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Common Errors in the George Hull Line title image

Common errors on the internet, in The Hull Family in
(pub. 1913), and in other published records

By Phyllis J. Hughes, HFA Genealogist (now retired)

This article deals with some of the most frequent errors in the Hull lineages that appear on the Internet and/or in The Hull Family in America (HFAm), published 1913. This article will also correct some of the errors made in previous HFA Journal articles.

The 1913 genealogy, The Hull Family in America, compiled by Col. Charles H. Weygant, was and is the beginning point for many Hull researchers. Marion J. Hull McHale reproduced this work in 1981. HFA member #0312 Dave Boatman updated the Rev. Joseph Hull section sporadically, with his Hull Family Register, and HFA member #0000 “Saratoga” Robert E. Hull issued his update of the George Hull section in 1994. Both men were responsible for correcting several of the original errors in HFAm.

In 2002, HFA member #0077 James Reynolds Hull initiated the Hull Surname DNA Study, which also has been tremendously helpful in sorting out many of the various Hull/Holl/Hohl lineages.

Grateful as we all are for these past contributions at a time when information was not as readily available as today, researchers are still trying to unscramble the incorrect information which has been published in the original HFAm genealogy, still being used as a basis for some lineages.

The following is a listing of some of the past errors found in print and on the Internet on the George Hull line. Sources for some of these errors can be found in HFA Journals and Newsletters. Sources for some other errors may be available (for members only) from the HFA Genealogist:

Note: We regret that, due to constraints of time and resources, we cannot respond to non-member requests for genealogical information. A list of genealogical benefits for members is available here.

The George Hull Line and the Reverend Joseph Hull Line
of Crewkerne, co. Somerset, England

These men were brothers and sons of Thomas Hull, the Younger. Thomas Hull, the Younger, was a son of Richard Hull and this is where the lineage ends, as the parish records terminate with this generation.

There is absolutely no evidence to assign this family to a lineage which includes Hugh Hull and Matthew Hull. These Hulls are an entirely separate family from the Crewkerne, England, Hulls, and are not known to be related.

The George Hull Line

(Brother of Rev. Joseph Hull)
Immigrated in early 1600s from Crewkerne, co. Somerset, England


  • HFAm The Hull Family in America, and person # in that book
  • * asterisk denotes errors which have been discussed in HFA Journal or HFA Newsletter articles.
  • * HFAm #1, George Hull probably did not immigrate on the ship Mary and John, on 30 March 1629/30. The first instance of his presence in New England was on 04 March 1632/3, when he was made a freeman in Massachusetts Bay Colony
  • HFAm #13, Joseph Hull did not marry Mary Merwin, daughter of Miles Merwin. Mary Merwin was the wife of HFAm #16 John Hull of the Richard Hull line
  • HFAm #19, Samuel Hull, married (2) Elizabeth Hubbell—not Sarah Hubbell
  • HFAm #45, Mary Hull, married Josiah Chatfield—not Jonah Chatfield
  • * HFAm #48, Capt. Josiah Hull did not marry (2) Elizabeth Buell. HFAm #81, Josiah Hull, married Elizabeth Buell
  • HFAm #52, Josiah Hull, died 1740/41—not 1748
  • HFAm #66, Eleanor Hull, married Ebenezer Ferry—not Phinney or Perry
  • HFAm #96, Cornelius Hull, probably married Abigail Chipman, the daughter of Joseph and Anna Chipman—not Chapman
  • * HFAm #105, Levi Hull: all of the children linsted under #337, Levi Hull, of the Richard Hull line, belong to #105, Levi Hull, of the George Hull line
  • HFAm #121, Amos Hull, probably did not marry Lucretia Newell, and his children are probably wrong. Amos Hull, the son of HFAm #119 Samuel Hull and Lucy Hull Wilcox, is probably the one who married Lucretia Newell
  • HFAm #127, Lemuel Hull, did not marry the widow Sarah Porter; his father HFAm #49, Capt. Lemuel Hull Sr., married (2) Mrs. Sarah Porter of Haddam, Middlesex County, Connecticut, on 05 April 1769
  • HFAm #138, Elizabeth Hull, married David Patchen—not David Patterson
  • HFAm #151, Martha Hull, did not marry (2) Ephraim Jackson; she married Jonathan Bixby. HFAm #425, Martha Hull, married Ephraim Jackson
  • HFAm #152, Seth Hull, married Elizabeth Mallory—not Elizabeth (Adams) Mallory. Elizabeth was the daughter of John Mallory and Elizabeth Adams
  • * HFAm #168, Aaron Hull, a boy who died at the age of thirteen, was given a wife, Abigail Whitlock, and family of ten children. HFAm #168, Aaron Hull, was in reality the grandson—not the son of HFAm #61, Nathaniel Hull and Elizabeth Burr. The Aaron Hull, who married Abigail Whitlock, was the son of HFAm #163 Stephen Hull and Hannah Elizabeth Wakeman
  • * HFAm #225, Seth Hull, is not the father of HFAm #565c, Jabez Hull. The parents of the Jabez Hull who married Lydia Vinal were most likely HFAm #240, Nathan Hull and Elizabeth Monroe [Monrow].
  • * HFAm #269, Mary Hull, married Caleb Hubbard and not Abner Griswold
  • * HFAm #362, Mary Hull, married Abner Griswold and not HFAm #269 Mary Hull. HFAm #269 Mary Hull instead married Caleb Hubbard
  • HFAm #399h, Joel Barlow, is not proven to be a kinsman of Capt. Isaac Hull, who is HFAm #782, Richard Hull line
  • HFAm #402, David Hull, may be instead Aaron Hull, who married Abigail Whitlock, as this Aaron Hull belongs in this family. David and Aaron Hull might have been twins or the same person
  • * HFAm #404, Wakeman Hull, did not have a son William who married Ruth Collins. This William instead belongs to Aaron Hull and Abigail Whitlock. Aaron Hull, incorrectly identified in HFAm as HFAm #168,was instead the son of HFAm #163 Stephen Hull and Hannah E. Wakeman. Also see above entry. (Thanks to HFA member #608 Caroline Sloan Nielsen for this important correction.)
        There is also some controversy over whether Wakeman Hull married Rhoda Whitlock. No place in the Whitlock families can be found for this Rhoda, according to the Whitlock Family Association Genealogist, Peter Whitlock. However, it is documented that Wakeman Hull married both Deborah Grumman and Esther Carr.
        Wakeman Hull also did not have a son, John Jabez Hull, who married Sarah Crookston. This John Jabez Hull most likely belonged to HFA #601, Hezekiah Hull and Sarah Merwin. (Many thanks to Charles Herbert Crookston for this correction)
  • * HFAm #405, Peter Hull, married Mary [_?_], and was the father of several children given erroneously to HFAm #417, Peter Hull, who married Mary Redfield, viz:  HFAm #1044b, Stephen Hull, who married Anna Sanford, #1044c, James R. Hull, who married Huldah Card—not Hannah Card
  • HFAm #419, Elizabeth Hull, did not marry Mr. Sanford. She married Stephen Jackson
  • * HFAm #420, Stephen Hull, who married Rebecca Alger, was not the son of HFAm #168 Aaron Hull and Abigail Whitlock. Their son, Stephen, who died at the age of twenty-two, was much too young to have fathered eight sons. The former Stephen Hull’s parents have not yet been found. (Also see above Aaron Hull, son of HFAm #163 Stephen Hull and Hannah E. Wakeman)
  • * HFA #420g Abigail Hull line who married Ebenezer Williams: Abigail Hull was the daughter of Aaron and Abigail (Whitlock) Hull. An error had been made in this family and even more generations had been confused with each other. (Also see above Aaron Hull, son of HFAm #163 Stephen Hull and Hannah E. Wakeman.)
        The HFAm version of this family, given on page 68 of the genealogy, is listed as follows:
        420g. Abigail Hull, born about 1785, of Athens, O., d/o (168) Aaron and Abigail Whitlock Hull, was married to Ebenezer Williams.
        1,046d. David Williams, m. about 1850, Harriet McGrath
        1,046e. Phoebe Ann Williams, m. about 1855,    ?    Hill
        1,046f. Rachel Williams, m. Cyrus McGrath
        1,046g. Caroline Williams, m.    ?    Axtel
        The above children are in fact the grandchildren of Abigail Hull and Ebenezer Williams Sr.—not their children. HFA failed to list a son, Ebenezer Jr., in the family of Ebenezer Williams Sr. and Abigail (Hull) Williams, so, therefore, Ebenezer Williams Jr. was in reality the father of the above children, David, Phoebe Ann, Rachel, and Caroline Williams. (Many thanks to HFA member #608 Caroline Sloan Nielsen for this important correction)
  • * HFAm #420i, Aaron Hull Jr., married Elizabeth Orsman—not Elizabeth Osborne
  • * HFAm #443, Nehemiah Hull, probably did not marry Sarah Jackson. His father HFAm #175, Nehemiah Hull, was probably the one who married (2) Sarah (perhaps Jackson)
  • HFAm #476, Ellen/Eleanor Hull married Theophilus Goodyear. It is not known whether she married Henry Meeker, as given in HFAm
  • HFAm #500, Sarah Hull, married Abraham Adams, 05 April 1798, Weston, Fairfield Co., CT—not Abraham Andrews
  • HFAm #559, Lydia Hull, married William Sanford—not Samuel Smith; HFAm #217 Lydia Hull married Samuel Smith
  • HFAm #565, David Hull, did not marry Susanna Elliott. HFAm #394, David Hull, married Susanna Elliott; this David is of the Richard Hull line
  • * HFAm #565c, Jabez Hull, is not the son of HFAm #225, Seth Hull. The Jabez Hull who married Lydia Vinal is most likely the son of HFAm #240, Nathan Hull and Elizabeth Monroe [Monrow].
  • * Gideon Wakeman Hull, sometimes given to HFAm #569 Benjamin Hull and Pamelia Wakeman, is more correctly thought now to have been a son of HFAm #1549 Benjamin Hull and Lena/Lina VanArsdale, of the Rev. Joseph Hull line
  • HFAm #573j, Stephen Hull, did not marry Increase Sturges; HFAm #573k, Deborah Hull, married Increase Sturges
  • HFAm #665, Samuel Hull, married Sabrina Teall—not Sabrina Feall
  • * HFAm #1044, Anna Hull, married Asa Davis—not Louis DuBois. The Anna Hull, who married Louis DuBois, was the daughter of Nathaniel Hull, who is not identified in HFAm
  • HFAm #1067,Emerson Hull, married Rebecca Denison—not Davison
  • HFAm #1079, Sally Hull, married Eliphalet Jones—not Hilton R. Jerome
  • HFAm #1081a, Phebe B. Hull, who died in 1818, age 12, did not marry Eliphalet Jones
  • HFAm #1342, Sally/Sarah Hull, married John Austin Crocker—not John Austin Cooper
  • HFAm #1408, Eliphalet Hull, married Mary “Polly” VanCampen—not Nancy VanCampen
  • HFAm #3513, Wakeman Hull, is said to have been born 30 Aug 1793. According to the 1854 Chapman genealogy, The Chapman Family: or the Descendants of Robert Chapman, One of the First Settlers of Say-Brook, Conn, by Rev. F. W. Chapman, A. M., this Wakeman Hull was born 14 Oct 1810. The same genealogy states that his mother, Nancy S. Chapman, was born 02 Oct 1791. This birth date for Nancy Chapman agrees closely with the 1850 Ionia Co., MI census, where Nancy (Chapman) Hull is given as age 57. Therefore, HFAm #3513, Wakeman Hull, born 1793, who married Eratta Wakeman, cannot be the son of HFAm #1404, Daniel Hull and Nancy Chapman, born 1791. This Wakeman Hull appears in the 1850 Fairfield Co., Connecticut census in Fairfield, and his age is also 57, the same age as his supposed mother. The Chapman genealogy lists the other children of Daniel Hull and Nancy Chapman as George H., born 10 Feb 1812; Ann W., born 14 Jun 1814, and Calphurnia Hull, born 19 Oct 1816. It states that Daniel and Nancy resided in Portland, Ionia Co., Michigan. A marriage is found in Ionia Co., Michigan for Calphernia Hull or Cronkite and Stephen Tuttle, on 08 Sep 1868
  • HFAm #3542 Francis H. Hull, born 23 December 1839, married Hattie Fredericks, not sisters Melvina Criswell or Elizabeth Criswell. This family also did not live in Greene County, Pennsylvania, as did the Dr. Francis Hull family. Dr. Francis Hull married the Criswell sisters, but his line remains unknown
  • HFAm #3850 Albert W. Hull, married Lydia Webb—not Emily Kester
  • HFAm #4412 Porter Cowles Hull, married Fanny Blake of Galesburg, Mich.—not Kansas
  • HFAm #4413 Mary Elmina (or Elvira) Hull, had child #10,052 Alla Gertrude Ransom—not Aela Hull Ransom
  • HFAm #10,050 Blake D. Hull, married L(ilith?) May Woodward—not Ruth M. Their children were Sidney Blake Hull and Barbara Mary Hull—not #13,040 Ellen Hull (who at this time remains an unknown)
  • HFAm #10,052 Alla Gertrude Hull (not Aela Hull Ransom) and spouse Charles W Berg had child #13,045 Margaret Ransom Berg but also had a second child named William Berg