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 Query #068 – Rachel Hull–Moses Fitz Randolph–Piscataway, Middlesex Co., NJ: I would like copies of any vital records for the marriage, probates, etc. of Rachel Hull and Moses Fitz Randolph—anything showing proof of their relationship. I will pay shipping/copy costs, etc. Any other records regarding the Fitz Randolphs in that line would also be appreciated.

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— Submitted 07 Dec 2007
by Geoffrey Carmichael Oosterhoudt, non-member

 Query #067 – John Hull–Belfast, Ireland–Ottawa, Canada–Aurelie Saucier–Nancy King: I am searching for any information on my 2nd gt grandfather, John Hull, b. ca. Jul 1842, Belfast, Ireland. I know he arrived in Canada with another family member. He married 01 Sep 1873, in St-Jean-Baptiste, Ottawa, Canada, Aurelie Saucier. His mother’s name is probably Nancy King. Can you help me? Thanks.

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— Submitted 07 Dec 2007 by Cindy Boulay, HFA Member #1544

 Query #066 – Charlotte Hull–Jonathan W. Myers–Mahoning/ Trumbull Co., OH–Wood Co., OH: I want to know about the family of my 3rd gt. grandmother, Charlotte (Hull) Myers. She was b. 05 Feb 1812, probably in Mahoning/ Trumbull Co., Ohio; d. 19 Sep 19, 1849, Wood Co., Ohio; married Jonathan W. Myers, probably in Mahoning/Trumbull Co., Ohio, and migrated to Wood Co., Ohio (near Bloomdale) with her husband in the fall of 1844. Charlotte’s spouse was Jonathan (Wolfcale?) Myers, son of John Myres and Rachel Wolfcale. The Wolfcales resided near Austintown in Mahoning Co., Ohio and are buried in the Cornersburg Cemetery in that area.

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— Submitted 05 Dec 2007 by Dana Thompson, HFA Member #1546

 Query #065 – Reuben Hull–Washington Co., PA–Columbiana Co., OH: I would like more information on the father of my 4th gt grandfather, Reuben Hull, b. 15 Sep 1783, Washington Co., PA; d. 12 Feb 1877, Franklin Twp., Columbiana Co., OH, rumored to be one of the many Gershom Hulls. Note: This query was duplicated as Query #121.

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— Submitted 01 Nov 2007 by Heather Hull Dyke, HFA Member #1536

 Query #064 – Esther Rockwell Hull–Albert Picket–NJ–WV–OH: Desire parentage of Esther Rockwell Hull, b. 09 Jun 1772, possibly of the George Hull, immigrant, line. Esther m. Albert Picket 08 May 1791, Springfield, NJ; d. 26 Jul 1829, Wheeling, Ohio Co., VA (now WV). Children were John W., Charles H., Albert Jr., Mary C., and Edwin H. Picket. Albert Picket was b. 15 Apr 1771; d. 29 Aug 1850, Delaware, Delaware Co., OH. [See also Query #174]

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— Submitted 25 Oct 2007 by Karen Richards, non-member

 Query #063 – Rev. Joseph Hull–Immigrant of 1635 to New England: My questions about the Rev. Joseph Hull:

  • Did Hull resign from Northleigh Parish, Devon, England in 1632 or did the Bishop remove him from his living?
  • He is listed as Rector of Northleigh, Devonshire, 1621–32 [Foster 2:765] and as curate of Broadway, Somersetshire, 1633–34 [TAG 68:149]. 
  • One account says that he was removed from his living and that resulted in his eventual removal to MA Bay. If he was removed from his living at Northleigh by the Bishop of Devon in 1632 and then took up a living in Somersetshire at Broadway in 1633 it does not seem likely that his dismissal by the Bishop of Devon played any part in his eventual removal to Weymouth. His appointment by the Bishop of Somersetshire to Broadway indicates that Church upper management had no problem with him serving as a Rector.
  • Or was he also removed from Northleigh by the Bishop of Somerset?
  • In another account he was said to have resigned from his (presumably in this account) Devon Rectorship because of differences with the Church of England. Any idea what the differences were?
  • My impression is that Joseph was welcomed by the Management of the MA Bay Colony because he was ordained Clergy. In this period the Colonies had plenty of un-ordained clergy. I know little of MA Bay history but do know that in Plymouth they were having serious problems performing baptisms because of a lack of ordained Clergy. In this period Governor Bradford of Plymouth Colony seriously considered going to the Bishop of the VA Colony to request nearby VA Colony clergy to perform baptisms at Plymouth. (The northernmost Diocese of the VA Colony bordered Plymouth Colony on the south.) They never made the request—but they did consider it. 
  • An article by a Sam Behling said that Joseph and his family moved in 1639 to Plymouth Colony and there founded the present town of Barnstable, at a place called by the Indians, Mattakeese. Is this correct?
  • Upon returning to England was Joseph actually a curate at St. Buryan, Cornwall or did he simply reside there? He is said to have remained there for ten years and then was ejected from the parish. Any idea why he was ejected?

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— Submitted 23 Oct 2007 by Bill Churchill, non-member

 Query #62 – Franz Phillipp Holl–Lancaster Co., PA–Augusta Co., VA: Would like info on my 6th gt. grandparent, Franz Phillipp Holl, and his family.

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— Submitted 23 Oct 2007
by Daniel Alan Christenson, HFA Member #1543

 Query #061 – Benjamin Hull–Sarah Hutcheson–Lincoln Co., NC: Would like info on my 5th gt. grandparents, Benjamin Hull and Sarah Hutcheson. Would like their parents and siblings.

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— Submitted 23 Oct 2007
by James Arthur Glensky, HFA Member #1542

 Query #060 – Daniel Melvin Hall/Hull–Lucy Farrington–NY–IL: I have a Daniel Melvin Hall/Hull and Lucy Farrington listed on Frederick Leeland Hall’s marriage certificate NY, NY. I have been unable to find Daniel Hull’s parents. I believe Daniel Hull was born Sept 8, 1818 and died 1874 in IL.

This next question is not on the Hull line, but someone may have info: I have also been unable to link Lucy/Lucinda to another Farrington. Is Lucinda a child of Frederick Farrington and Mary Fuller (or perhaps another spouse of Frederick Farrington)?

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— Submitted 23 Oct 2007 by Heidi Murray, HFA Member #1553

 Query #059 – Hull–Hutchison/Hutchinson: I would like to have information on the ancestral line back of Benjamin Hull Sr., b. 27 Aug 1740, perhaps in NJ; d. 11 Oct 1832 in Lincoln Co. NC. His headstone is located in Hull’s Grove Baptist Church at Hull’s Crossroads in Lincoln Co., NC.

Benjamin m. Sarah Hutchison/Hutchinson, and they were the parents of Abner (m. Elizabeth Parker); Mary (m. Henry Mull/Moll); Benjamin Jr. (m. #1 Amy Williams, #2 Selina or Stacia [_?_]); Richard (m. #1 Catherine Jeams, #2 Nancy Ann Stockstill); Sarah “Sally” (unm.); William (m. Catherine Cline); and Major Hull (m. Margaret “Peggy” Gross).

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— Submitted 10 Sep 2007 by
Thomas William Hull, HFA Member #1533

 Query #058 – Hull–Holl–Lingenfelter–Rockbridge Co., VA: Does anyone have detailed information and documentation on the children of Philip Hull/Holl and his wife, Elizabeth Barbara Lingenfelter. I believe that Philip died in Rockbridge Co., VA between 1820 and 1830. The last census where he is found is the 1820 census of Rockbridge. Elizabeth Barbara died in Rockbridge Co. on 14 Feb 1842. I have not done research of the will books or probate records of Rockbridge on these two individuals. Philip and Elizabeth are my 5th gt. grandparents.

I have a great amount of information on the ancestors of Benjamin Reid who married their daughter Elizabeth “Betsy” Hull on 27 Dec 1813 in Rockbridge Co. I also have photographs of the tombstone of Elizabeth “Betsy.” Happy to share all information I have.

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— Submitted 10 Sep 2007 by Keith Reed, HFA Member #1535

 Query #57 – Hull–Glover–Morris Co., NJ–Harrison Co., WV–Licking Co., OH: Would appreciate information on the parents of my 5th gt. grandfather, Samuel Hull, b.1735, Hartford Co., MD; m. 02 May 1758, Morris Co., NJ, Martha Glover; d. 02 Aug 1814, Licking Co., OH. Is he in the lineage of Rev. Joseph or his brother, or what line of Hulls does he fit into?

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— Submitted 10 Sep 2007 by
Alberta Mae Popp Bittel, HFA Member #1534

 Query #056 – Isaac Hull–Lancaster Co., PA–Butler Co., OH: I’d like to know the relationship, if any, between Isaac Hull, the man being taxed in Lancaster Co., PA in the 1760s, and my 3rd great grandfather, Isaac Hull, who was b. 1760 in Lancaster Co., PA, and later moved to Butler Co., OH.

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— Submitted 10 Sep 2007 by Donna Hull, HFA Member #0056

 Query #055 – Hull–McGrane–Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH–Los Angeles, CA: I would like info on my grandparents, who were Melvin Christian Osborne Hull, b. ca. 1886, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. He d. ca. 1952, Los Angeles Co., CA, and my grandmother was Kathleen McGrane.

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— Submitted 22 Aug 2007 by
Gregory Osborne Hull, HFA Member #1532

 Query #054 – Hull–Hepburn–Tilson–Oxford, New Haven Co., CT–Brookfield, Fairfield Co., CT: With all of our new HFA members, I am hoping someone can help me. I am looking for proof of my 3rd gt. grandparents, John and Sarah (Hepburn) Hull. They had a son, Ezra, whom I believe is the father of my 2nd gt. grandfather, Bennett Hull, b. 1799 in Oxford, New Haven Co., CT, but I can’t prove it as some records say this Ezra never had children. Supposedly, according to census records, there was also a daughter, Polly, b. 1797, Oxford, CT, and possibly another daughter but I don’t have a name. Cannot find any info on Polly but do have Bennett and wife, Hopestill Tilson, down to my Dad, Frederick C. Hull, b. 1913, died 1987. Would like to correspond with any related descendants via e-mail at [contact the webmaster (webmaster [at] hullfamilyassociation.org)].

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— Submitted 22 Aug 2007 by
Shirley Harshberger, HFA Member #0888

 Query #053 – Hull–Civil War–Michigan–Muscatine Co., IA: Am seeking info on Charles Hull, age 23 at enlistment; residence: Muscatine Co., IA; nativity: MI. Enlisted 10 Feb 1864. Mustered 10 Feb 1864. Mustered 20 Feb 1864. Wounded severely in right arm 14 Jul 1864, Tupelo, Lee Co., MS, Co. A, Residuary Battalion 14th Infantry. Mustered out 8 Aug 1865, Davenport, Scott Co., IA.

Charles Hull originally enlisted from Muscatine, IA into the 14th Iowa Infantry, Co. G. At the end of 1864 most of the regiment’s 3-year enlistment was over. Charles and other recruits, who joined in 1864 along with a few 3-year men who signed on for extra time, were then formed into the Residuary Battalion, Co. A of the 14th IA.

As the War wound down in 1865, Charles and the 14th IA Residuary Battalion were stationed in Camp Butler, Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL in April and May of 1865. When the stunning news came that President Lincoln was assassinated, the men of the 14th Iowa were in the right position to serve as escorts for Lincoln’s burial in Springfield and also to serve as guards at the cemetery following Lincoln’s entombment.

I am not a Hull family member but am a volunteer for a small local IA historical society that is attempting to follow the members of this Company. Our purpose is to try to locate, then document the gravesites of all these men of the company to make sure their graves are all still properly marked and the men remembered. After the long passage of time many of the men’s markers have become worn, broken, or unreadable. If family is no longer in the area some men’s graves have been neglected. We hope to prevent that if we can.

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— Submitted 22 Aug 2007 by Chris Smith, non-member

 Query #052 – Hull–Chicago, Cook Co., PA–?MO–?Kalamazoo, MI: I am searching for my birth mother, Elizabeth Hull, and birth sibling(s) and would appreciate any information you might be able to provide. The Elizabeth Hull about whom I am seeking information was born in 1910 or 1911, and was living in Chicago, Cook Co., IL in 1944.  She may have lived in MO or near Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI in the mid-1950s.

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— Submitted 22 Aug 2007 by Richard C. Foster, non-member

 Query #051 – Hull–Diffenderffer–Lancaster Co., PA: Do you know of any Diffenderffer family connections in any of the Hull family lines? The Diffenderffer family was originally from Lancaster County, PA. My branch moved to Baltimore in the 1770s prior to the Revolutionary War. Family lore suggests a Hull relationship, but I have never been able to document it. Thanks.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 03 Aug 2007 by RB Diffenderffer Jr., non-member

 Query #050 – Hull–Sharp–Carter–Clinton Co., IL: My 2nd great grandmother was Rebecca Hull. Her parents were James M. Hull and Nancy Parker Sharp. Rebecca was born Oct 1838 in IL. I would like to know more about James M. Hull. I do know that he was in the Mexican war; he died 1848. If you have any info it would be greatly appreciated. Rebecca married Fletcher W. Carter in Nov 1856, Clinton Co., IL. Thank you.

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— Submitted 03 Aug 2007 by Linda Carter, HFA Member #1531

 Query #049 – Hull–Henderson: Desire info on Maurice Bradley Hull, b.1848, CT; his wife, Julia L. Henderson Hull, b. 1850, Jefferson Co., NY; and family. Maurice Bradley Hull is the son of Bradley Hubbell Hull and Susannah “Susan” Hubbell. Also desire info on DeWitt Clinton Hull, b. ?CT, and family.

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— Submitted 03 Aug 2007 by Janine Sylvia, HFA Member #1464

 Query #048 – Hull–Wood–Hill–Guilford Co., NC: Desire info on the wives and children of my 2nd gt. grandfather, Ebenezer Hull, b. Jan 1810; d. 1911, of Guilford Co., NC. I descend from their son, Edward Delton Hull, b. 1865, d. 1849, who m. Betty Elizabeth Hill.

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— Submitted 26 Jul 2007 by
Carmell Marie Wombaugh Walker, HFA Member #1527

 Query #047 – Hull–Housel–Hunterdon Co., NJ: I would like any information anyone has on my 7th great grandmother, Osa Hull, born ca. 1780s in NJ. She married Jacob Housel and had 7 children: James, Wilson, Merinda, Furman, Gardner, Calvin, and Mary Ann. They lived according to the census in Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co., NJ. Osa Hull is named in a letter which I have a copy of from a grandson as the wife of Jacob Housel.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 26 Jul 2007 by Elaine Pennow, HFA Member #1529

 Query #046 – Hull–George–Barr–Caddo Parish, LA–Claiborne Parish, LA: Seeking info on Charles F. Hull, b. ca. 1839, Caddo Parish, LA; m. 10 Oct 1866, Caddo Parish, Frances or Fanny Luella George, b. ca. 1847, LA. Children: Carrie Hull, b. 28 Feb 1868, Caddo Parish; George Edgar Hull, b. 11 Nov 1875, Caddo Parish. Both parents disappear on the 1880 US census and the children are with a H.W. Stevens family who the census indicates is not a direct relative. We think the parents may have died sometime between 1875 and 1880.

George Edgar Hull m. 23 May 1899, Caddo Parish, Mary Elizabeth Barr, b. 13 Oct. 1877, LA. We have not been able to get past Charles F. Hull. Charles appears out of nowhere on the 1850 census by himself, age 11, with no other Hulls. This census indicates he is from Minden, Claiborne Parish, LA. I am a granddaughter of George Edgar Hull, Jr. Thank you for your time.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 26 Jul 2007 by Karen Hoagland, HFA Member #1526

 Query #045 – Hull–Whitesell–Jefferson, Co., PA: Thank you for putting all those queries in the Summer 2007 HFA Newsletter. My 2nd gt. grandfather was John Hull and he died in Jefferson Co., PA on 01 Dec 1876. I have not been able to find his parents. I do have an obit for his wife Margaret Whitesell Hull. She died in 1898 at 100 years of age, in Reynoldsville, Jefferson Co., PA. Would you be interested in the obit for the Newsletter?

Query #021: Is there a way I could get in touch with this person? My birth name was Barbara Justus. Thank you.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 26 Jul 2007 by Barbara Cleveland, HFA Member #1225

 Query #044 – Hull–Miller–Westchester Co., NY–Morris Co., NJ: Desire info on the parents of Mary Hull, b. 31 May 1792, Bedford Westchester, NY; d. 20 Sep 1875, Whippany, Morris Co., NJ. Mary m. Levi Miller, 01 Feb 1815, Bedford, NY. Levi was b. 1790, s/o Jonathan and Mary (Fisher) Miller. Ch. of Levi and Mary (Hull) Miller: Celinda, Hezekiah H., Sarah, Eli R., Gilbert, and Mary.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 12 Jul 2007 by Bonnie Whitley, non-member

 Query #043 – David Hull–Ruth Hart–Inverness & Guysborough Cos., Nova Scotia, Canada: Seeking info on my 2nd gt. grandparents, David Hull and Ruth Hart, of Nova Scotia. Who were his parents, where and when were they born, and when and where did they die?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 05 Jul 2007 by Gail M. Kaeser, HFA Member #1524

 Query #042 – Hull–Fallon–Falzone–Rochester, NY: Desire info on my Hull birth parents. I was born in Rochester, NY in May, 1949, to a family with the last name of Hull. I was given the name of Audrey and it is still on my birth certificate. I was adopted only days after I was born. My name now is Mary Lee Fallon (Falzone). My adoptive father legally changed his name long ago to Fallon. I have no idea if I am part of any of your Hull families’ history, but I would like to know more if possible. I don’t know the first names of my birth parents, although I was told that there were several, possibly 7, children born to them but all of the girls were adopted out; only the boys retained the Hull surname.

Please help if you can. I have never searched for my birth parents because my adoptive parents, I have always felt, were the ones who raised me. Still it would be nice to know if there are more family members out there since I have always been the only child. Please contact me if you think it’s possible that somehow we are related. Thanks in advance for your help and I hope I can help more in the future. I’ll hope to hear from you.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 05 Jul 2007 by
Mary Lee Fallon, aka Audrey Hull, non-member

 Query #041 – Ferdinand Miles Hull & Hannah Keusch–Grant Co., WI–Cook Co., IL: I’m looking for information on the children of my grandparents, Ferdinand Miles Hull and Hannah Keusch from Cook Co., IL.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 05 Jul 2007 by
Richard Thomas Hull, HFA Member #1522

 Query #040 – William Russell Hull–John Edgar Hull–William Rush Hull–Lohnes–Sheppard–Peoria & Tazewell Cos., IL–PA: My immediate known heritage: b. [private], Peoria, Peoria Co., IL; raised in nearby Morton, Tazewell, IL. Son of William Russell and Nancy Ann (Sheppard) Hull; grandson of John Edgar and Mary Ann (Lohnes) Hull, gt.-grandson of William Rush and [__?__] Hull. My gt.-grandfather was born in PA, and that heritage plus his middle name leads us to believe that, circa 1830s or 1840s, his father married a lady of “Rush” heritage. Accordingly, the speculation is this links us to Benjamin Rush of PA, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and his grandson, Richard Rush who served as Atty. General under Pres. John Quincy Adams (along with my wife’s ancestor, Henry Clay, who was Adams’s Sec. of State). Is there any way to verify my great grandfather’s, and my family’s connection to the family of Benjamin Rush?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 05 Jul 2007 by John Sheppard Hull, non-member

 Query #039 – Jacob Hull & Sarah Miller–Franklin Co., PA–Knox Co., IL: Desire info on, and parents of, my 3rd gt. grandparents, Jacob Hull, b. 29 Sep 1798, Franklin Co., PA(?); d. 01 Nov 1883, Summit, Knox Co., IL; who m. Sarah Miller.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 05 Jul 2007 by Michael McKillip, HFA Member #1521

 Query #038 – Charles Nelson Hull–Cyrus J. Hull–Crawford Co., PA: I am looking for information I can get on our family. I am the granddaughter of Charles Nelson Hull, born in 1891; died in 1965. He lived in Chapmanville [Chapinville, Crawford Co.?], PA. Was married to Nellie J. [__?__], who passed away in 1918; he then married Jennie M. [__?__]. Charles had 3 children with Nellie: my father, Donald LeRoy Hull, Harold, and Norma. He had 2 children with Jennie: Russell Hull and Alma (Hull) Orr. Any information would be helpful and greatly appreciated.

Also any information on a Cyrus J. Hull, born 1852, died 1911, married Rosetta F. [__?__] (1855–1931). Cyrus is buried near Charles in Maple Hill Cemetery, Fauncetown, Crawford Co., PA. We’d like to know if Cyrus is related to our family.

My mother, Dollie, could have probably told us this, but it seems that until my younger sister was killed in 2000, we kind of took our family history for granted. We were wrong to do so; now we would like to learn our past, to pass on to the younger generation, so they will know where they come from.

Thank you for any help.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 21 Jun 2007 by Barbara J. Hull, HFA Member #1523

 Query #037 – Elinor/Eleanor Hull–Charles Roleson–Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., NJ: Phyllis, I would like to request Family Group Sheets for: Elinor/Eleanor Hull, born 1725, Perth Amboy, NJ to Benjamin Hull; married about 1745 to Charles Roleson in NJ; died (probably in NJ) before Charles’s 2nd marriage 28 Jan 1760 in NJ to Mary Pangborn. I’d like the Family Group Sheet where Elinor/Eleanor is a child and the Family Group Sheet where Elinor/Eleanor is a parent, please. Thanks.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 05 Jun 2007 by Janice L. Chipman, HFA Member #1513

 Query #036 – Looking for Charles G. “Jerry” Hull–Vietman War: My name is Peggy V. (Wiggins) Turner. I may be way off base, but I have to try. I’m looking for my pen-pal that I had at 15 yrs. old. This was in 1966. His name is Charles G. Hull, but he called himself Jerry. He was from San Antonio, TX and was stationed in Da Nang in Vietnam. I even have his number that the Seabees gave me. I’ve called all of the numbers that they gave me and I wrote to the last address where he lived but it came back. I know this may be a dead end too, but I have to try. If you can help, could you please let me know. Thank you.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 29 May 2007 by
Peggy V. (Wiggins) Turner, non-member

 Query #035 – Hulls Buried in Fox Cemetery, Valley Twp., Stark Co., IL: I am in the process of cleaning up an old abandoned cemetery in Valley Township, Stark Co., Illinois. There are only 5 headstones left in this cemetery, so I have done research on those that were buried there. I came across a Hull family. The names are Harry Hull, died 1878; Sally Hull, died 1862, aged 56 years; and Charles N. Hull, died 22 Dec 1896, 56 years. There has been controversy on who is still buried in the cemetery. Some say that several bodies were removed to another cemetery and others thought that there weren’t any bodies left there. I personally believe that there are still bodies in the cemetery. So I’ve decided to try to do some genealogy on the families that I believe are still there. That is what leads me to your website.

I am in hopes that a member may have some information. I am not directly related to the Hulls—only by marriage. That is how I found the cemetery. Otherwise I would have never known it existed. My 3rd great uncle, Burr Bouton, married Sarah Emeline Hull, the daughter of Harry and Sally Hull.

I should mention that the cemetery I am working on is called the Fox Cemetery. Is any member related to Harry and Sally Hull? And does anyone know if their bodies were dug up and moved to another cemetery? I believe that I have found that Harry Hull fought in the War of 1812. And Charles N. Hull (and his brothers) fought in the Civil War. My mission is to have these men (and the others) recognized for their service. The Fox Cemetery has been forgotten since the early 1900s. Thank you for your time.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 23 May 2007 by Cindy Eberle, non-member

 Query #034 – Hull–Cook–Pike & Adams Co., IL: Desire vital info and sources on grandfather, Ellis Hull, gt. grandmother, Emma (Cook) Hull who m. James Franklin Hull, and their children.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 22 May 2007 by
Sandra Sue Hull Petri, HFA Member #1517

 Query #033 – Hull–Ives–Canada: Desire info on my 5 gt. grandparents, Moses Hull, b.1736—who are his children? In Canada 1787; m. Mary Ives, 05 May 1756. Who are his parents?

Reply to this query

— Submitted 18 May 2007 by Robert Keith Hull, HFA Member #1518

 Query #032 – Harold H. & Bertha Hull–Olean, Cattaraugus Co., NY: My name is Linda Lou, born in Olean, Cattaraugus Co., NY on [contact the Webmaster (webmaster [at] hullfamilyassociation.org) for birthdate]. I was placed in a foster home in Portville, Cattaraugus Co., about 3 yrs. later and then adopted by foster parents. About 12 yrs. ago a biological half-sister was doing her search for other siblings and located me. My birth certificate has everything on it but my birth parents’ name. However the sister had several things, including info from my birth mother in her dying days about me and my brother. He was placed in same foster home before me and we were both adopted at the same time. My birth announcement in the Olean paper says born to Mr. and Mrs. Harold H. Hull a baby girl. I have been dabbling off and on since Jan ’07 on various web sites (not really knowing what I am doing other than grasping at straws!). I stumbled on your website tonight and thought I would tell my story. I remember visiting grandparents who lived in an upstairs apartment on Main St. in Olean, and a gentleman who stopped to visit, but all that stopped when we moved to Perry, Wyoming Co., NY in 1954. Birth mother’s name was Bertha. If anyone can shed any light or help steer me in a direction I would appreciate it.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 18 May 2007 by Linda Lou, non-member

 Query #031 – Joseph & Sarah Hull–PA, IA, OR: Looking for any info as to lineage of Joseph Hull. Ch. of Joseph Hull and wife, Sarah, were born in OH between 1834 and 1841 and before they moved to IA somewhere between 1841 and 1846. Went to OR in the 1870s. Joseph Hull was b. 29 Jan 1806 , PA. He appears in the 1870 Pleasant Twp., Wapello Co., IA census, and d. 1882, Summerville, Union Co., OR.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 18 May 2007 by Terri Matter, non-member

 Query #030 – James Hull and His Wife: I would like more info on James Hull, b. ca. 1800, NY, and his wife Betsy, who had Chester Harris Hull, b. 1823; d. 1897.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 15 May 2007 by Lora C. Williams, HFA Member #1514

 Query #029 – Hulls in Washington Co., MD: I would like any information regarding the Hull line in Washington Co., MD. I have searched but am unable to locate any data on this Hull line, especially on the ancestors of my gt. grandfather, Isaiah D. Hull and his wife Martha.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 09 May 2007 by Thomas Corby Hull, HFA Member #1515

 Query #028 – Robert “Bob” B. Hull–Booth–Paddock–Froman: Desire biog. info on early life of Robert “Bob” Booth Hull, b. 31 May 1918, MN; d. 02 May 1962, Los Angeles, CA. He was s/o of George Elliot Hull and Elsie Booth, gson of Charles E. and Elizabeth D. (Paddock?) Hull, gt. gson of Daniel Marvin and Lucinda “Lucie” Farrington Hull. Residences of four generations: Minneapolis and St. Louis Park (Fern Hill?), Hennepin Co., MN; SD; Cass Co., ND; Ogle Co., IL; and Columbia, NY. Was Charles E. Hull from Whiteside Co., IL and did he m. Libbie W. Paddock there on 20 Jan 1880?

We know Bob Hull grad. U of MN ca. 1940, degree in chemistry. While in MN he was a concert-level pianist and joined the Communist Party of America. After he moved to Los Angeles in 1948, co-founded the first successful gay civil rights organization, the Mattachine Society, in 1950, with, amongst others, his dear friend Chuck Rowland, a WWII vet., activist, writer, teacher, and theatre founder. Hull’s sister, Elizabeth (b. 26 Apr 1920, d. 11 Jan 1975), wrote magazine articles and two children’s books, and m. Robert Winslow Froman, 1942. Froman was a journalist and later wrote books for youth on an array of sciences and mathematics; he also wrote poetry and fiction.

Reply to this query

— Submitted 29 Apr 2007 by M. David Hughes, HFA Member #1444
Revised with deletions and addition 8 May 2007

 Query #027 – Jane Price Roberts: Jane Price Roberts, b. 24 Apr 1848, Dowlais, Glamorgan, Wales; d. 7 Nov 1883 Hooper, Utah. She married Thomas Hull III, 20 Dec 1867 in Salt Lake City. Was she an adopted daughter of Owen Roberts and Mary Martin of Llandysilio, Wales? Was she previously married to someone named Price or was her family name Price? Thank you for any assistance.

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— Submitted 22 Apr 2007 by De Ann Wilson, HFA Member #1435

 Query #026 – Ann Hull (twin of Ella Mary Hull)–James Robert Spears/Sparr: Ella Mary Hull (b. 28 Aug 1880; d. 28 Apr 1961) is my late grandmother, who married Harvey Kendall Walker. She had a twin sister named Ann or Annie Hull, b. 28 Aug 1880, Naples, Ontario Co., NY.

The sister, Ann Hull, married a James Robert Spears or Sparr; I do not have the correct spelling of his last name. I would like to start researching this part of my family. Does anyone have info on these people? Thanks.

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— Submitted 19 Apr 2007 by Robert M. Walker, HFA Member #1012

 Query #025 – Hull–Devereaux: Searching for info on John Hull, b. 1775, Granville District, NC, who m. Sophia Devereaux. His son, Ebenezer Hull, b. 1810, Guilford Co., NC; d. 1911, NC.

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— Submitted 06 Apr 2007 by Ronald Lee Hull, non-member

 Query #024 – Hull–Cales: I would like to know who Mary Magdaline Hull’s parents were and to trace this line back further. Mary was b. Feb. 1826, residing in Augusta Co., VA in the 1800s. I believe her father was David Hull (b. ca. 1805) and mother was Mary Margaret Cales (b. ca. 1802). Any help would be appreciated.

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— Submitted 06 Apr 2007 by Nancy L. Meissner, HFA Member #1511

 Query #023 – Hull–Chapman: I am requesting info on my 5th gt. grandparents, Daniel Hull, who m. Nancy Chapman. Daniel came to Danby Twp., Ionia Co., MI in the early 1800s with his wife and some children. Daniel and Nancy are buried in the Danby Cemetery, Danby Twp, Ionia Co, MI.

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— Submitted 05 Mar 2007 by
Annette K. Gensterblum Weiser, HFA Member #1509

 Query #022 – Hull–Jackson: Will you please check your records for George Anderson Hull—a physician in Ashland Co., OH in 1845? He married Juliet Abigail Jackson, 25 Feb 1845, in the Episcopal Church, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH. Her father was Morris Jackson, born in RI. But what happened to George Anderson Hull? I cannot find him in any census. Where did he live; where did he die? I’d appreciate any information you have about this man. Thank you.

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— Submitted 27 Feb 2007 by Patricia Schrader, non-member

 Query #021 – John Justus Hull: Do you know this gentleman’s history as I am a violin maker and have acquired his violin making tools. He is from NY. Thank you.

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— Submitted 27 Feb 2007 by Scott, non-member

 Query #020 – Benjamin Hull–Trustram Hull: Phyllis, I have read your posts on Rootsweb and noticed your commentary on the line from which I descend (the Benjamin Hull–Trustram Hull line). Based upon messages on Rootsweb, it appears we may have followed an incorrect path. I have wills, death certificates, and biographies for many of my Illinois clan. Can you assist me in the right direction? Trustram Hull and Sara Hultz/Hulse (wrong, I guess)—he is the son of Trustram Hull and Elizabeth Bescherrer. Any assistance is so appreciated.

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— Submitted 27 Feb 2007 by Trisha Hull Donovan, non-member

 Query #019 – Hull–Adams: My husband’s gt. grandmother was Mary Frances Hull (b. 06 Jan 1858, possibly in IN) who married Horace F. Adams. I am in possession of copy of a handwritten record which bears the date of 1916 and which details births, deaths, and marriages of what appear to be the children of John Hull and Susanna Cook, as follows: John Hull, b. 18 Dec. 1798, d. 08 Jan 1866, m. Susanna Cook, 23 Mar 1820 in Augusta Co., VA. Children: Jacob Cook Hull, b. 2 Feb 1821; Sarah Margaret Hull, b. 24 Nov 1822; Addison Hull, b. 22 Sep 1824; Mary Ann Hull, b. 8 Feb 1826; Daniel Franklin Hull, b. 6 Sep 1827; John Paul Hull, b. 10 Jul 1829; George Hull, b. 30 Nov 1830; Samuel Hull, b. 17 Sep 1832; Evaline Hull, b. 13 Oct 1835; Susanna Hull, b. 8 Jan 1837; Rebecca Hull, b. 7 Apr 1841; David Hull, b. 7 Apr 1841; Francis Marrion [sic] Hull, b. 22 Jan 1845.

Can you help me with a connection between any of these children and Mary Frances Hull? Thank you.

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— Submitted 15 Feb 2007 by Torrey Hunter, HFA Member #1507

 Query #018 – Hull–Scott: I would like more info on my gt. grandfather, William Henry Hull, b. ca. 1859, ?NJ; res. in Newark, Essex Co., NJ in 1900; m. Mary B. Scott. Would like to verify where he was born, lived, and died. Would also like to verify that his father was Leonard L. Hull, who married Sarah, and would like more info on this couple.

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— Submitted 05 Feb 2007
by David Alan Lajaunie, HFA Member #1503

 Query #017 – Hull–McQuellan–Green–Blatz–Bartz:
Note: Verified facts about Frank Elmer Hansen appear in boldface.

I am seeking info on my grandfather, known to me as Frank Elmer Hansen, whom I suspect was really Fern Elmer Hull, a man with two wives (a wife and ex-wife) and different families with each. Frank E. Hansen was an only child and a fireman on the Chicago & Northwestern RR.

Fern Elmer Hull was born 21 Jun 1897, in Lima, Rock Co., WI, to parents Charles E. Hull (of English descent) and Sarah McQuellan (of Irish descent); he also was an only child. Fern Elmer Hull registered for the draft in World War I in Fond du Lac Co., WI, where my grandmother, Evelyn Mary Blatz, was born and raised. On his registration, Fern E. Hull listed as his next of kin his wife Ruth.

Frank Elmer Hansen photo image

Frank Elmer Hansen (1897–1955)
Was he also known as Fern Elmer Hull?

The Hulls in this lineage belonged to the 7th Day Baptist Church. Charles E. Hull was the son of Charles Hull Sr., of Rensselaer Co., NY, and Mary Green, of Fulton, Rock Co., WI. This line has been traced back to the Rev. Joseph Hull, immigrant of 1635, from Crewkerne, co. Somerset, England.

Fern Elmer Hull probably married Ruth C. Bartz, b. ca. 1899, prior to Aug 1918, but no marriage record has been found. Their Hull children were: Virginia, age 3 ½ yrs., Margaret, 2 yrs., and Mary, 3 mos., as found on the 1920 Rock Co., WI census living with Ruth (Bartz) Hull and her parents, Charles F. and Augusta H. Bartz.

Fern E. Hull, listed as married, was found in the 1920 census living as a lodger in Chicago, Cook Co., IL. Living at the same residence was Evelyn Mary Blatz, single, b. 1896, who was my grandmother. No marriage record has been found for either Fern E. Hull or Frank E. Hansen and Evelyn Mary Blatz. Evelyn Mary Blatz Hansen’s first child, Janice Marjorie Hansen, was born April 9, 1920; she was my aunt and there were ten children in this family, including my mother.

Fern E. Hull is also found on the 1900 census in Lima and the 1910 census in Milton, both in Rock Co., WI, near Janesville, in his parents’ household. I can find nothing about Fern E. Hull after the 1920 census and I can find nothing about Frank E. Hansen prior to 1920. Any information, photos, or other documents about Fern E. Hull, which might verify that he was, in fact, my grandfather, Frank E. Hansen, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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— Submitted 29 Jan 2007 by Donald Brokaw, HFA Member #1505

 Query #016 – Hull–Morris–Thatcher–Quine: Desire info on George L. Hull, b. ca. 1827, prob. NY. Married 02 Aug 1846, to Sarah Ann Morris, Methodist Episcopal Church in either NYC, NY or Hoboken, Hudson Co., NJ. He d. 18 Feb 1865 in Civil War, in Norfolk, VA. Was fireman on the USS Dictator. Family at that time, living in Hoboken, NJ.

Children were: George M. (m. Isabella [__?__]; William L.; Jane; Alida/Alyda; Hannah/Annie; Adah/Ada; John; Mary (m. #1 Stephen Thatcher, #2 Douglas Quine); another dau., name unknown. Births of ch. range from 1846 to 1864, all b. NJ.

Seeking exact birthplace of George L. Hull and names of his parents.

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— Submitted 29 Jan 2007 by Doris Schermond, HFA Member #0506

 Query #015 – Hull–Miller: I am seeking information on my 3rd gt grandparent, Jacob Hull, born ca. 1798 or 1800, Warren Twp, Franklin Co., PA, and his family. His wife’s name was Sarah (possibly Miller), born ca. 1799, in Bethel Twp, Delaware Co., PA. Their known children were: Abraham, Isaac, Richmond, and Elizabeth. There were 8 other children in this family. Jacob moved west to Illinois about 1857 where he farmed for the remainder of his life.

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— Submitted 23 Jan 2007 by Donald L. Goering, HFA Member #1504

 Query #014 – Hull–Gregg: I would like to receive any new information confirming what I have on my 2nd gt. grandparents, Edwin Hull and Ann Gregg Hull. Edwin Hull was b. 15 Oct 1815, Camillus, Onondaga Co., NY; d. 23 Aug 1849, Clintonville, Venango Co., PA. He was a minister in Perrysburg, Cattaraugus Co., NY. He m. 21 Jul 1842, to Ann Gregg, who was b. PA.

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— Submitted 06 Jan 2007 by David Duane Hull, HFA Member #1499

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