Forsyth Co., NC near the line with Guilford Co. Elizabeth was the daughter of Ebenezer Hull who lived to be 101 years old. He and some of his kin are buried in the Piney Grove Methodist Cemetery near Kernersville, Forsyth Co., NC. I believe, but do not have proof as yet, that he was the son of a John Hull who married a Perry—I believe John lived in Guilford Co., NC.

Attached is a pdf file with some of his descendants. Does your database have any Hulls that could be related to this line? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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— Submitted 07 Jun 2012
by non-member Michael L. “Mike” Marshall

 Query #295 – Wish to verify 2 gt grandparent Hannah Hull’s parents; m. Andrew Lytle: Would like to verify that Hannah Hull, b. 04 Jun 1816, Waterford, Erie Co., PA; m. 22 Jan 1836, Hancock Co. IL; m. Andrew Lytle, Jr.; d. 17 Sep 1893, San Bernardino, San Bernardino Co., CA; was the daughter of Aner Hull and Martha Skinner.

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— Submitted 06 Jun 2012 by Bonnie Walls, HFA Member #1774

 Query #294 – Seeking info on Douglass or Douglas Hull, Ohio, Bureau Co., IL: I am seeking info on a present-day Douglass or Douglas Hull, who owns a home at 307 N. Main, Ohio, Bureau Co., IL. He hasn’t lived at this address for three years. Can anyone help me to locate this man?

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— Submitted 07 May 2012
by non-member Jori Krystek, River Country Properties

 Query #293 – A family friend has Hull ancestors: A family friend has Hull ancestors, and she wonders if we are related. She gave me the following information:

  • David Franklin Hull was her great great grandfather, born 25 Nov 1870 in Clear Spring District, Washington Co, MD, died 13 Nov 1932, buried at St Paul’s Lutheran Church near Clear Spring
  • His father was Henry Lester Hull, born 1841, Union Soldier: Co H. 13th Regiment MD Infantry
  • His father was David Hull
  • His father was John Hull (Franklin Co. 1850 Census)

Can anyone tell me more about her family?

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— Submitted 05 May 2012 by Bruce Fincham, HFA Member #1710

 Query #292 – Abraham Hull m. Martha Whitfield Reynolds, 1841; Bible Record: Phyllis, I am not related to the Hull family. I do have a soft spot for family relics and tossing a 100 to 200 year old family Bible out is something I do not understand. I have picked them up and spent days looking for heirs. If I do not find them then I still will not throw them away. I have placed two Bibles in the past month to descendants of early 1800 ancestors who once owned them. I am sending you the Hull pages from a Bible that I placed with a family. The Hull pages were folded up in the Bible and we do not see how they are related to the original owners or their descendants. Please let me know what you find out about this family. I will also enclose some of my research in trying to locate heirs.

The first entry is Abraham Hull, born Jan. 21, 1817, married to Martha Whitfield Reynolds on 4th March 1841, died June 21st, 1884, aged 67 yrs & 5 months. Children were Mary Elizabeth Hull, John Emory Hull, Sarah Ann Hull, Ann Jane Hull, George Whitfield Hull, Alice Whitfield Hull, George Guiford Hull, Euler Lloyd Hull, Elmer Eugene Hull and Ernest Watt Hull. Also written on the page is a note “The names we go by now in the family”—Mary, Emory, Pennie, Alice, George, Lloyd, Eugene, Watt, Joe, Ben, Mason.

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— Submitted 04 May 2012 by non-member William Cope

 Query #291 – Seeking information on grandfather, Francis Hull, whose father was John Hull; from Dublin, Ireland to Canada: I would love to know more about my grandfather, Francis Hull; his father’s name was John Hull and I was told that they were from Dublin, Ireland before migrating to Canada. Thanks.

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— Submitted 26 Apr 2012 by non-member Caroline Richardson

 Query #290 – Seeking more information on my gt grandfather, Alonzo Bemis Hull, of Bemis, Pennsylvania: I have traced my grandfather’s line back 17 generations, back to the Hull Colony. My great grandfather’s name was Alonzo Bemis Hull. A town was created in Bemis, PA around the burlap bag factory he owned there. I thought maybe what I have traced on my own might be an asset to your association.

My maiden name is Hull. I have two brothers that carry on the name. My father is still alive in Oregon. His name is Boyd Alonzo Hull. Just thought your website might provide me with more of my heritage.

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— Submitted 26 Apr 2012
by non-member Jeanette Clare Hull Marcia

 Query #289 – Desire verification for Emma Hull m. Peter Ackerson; d/o John Hull and Margaret Lantz: I would like verification for Emma Hull, who married Peter Ackerson, that she is the daughter of John Hull and Margaret Lantz; and sister of Benjamin Hull and Nancy (Hull) Wood as listed in Charles Weygant’s The Hull Family in America genealogy, pub. 1913. Who were Margaret Lantz’s parents and what was the actual death date of John Hull? It’s not 1798, due to Emma and brother John H. Hull having been born in 1803 and 1805. Appreciate any and all help.

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— Submitted 23 Mar 2012 by non-member Martha Burnett Foulke

 Query #288 – Photos of early Hull immigrants?: Are there any pictures of the early Hull immigrants, the ship they came on, their homes, churches, towns, lands, or places where they were? Specifically I am looking for these for Rev. Joseph Hull, or any of his ancestors, or the same images for the first or second generation of his descendants. I have seen some in the Hull Family Association Journal so I am wondering if there are any other than the ones in there, as I’ve already seen them. [This query was posted 23 Feb 2012 on MyFamily.com]

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— Submitted 23 Mar 2012 by Kevin Mayer, HFA Member #1754

 Query #287 – Desire info on 3rd gt grandparents Sarah Hull and Mark Smith, Chester, Middlesex Co., CT: I would like more info on the family of Mark Smith, who married Sarah Hull in 1796 in the Congregational Society of Chester, Middlesex Co., CT.

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— Submitted 17 Feb 2012
by Nancy Smith Renshaw, HFA Member #1758

 Query #286 – Desire info on 2 gt grandparent Jacob John Hull family; m. Elizabeth Beard: Would like to know more about Jacob John Hull and family. I have a family bible of Jacob Hull and Elizabeth Beard (I believe), which has family records.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 17 Feb 2012
by Margaret Sidney Hull Ashworth, HFA Member #1644

  • 17 Feb 2012 Reply from the HFA Genealogist: We have quite a bit of info on the above couple, including data on their children and on Jacob John Hull’s ancestors. We can send our family group sheets to you by e-mail, three at a time, at your request.
       We also have several HFA members on this line that we can put you in touch with.

 Query #285 – Desire info on 10th gt grandmother Joanna Hull, b. 1619/1620, Eng; m. John Bursley, Barnstable Co., MA: I would like info on my 10th gt grandmother Joanna Hull, b. 1619/1620, Eng; m. 28 Nov 1639 to John Bursley, Sandwich, Barnstable Co., MA. She d. after 1686.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 17 Feb 2012 by Kevin Mayer, HFA Member #1754

 Query #284 – Info on 5th gt grandparent Nathaniel Hull, of Fairfield Co., CT & Ulster Co., NY; m. Abigail Platt: Would like more info on 5th gt grandparent, Nathaniel Hull, b. 20 Feb 1727, Fairfield Co., CT; d. 1787, Ulster Co., NY; m. Abigail Platt, 28 May 1754, Fairfield Co., CT.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 03 Feb 2012
by Jason William Hull, HFA Member #1752

 Query #283 – Information on Dorothea “Dolly” Hull, b. ca. 1799, Carroll Co., NH; m. Nehemiah “Miah” Lougee, 1819, Belknap Co., NH: I would like to find more info on Dorothea “Dolly,” b. ca. 1799, Tuftonborough, Carroll Co., NH; m. Nehemiah “Miah” Lougee, 07 Apr 1819, Gilmanton, Belknap Co., NH. She d. after 1870, most likely in Farmington, Strafford Co., NH.

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— Submitted 03 Feb 2012 by non-member Kim Rademacher

 Query #282 – Easter Hull m. Joseph Griffin, Bedford, Westchester Co., NY: I am interested in finding more information on “Easter Hull,” who married Joseph Griffin, Bedford, NY, and who would be my 7th great-grandmother.

I will appreciate any information that you have.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 03 Feb 2012 by non-member Jan Rich Knight

 Query #281 – Seeking birth, death, and parents of Deborah Hull who m. Timothy Hall, Durham, Middlesex Co., CT: Desire info on Deborah Hull—her birth, death and parents. She m. 02 May 1770, Durham, Middlesex Co., CT, Timothy Hall, b. 17 Mar 1750, Guilford, New Haven Co., CT; d. 25 Mar 1804, Durham, Middlesex Co., CT.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 03 Feb 2012 by non-member Andrew Hall

 Query #280 – Reply to Query #071: Frank Hull m. Carrie Ann Pickens, ca. 1865, Otsego Co., NY: I have also done research on Ancestry.com but have hit dead ends. I am trying to research Frank Hull who married Carrie Ann Pickens around 1865 in Otsego Co., NY. They lived in Westford, NY. They also had a child named Beulah Hull, born July 1890. I am seeking information on their marriage license to verify Carrie’s history. Pickens is her adopted name.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 20 Jan 2012 by non-member Marguerite McCauley

 Query #279 – Property of George Hull, Osage Co., KS: Desire location information on property of George Hull, between Osage City and Olivet, Osage Co., KS, abt 1927. My father lived on that property when he was 10 years old.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 20 Jan 2012 by non-member Silvia Whaley

 Query #278 – Mary Hull 1681–1755 Married Jacob Piatt 1678–1750: Mary Hull and Jacob Piatt were my 8th great grandparents. Does your Association have any info about the Piatts? If so, I would LOVE to join.

Thank you for your help!!

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— Submitted 20 Jan 2012
by Anne (Braden Marshall) Holt Fredlock, HFA Member #1751

 Query #277 – Seeking Parents of Harvey Hull (1805–1882); Durham, Middlesex Co., CT: I am trying to find the parents of Harvey Hull (Aug. 7, 1805–Oct. 22, 1882). Most of his life was lived in Durham, Conn., but there is no mention of his birth in William Chauncey Fowler’s History of Durham, Connecticut… (Hartford: Wiley, Waterman & Eaton, 1866).

On June 28, 1841, he married Susan Cone (Dec 17, 1815–Aug 23, 1899). Some Account of the Cone Family in America… (Topeka, Kan.: Printed by Crane & Co., 1903) under the heading for Susan Cone (4430, p. 368). Harvey’s father is given as Eliakim Hull, but I have been unable to find anyone of that name whose dates would apply.

The old cemetery in Durham contains a headstone with the following inscription:

Revolutionary War
Eliakin [sic] Hull
Capt. Throops [sic] Co.
Died Oct. 30, 1811

Harvey and Susan’s children were Timothy Edgar Hull (1843–1904) and James Polk Hull (1847–1921).

I am descended from Timothy. James had no children.

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— Submitted 19 Jan 2012
by Harvey Robert Hull, HFA Member #0988

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