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Common Errors in the Richard Hull Line title image

Common Errors on the Internet, in The Hull Family in
(pub. 1913), and in Other Published Records

By Phyllis J. Hughes, HFA Genealogist (now retired)

This article deals with some of the most frequent errors in the Hull lineages that appear on the Internet and/or in The Hull Family in America (HFAm), published 1913. This article will also correct some of the errors made in previous HFA Journal articles.

The 1913 genealogy, The Hull Family in America, compiled by Col. Charles H. Weygant, was and is the beginning point for many Hull researchers. Marion J. Hull McHale reproduced this work in 1981. HFA member #0312 Dave Boatman updated the Rev. Joseph Hull section sporadically, with his Hull Family Register, and HFA member #0000 “Saratoga” Robert E. Hull issued his update of the George Hull section in 1994. Both men were responsible for correcting several of the original errors in HFAm.

In 2002, HFA member #0077 James Reynolds Hull initiated the Hull Surname DNA Study, which also has been tremendously helpful in sorting out many of the various Hull/Holl/Hohl lineages.

Grateful as we all are for these past contributions at a time when information was not as readily available as today, researchers are still trying to unscramble the incorrect information which has been published in the original HFAm genealogy, still being used as a basis for some lineages.

The following is a listing of some of the past errors found in print and on the Internet on the Richard Hull line. Sources for this listing may be available (for HFA members only) from the HFA Genealogist:

Note: We regret that, due to constraints of time and resources, we cannot respond to non-member requests for genealogical information. A list of genealogical benefits for members is available here.

The Richard Hull Line

(Not related to brothers George Hull and the
Rev. Joseph Hull, whose lines are also given in HFAm)
Immigrated in early 1600s, probably from England


  • HFAm = The Hull Family in America
  • * denotes errors which have been discussed in HFA Journal or HFA Newsletter articles
  • Richard Hull’s ancestors are not known. The lengthy English lineage assigned to Richard Hull, which appears in Bispham, and Poulton, Lancashire, England, is now known to be a fraudulent pedigree, perpetrated by Gustave Anjou in the early 1900s
  • There is no proof that Richard Hull was from Derbyshire, England, as stated in HFAm
  • * HFAm #1, Richard Hull, the immigrant. Several websites (e.g., first, second) have confused this Richard Hull with the Thomas Hull and Richard Hull line, who are the father and grandfather of the Rev. Joseph Hull and George Hull, early 1600s immigrants to New England from Crewkerne, co. Somerset, England. There is no relationship between these two Richards. The first website, above, and this website have also erroneously cited a Matthew Hull as the father of Thomas Hull
  • * HFAm #3, Dr. John Hull, son of the immigrant Richard Hull, was married four times. His first wife was Mary (?Beach), his second was Mrs. Tabitha (Tomilinson) Wooster, and his third was Mrs. Mary (Messenger) Benedict, and his fourth was Mrs. Rebecca (Keeler) Turney, widow of Benjamin Turney. Dr. John Hull did not marry either Mary Jones or Rebecca Turner. All of his children were by Mary (?Beach)
  • HFAm #17, Samuel Hull, did not marry Deborah Beers Fairchild; #19, Samuel Hull, of the George Hull line, married Deborah Beers
  • HFAm #38, Esther Hull, married Edward Churchill—not Underhill
  • HFAm #43, Daniel Hull, married Eunice Hill—not #138, Daniel Hull
  • * HFAm #63, Ebenezer Hull, did not marry Hannah/Anna Bates. It was instead his cousin, Ebenezer Hull, who married Anna Bates. The latter Ebenezer was the son of HFAm #22, Ebenezer Hull, but he is not listed in HFAm
  • * HFAm #77 Capt. Joseph Hull did not marry Sarah Bennett, although he did marry (1) a Sarah   ?  . He married (2) Bertha Cogswell. This Joseph Hull also did not marry Lydia Blakeslee. The Joseph Hull who married Lydia Blakeslee was HFAm #11. The Joseph Hull who married Sarah Bennett was HFAm #390
  • HFAm #90, Capt. Samuel Hull, married (2) Mrs. Lydia (Parker) Humiston
  • HFAm #109a, Joseph Hull, may have married (2) Damaris Hull, instead of HFAm #196, Joseph Hull
  • HFAm #124, Elizabeth Hull, married (1) Wooster Twitchell, and (2) Ichabod Dean. She may not have married [_?_] Smith
  • HFAm #133, Eunice Hull, may not have married Eli Taylor; HFAm #237, Eunice Hull, of the George Hull line, is the one who probably married Eli Taylor
  • HFAm #184, Anna Hull, is given as Mrs. Anne Hull in her 1751 marriage record to Richard Mansfield
  • HFAm #191, Abigail Hull should be Abijah Hull (a male)
  • HFAm #235, Jesse Hull, married Hannah Preston—not Ruth Preston
  • HFAm #245, Charles Hull, married Sarah Moss, 07 May 1776—not Susan Atwater
  • HFAm #249, Lois Hull, did not marry Asa Blakeslee. The Lois Hull, who married Asa Blakeslee, was the d/o HFAm #90, Samuel Hull
  • HFAm #283, Ann(ah) Hull, married Jacob Royce—not Rice
  • HFAm #289c, Thomas Hull, m. Annah Thomas—not Anna Holl
  • HFAm #293, Elias Hull, married Sena/Seney Potter—not Lena Potter
  • * HFAm #337 Levi Hull, who married Mary Clark, has erroneously been assigned to the Richard Hull line, when in fact he should be placed with the George Hull line in the family of HFAm #44, Nathaniel Hull and Hannah Farnham. He is the HFAm #105-G, Levi Hull (1745–1827), who did marry Mary Clark, and had the children Nathaniel, Calvin, Mary, Cynthia, and Luther Hull. The David Hull, assigned to HFAm #105-G, Levi Hull, is no doubt not the son of Levi Hull, but rather the son of HFAm #389-G, Lemuel Hull. (Our sincere thanks to HFA member #0000 “Saratoga” Robert E. Hull for these important corrections.)
  • * HFAm #392, Samuel Hull did not marry Grace Lytton. This Lt. Samuel Hull, the son of Capt. Joseph Hull and Eliza Clark, married Charlotte Leonora Phelps. There are serious errors in all of his sons’ lines in HFAm. The children who correctly belong to Lt. Samuel Hull and Charlotte L. Phelps were erroneously given to HFAm #798 Samuel Hull Jr., son of Samuel Hull Sr. and Grace Lytton
  • * HFAm #394, Dr. David Hull, married Susanna/Sukey Elliott/Eliot—not HFAm #565, David Hull, of the George Hull line
  • HFAm #395, Sarah Hull, and her son HFAm #814, Alfred Gillette: Sarah married Anson Gillette, but he may not be the father of Alfred, since Sarah was not married when Alfred was born on 25 Oct 1785, in Derby, New Haven Co., CT. Alfred was born ca. ten years before her marriage to Anson Gillette, on 11 Oct 1795. Anson is the s/o Jeremiah Gillette and his first wife, Sarah Smith. Alfred Hull might have been the son of Anson Gillette, but he kept the Hull name and he appears as a Hull in all records. He married Sally Lum, 21 October 1806. See Jacobus, New Haven, p. 660
  • HFAm #406, Lowly Hull, married Eliakim Hitchcock—not Hotchkiss
  • HFAm #420, Eunice Hull, did not marry Nathan Baldwin. Eunice Hull, the daughter of HFAm #135, Capt. Miles Hull, is the Eunice who married Nathan Baldwin. HFAm #420, Eunice Hull, married Sheriff Whipple
  • HFAm #447, Lydia Hull, married Joseph Judson—not Joseph Johnson
  • * HFAm #456, Dr. Amos Gift Hull, and his second wife, Elizabeth Morris, had a son not given in HFAm. He was Morris Norton Bartholomew Hull, who was executed (hung) in Baltimore, MD, on 14 July 1819, for the murder of John Heaps in a mail robbery. Dr. Amos Gift Hull also had another son not given in HFAm, by his third wife, Eunice Williams. He was Dr. Amos Gerald Hull, the first American to take up the study of Homeopathic Medicine. A daughter, also not mentioned in HFAm, was Elizabeth Hull, who married Dr. John F. Gray, an associate of Dr. Amos Gerald Hull in the field of homeopathic medicine
  • HFAm #473, Thelus Hull, married Mary Newton—not an Otis
  • HFAm #571d, Mary Hull, married Harvey Alling—not Sylvester Colburn
  • HFAm #571e, Hannah Hull, married William Smith—not Sylvester Colburn
  • Elizabeth Hull, married Sylvester Colburn. She was a sister to above Mary and Hannah Hull, and the d/o HFAm #289c, Thomas Hull, but does not appear in HFAm
  • HFAm #589, Elizabeth Hull, married Nathan T. Johnson—not Jackson
  • HFAm #654, John Hull, married (2) Elizabeth Ann Bolles—not Eliza Boller
  • HFAm #656c, Sylvanus Hull, married (1) Eveline Pond—not Evelyn E. Wood
  • HFAm #780, Dr. Joseph Hull married Susan Bartine/Bartone—not Susan Barton. She was the d/o Stephen Bartine. Their son, HFAm #1560, was named Joseph Bartine Hull
  • * HFAm #795, John B. Hull, was not the son of HFAm #392, Lt. Samuel Hull. The son HFAm #1591b, John Hull, may instead be the son of #798, Samuel Hull and Mary Armstrong, and may be the one who married Martha Thomas. This line, however, does not belong in the Richard Hull, immigrant, line. See preceding entry, above
  • * HFAm #798, Samuel Hull, has been given the children who instead belong to his father, #392, Lt. Samuel Hull who married Charlotte L. Phelps. The Samuel Hull, who married Grace Lytton, does not belong in this line
  • * HFAm #798e, William Hull, #798g, Rev. James Hull, and #798h, Joseph Hull, do not belong to #392, Samuel Hull and Charlotte L. Phelps. They belong instead to Samuel Hull and Grace Lytton, who do not belong in this Richard Hull line
  • HFAm #818, Eudocia Hull: the Doolittle genealogy by William Frederick Doolittle, M.D., entitled The Doolittle Family in America, Part I. Cleveland: privately published, 1901, states that Eudocia Hull was the d/o HFAm #448, Hon. Andrew Hull and Naomi Lewis and not the daughter of Gen. Andrew Hull and Mary Ann Atwater. This issue is still being studied
  • HFAm #823, Sarah Hull, married the Rev. John Wurts Cloud—not William Cloud
  • HFAm #1,171, Helen A. Hull, who married Charles Kimberly: Jacobus and the 1927 and 1950 Kimberly genealogies state that Helen was instead Sarah Hull. However, the 1850 New Haven City, New Haven Co., CT census show an H. A. Hull, female, in this family
  • HFAm #2633, Kate Hull Bundy, married Daniel W. Burke—not David W. Burke
  • HFAm #2682, Harvie Tucker Hull was instead Harrie Tucker Hull