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Common Errors in the Rev. Joseph Hull Line title image

Common Errors on the Internet, in The Hull Family in
(pub. 1913), and in Other Published Records

By Phyllis J. Hughes, HFA Genealogist (now retired)

This article deals with some of the most frequent errors in the Hull lineages that appear on the Internet and/or in The Hull Family in America (HFAm), published 1913. This article will also correct some of the errors made in previous HFA Journal articles.

The 1913 genealogy, The Hull Family in America, compiled by Col. Charles H. Weygant, was and is the beginning point for many Hull researchers. Marion J. Hull McHale reproduced this work in 1981. HFA member #0312 Dave Boatman updated the Rev. Joseph Hull section sporadically, with his Hull Family Register, and HFA member #0000 “Saratoga” Robert E. Hull issued his update of the George Hull section in 1994. Both men were responsible for correcting several of the original errors in HFAm.

In 2002, HFA member #0077 James Reynolds Hull initiated the Hull Surname DNA Study, which also has been tremendously helpful in sorting out many of the various Hull/Holl/Hohl lineages.

Grateful as we all are for these past contributions at a time when information was not as readily available as today, researchers are still trying to unscramble the incorrect information which has been published in the original HFAm genealogy, still being used as a basis for some lineages.

The following is a listing of some of the past errors found in print and on the Internet on the Rev. Joseph Hull line. Sources for this listing may be available (for HFA members only) from the HFA Genealogist:

Note: We regret that, due to constraints of time and resouces, we cannot respond to non-member requests for genealogical information. A list of genealogical benefits for members is available here.

The George Hull Line and the Reverend Joseph Hull Line
of Crewkerne, co. Somerset, England

These men were brothers and sons of Thomas Hull, the Younger. Thomas Hull, the Younger, was a son of Richard Hull and this is where the lineage ends, as the parish records terminate with this generation.

There is absolutely no evidence to assign this family to a lineage which includes Hugh Hull and Matthew Hull. These Hulls are an entirely separate family from the Crewkerne, England, Hulls, and are not known to be related.

The Reverend Joseph Hull Line

(Brother of George Hull)
Immigrated in 1635 from Crewkerne, co. Somerset, England


  • HFAm = The Hull Family in America
  • HFR = The Hull Family Register
  • * asterisk denotes errors which have been discussed in HFA Journal or HFA Newsletter articles. Links in this list point to relevant articles in HFA Journal tables of contents
  • * HFAm #1, Rev. Joseph Hull did not marry Joanna Coffin, as his first wife. There is also no proven evidence that Rev. Joseph even married a Joanna. It is well documented that the given name of his second wife was Agnes, but her surname is unknown; there is absolutely no evidence that she was Agnes Coffin
  • * HFAm #1, Rev. Joseph Hull, did not serve in the Narragansett War, as this war occurred ten years after his death. HFAm #13, Joseph Hull, of the George Hull line is the Joseph Hull who served in this war
  • * HFAm #6, Elizabeth Hull, who married John Heard, has some erroneous information on Elizabeth’s husband. There were two John Heards and Elizabeth did not marry the one designated as Captain John Heard, of Kittery, York County, Maine, who was a sea captain, and married Isabel [_?_]. Elizabeth married the John Heard who was a carpenter of Dover, Strafford County, New Hampshire. Also the parents of Elizabeth’s husband, John, were not Luke and Sarah (Wyatt) Heard. Elizabeth Hull Heard’s husband’s parents are unknown
  • * HFAm #10, Benjamin Hull, was not a Captain in the Troop of Horse in New Hampshire. This service is for another Hull in 1676–79, whose given name is not known and occurred after Benjamin Hull had already moved to New Jersey and had been a resident there since 1668
  • * HFAm #14, Sarah Hull, was not a daughter of the Rev. Joseph Hull, immigrant, but rather the daughter of the son of the Rev. Joseph Hull, HFAm #4, who was Trustram Hull
  • HFAm #22, John Hull, probably did not marry Mary Spencer. The John Hull, who married Mary Spencer, was a member of another family
  • HFAm #55, Grace Hull, married Nathaniel FitzRandolph—not Nicholas FitzRandolph
  • HFAm #62, Tristram Hull: All children of this man, except perhaps HFAm #195, Jeremiah Hull, are instead the children of HFAm #59, Benjamin Hull, who married Sarah Drake. (Thanks to Dave Boatman and his Hull Family Register for this correction.) HFAm #195, Jeremiah Hull, might be John Hull, HFAm #93-G, George Hull line
  • HFAm #70, Elizabeth Hull, daughter of HFAm #15, married Samuel Doty—not Samuel Drake
  • * HFAm #75, Moses Hull, did not marry Mary Ives. The Moses Hull, who married Mary Ives, is identified as HFAm #263, Moses Hull, of the Richard Hull line
  • * HFAm #76 (HFR #462), Samuel Hull, who married Margaret [_?_]; no proof that she was a Mundy. There are serious problems in this line and there are no original records to positively verify the correct ancestry of this line nor their descendants. Later descendants are not DNA-testing to be from the Rev. Joseph Hull line. In our opinion, it is also not yet proven that Patience Hull, who married William Williamson, was the daughter of the HFAm #69 Samuel Hull, born 20 July 1678, who married Margaret [_?_], even though this has been published as verified in several publications. Son Daniel (HFR #1292) did not marry Esther [_?_] and son John (HFR 1293) did not marry Rachel Gossett
  • HFAm #170 Daniel Hull, who married Mary Quinney, was not the son of HFAm #56 Joseph Hull of New Jersey, but rather the son of a Maryland Joseph Hull and Rebecca [_?_]. No connection between the Maryland Joseph Hull family has been found to the Rev. Joseph Hull line or to any of the other HFAm families, and especially not to the New Jersey Joseph Hull
  • HFAm #171, David Hull, who married Margaret Wetherall, does not belong in this line. Also two of David Hull’s assigned sons, Isaac and Samuel, are not mentioned in this David Hull’s will
  • HFAm #185, Rachel Hull, married Moses FitzRandolph—not Joseph FitzRandolph
  • HFAm #188, Trustrum Hull, married Elizabeth (?Bescherrer) and had the children assigned to HFAm #196 Trustrum Hull. (Thanks to Dave Boatman and his Hull Family Register for this correction)
  • HFAm #191c, Jeruah Hull, was instead Zerviah Hull
  • HFAm #195, Jeremiah Hull, and John Hull, HFAm #93-George Hull line, may be confused with each other. Their birthdates are about the same
  • HFAm #233 (HFR #1292), Daniel Hull, is probably not the Daniel Hull who married Esther [_?_] and left an 1809 will and 1812 inventory in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. It is thought that he is too young to have been this man. The latter Daniel Hull remains unidentified
  • * HFAm #234 (HFR #1293), John Hull, is now unidentified. He may not be the John Hull who married the widow Margaret (Williamson) Larue, nor the John Hull who married a Rachel [_?_] of Washington County, Pennsylvania. The John Hull, who married Margaret (Williamson) Larue left a will in 1794 in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. [See also: Washington County, Pennsylvania Hulls]
  • HFAm #256, Mary Hull, was instead Elizabeth Hull
  • HFAm #267, Alice Hull, may be the daughter of HFAm #93, Dr. Tiddiman Hull, and not the daughter of HFAm #87, Joseph Hull, and Ann Gardner. Ann’s name is Gardner—not Gardiner
  • HFAm #360, Hopewell Hull, is listed with children Elias, Matilda, and Stephen Hull, who instead probably belong to HFAm #560, Stephen Hull
  • HFR #391, Joseph Hull, does not belong in the Rev. Joseph Hull line. His father, Joseph, was a Maryland Hull—not a New Jersey Hull
  • HFAm #402 Samuel Hull, who married Martha Glover, and HFAm #403 George Hull were not the sons of the above Daniel Hull and Mary Quinney. Their HFAm lines have not yet been found. This Daniel Hull did not marry Mary Quincy, but rather Mary Quinney
  • HFAm #404, Isaac Hull: his sons are instead the sons of HFAm #471 Benjamin Hull
  • HFAm #416, Sarah Hull, married John Kays—not Thomas Kays
  • HFAm #471, Benjamin Hull, was given the wrong children in HFAm. These children belong to HFR #2634, Trustrum Hull who married Sarah Hulse/Hults/Hulls. This same Benjamin, who married Mary (?Budd), was also given the wrong parents in HFAm. His parents should be be listed as HFAm #188, Trustrum Hull, who married Elizabeth (?Bescherrer). (Thanks to Dave Boatman and his Hull Family Register for this correction)
  • * HFAm #472, Trustrum Hull, married R. Fannie Lawrence—not Polly Lawrence. This Trustrum Hull was the son of HFAm #188 Trustrum Hull and not HFAm #196 Trustrum Hull
  • HFAm #576, Sylvester Hull: all of his children, except #1203, Jehiel Hull and #1201, William Hull, may instead be Sylvester’s grandchildren and children of his son, HFAm #1201, William Hull
  • * HFAm #616, Alice Hull, married Carder Hazard—not Garden Hazard
  • * HFAm #720, Rev. Hope Hull, who married Ann Wingfield, is not a Rev. Joseph Hull descendant. This is proven by DNA testing of some of his documented descendants. His father, HFAm #360 Hopewell Hull, probably had none of the children assigned him in HFAm, or he may have been only the father of the Rev. Hope Hull
  • HFAm #800, Jacob Hull: all of these children, with the exception of William, were the sons of the German Peter Hull and Barbara (?Penninger), who was the son of the immigrant, Peter Thomas Hohl/Holl
  • * HFAm #804m, Elizabeth Hull, married Edward Harbert—not Mr. Shipp. Her niece, Elizabeth Hull, however, did marry Nathan Shipps
  • * HFAm #804p, Charles Hull, who married Mary Lambert: The children of this couple are probable, but have not been absolutely verified. Therefore, the Hannah Hull, who married John Berry, cannot yet be assigned to this Charles Hull without more documented evidence. This line also has further problems, in that the Hull grandparents of Charles Hull are not correct. Samuel Hull, the father of Charles Hull, has also been given the wrong Revolutionary War service in a book by two of these descendants of Hannah Hull Berry, as well as a wrong lineage back to the Rev. Joseph Hull. (See also: above Samuel Hull and Martha Glover, who are the parents of this Charles Hull)
  • * HFAm #805 and HFR #2348, Henry Hull, who married Christinia Cox, was the son of John and Rebecca [_?_] Hull, of Washington County, Pennsylvania—not HFAm #403, George Hull. However, this line is not a descendant of the Rev. Joseph Hull line, as proven by DNA analysis
  • HFAm #812, Bashara Hull, married Rhoda Higbee. The Anneke Jans Webber information is wrong as related to this family
  • HFAm #884, Nancy Hull, married George Wood—not HFAm #973, Anna Hull
  • * HFAm #891 Mahlon Hull: There were two Mahlon Hulls associated with the Morrow County, Ohio area and the compilers of HFAm incorrectly listed three of the children of one of these men as being the sons of the other. HFAm, page 290, lists HFAm #891 Mahlon Hull as the son of Benjamin Hull (HFAm #423-J) of Sussex County, New Jersey. This Benjamin Hull did have a son named Mahlon, but he is not the Mahlon who had sons Edward (HFAm #1779a-J), Joseph C. (HFAm #1779b-J), and Richard J. (HFAm #1779c-J) listed on page 314. HFAm claims Mahlon Hull resided in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Marion County, Ohio.
        The Mahlon Hull, who is the son of Benjamin Hull of New Jersey, is the Mahlon who married Eve Snook, 21 August 1819 in Sussex County, New Jersey. They moved to Chester Township, Knox County, Ohio, which later became part of Morrow County, Ohio. Mahlon moved to La Grange County, Indiana and he and Eve died there in 1838 and 1839. Their children returned to Knox County, Ohio after the death of Mahlon and Eve. This Mahlon Hull resided in Sussex County, New Jersey, Knox County, Ohio and La Grange County, Indiana.
        The Mahlon Hull, who is the son of Phineas Hull and grandson of HFAm #449, Meshack Hull, resided in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, Richland County, Ohio, and Dodge and Monroe Counties, Wisconsin. He also lived or visited with relatives in Morrow County, Ohio and Buchanan County, Missouri
  • * HFAm #951, Isaac Hull, was born in 1740, according to his Revolutionary War pension record. If this is correct, then he cannot be the son of HFAm #440, Isaac Hull, who was born in 1731
  • * HFAm #953d, Thomas Hull, who married Elizabeth “Betsie” (or Polly) Cox, was not the son of HFAm #440 Sheriff Isaac Hull and Anne Dunham. This is proven by DNA testing. Thomas Hull’s parents have not yet been found
  • HFR #1139, Adah Hull, married Constant King—not Constance King
  • * HFR #1293, John Hull, and his children, Moses, Agnes Nancy, Honour, John, Ruth, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Gershom Hull, do not belong in this line. Listed as children of HFR #1293, John Hull and Rachel Gossett
  • HFR #4999 (HFAm 1330), Nehemiah Hull, was instead Nathaniel Hull. He married Sarah Ann Haight—not Knight
  • HFAm #1578 Henry Hull was not the son of HFAm #800 Jacob Hull, but rather the grandson of the German Peter Thomas Hull. None of the HFAm sons of this Jacob Hull are documented
  • * HFAm #1580, Jacob Hull, who married (1) Frances “Fanny” Robinson, (2) Catherine Snider or Snyder, and (3) Hannah Ruble. The Jacob Hull line is a line found in The Hull Family in America [HFAm], 1913. However, there is much circumstantial evidence to indicate that this is a German line, originating in Maryland, rather than an English line, descending from the Rev. Joseph Hull, 1635 immigrant. We are fortunate in that we have found several biographies which give an account of descendants of this family and some of their ancestry
  • HFAm #1613i, Abby Hull, married William Siglar—not Samuel Siglar
  • HFAm #1623, Joseph Hull, does not belong in this line
  • HFR #6082, Hiram Hull, does not belong in this line
  • HFR #6083, Martin Hull, does not belong in this line
  • HFR #6084, Margaret Hull, does not belong in this line
  • HFR #6085, Alvina Hull, does not belong in this line
  • HFR #6082, Henry H. Hull, M.D., does not belong in this line
  • HFAm #1758, Elizabeth Hull, married D. B. Ellenberger—not Eilenberger
  • * HFAm #1831s, Charles Hull, who married Rebecca Slack (not Willets), was not the son of HFAm #952, Joseph Hull. This Charles Hull was instead the son of Phineas Hull and Mary Wolverton, who was the son of HFAm #449 Meshack Hull and Mrs. Elizabeth (Manning) Dunn
  • * HFR #7751, Jesse Hull, the ancestor of former Secretary of State Cordell Hull, was not a descendant of the Rev. Joseph Hull. This is proven by DNA testing. Jesse Hull’s parents are unknown, but he probably does have some connection to HFR #3001 Moses Hull, who married Sarah/Sally [_?_]. Moses Hull lived in Rowan and Wilkes Counties, North Carolina, and Cumberland County, Kentucky. The DNA matches for descendants of Jesse Hull also match the descendants of Moses Hull, proving they had a common male ancestor
  • HFAm #1903, Sarah Hull, did not marry Peter Gideon; HFAm #1905, Wealthy Hull, married Peter M. Gideon
  • HFAm #1904, Elizabeth Hull, did not marry James Kirkley. She married William Lowry
  • HFAm #1926, Joseph Hull was not Joseph, but rather Josiah Porter Hull
  • HFR #2205, Stephen Hull, probably does not belong in this line. Locations and other data do not fit
  • * HFR #3000, William Jackson Hull, was not the son of HFAm #230 Moses Hull; nor was he a descendant of Rev. Joseph Hull. William Jackson Hull was not the father of Jesse Hull (the ancestor of Cordell Hull), Thomas Hull (who married Winnifred Evans), or Isaac Hull; as erroneously stated on this website. Jesse Hull, however, was probably related in some way to Moses Hull, but that relationship has not yet been verified
  • HFR #3021, 3022, 3023, 3024, 3025, 3026, 3027 Nancy Agnes, Honour, John, Ruth, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Gershom Hull, do not belong in this line
  • HFAm #3150, William Hull, #3151, Laban Hull, #3154, John Henry Hull, #3156, Jesse Hull, and #3160, Henry Welton Hull, were all from the German Peter Thomas Hohl/Holl line, and not descendants of the Rev. Joseph Hull. They were the sons of Henry Hull and Hannah Harness, who was the son of Peter Hull and Barbara (?Penninger)
  • HFAm #3170, Matthew Robinson Hull, married (1) Sarah Ann Hanson—not Mary Ann Hanson
  • HFAm #3190, John Hull, #3191, Isaac Hull, and #3192, Joseph Hull were all sons of Elijah Hull and Sarah Hulse, who was the son of #471, Benjamin Hull and Mary (?Budd), and not the sons of #1607, Elijah C. Hull, who never married. (Thanks to Dave Boatman and his Hull Family Register for this correction)
  • HFAm #3705, Joseph Curtis Hull, married Alice Claypoole—not Alice Cooper
  • HFAm #6346, Albert G. Hull, marries Susan Shroyer—not Susan Shayne
  • * HFR #7750, Isaac Hull, was not the son of William Jackson Hull, nor does he descend from the Rev. Joseph Hull; as erroneously stated on this website. There are no known children of William Jackson Hull
  • * HFR #7751, Jesse Hull, was not the son of William Jackson Hull, nor does he descend from the Rev. Joseph Hull; as erroneously stated on this website. His parents remain unidentified, but it appears that he had some fairly close relationship with HFR #3001, Moses Hull
  • * HFR #7752, Thomas Hull, was not the son of William Jackson Hull, nor does he descend from the Rev. Joseph Hull; as erroneously stated on this website. His parents remain unidentified