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The Newsletter was published 1981-2018 and typically featured articles on current and post-1900 Hulls along with info about HFA activities and events. From 1981-1985, prior to formation of the HFA, the Newsletter was published by Robert E. Hull (HFA Member #0000).

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Newsletter Tables of Contents (1981-2018)

Volume 38 (2018)
Issue 1 (Feb 2018)
Sending Your Hull Lineage with your Membership Application1
From your President & Editor2
Contributions from HFA Members3
2018 New Members5
2018 Patron Members6
New Queries7
HFA Member Lineages: Crewkerne, England, Hull Descendants8
Hull DNA Project by Sheran McCants, DNA Chair13
Death of HFA Member Marion Lee Hull14
Additional Bible Records in Files of the HFA Genealogist15
Did You Know? - Part XXXVII21
Early Photographer Arundel C. Hull23
Issue 2 (Jul 2018)
An Exquisite Love: Dr. Ruth Hull Bennett, Rev. Joseph Hull Descendant1
From your President2
From your Editor2
Another Ruth Hull - Ruth Hull Chatlien5
Harlan County, NE: Marriages & Cemeteries6
Biography of Obadiah Hull of PA, IA, & NE7
Passing of Patricia Hull Fulton8
Samuel Hull & Martha (Glover) Hull Cemetery Stones, Licking Co., OH10
Mrs. Irene Hull, Labor Union & Political Activist, Seattle, King County, WA11
Info on Parents of Louis G Hull, b 190515
Short Update on the Hull DNA Project16
New Queries17
Hulls in Washington County, Maryland, World War II19
German Lineages for our Newer HFA Members20
Crekerne, County Somerset, England, Hull Descendants23
Did You Know? - Part XXXVIII25

Volume 37 (2017)
Issue 1 (Fall 2017)
HFA 32nd Reunion: Salt Lake City, Utah1
From your President2
From your Editor2
More Reunion News3
DNA Groups at the Reunion5
List of Past HFA Reunion Places & Hosts6
DNA News Corner by Sheran McCants, DNA Chair7
Bull Bible Records10
Notice of New Book Featuring President Gregory S. Hull12
2017 New Members13
Membership Updates15
Patron Members, Updated September 201716
Did You Know? - Part XXXVI18
Nathan Hull, School Teacher, Linn County, Oregon, Black Sheep23
Cemetery Record: Sussex County, New Jersey24

Volume 36 (2016)
Issue 1 (Feb 2016)
New Non-Fiction Book: The Witches, Salem, 16921
From your President2
From your Editor2
DNA News Corner by Sheran McCants, DNA Chair4
Obituary of August Knoche7
Historic Deerfield, Massachusetts, Chest8
More Information on Elizabeth (Hull) Nim's Ancestors10
More Hull Samplers13
Emiline Hull 1832 Sampler14
Did You Know? - Part XXX16
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members19
Comments from our HFA Members19
Corrections to Holl Lineage19
Photographer Charles Wager Hull20
The George W Hull Homestead Tract, Jerome, Arizona21
The Name's the Same23
Another Avenue to Find Names of Hull Wives24
HFA Publications for Sale26
New Members: Database Update27
Issue 2 (Jun 2016)
HFA President & Artist, Grergory S. Hull1
From your President & Editor2
Is Everybody Descended from Charlemagne? By Ted Bainbridge, PhD2
About Gregory Hull3
Clark Hull, First Rural Mail Carrier, Otsego County, NY4
Condolences to Family of Honorary Member Frankalee "Frankie" Hull5
DNA News Corner by Sheran McCants, DNA Chair6
Early Residence, Cape Cod, of Rev. Joseph Hull, 1635 Immigrant8
Cape Cod Artist, Harry Holl11
Corrections, Feb 2016, Newsletter13
Hull Architects in Mississippi14
Comments from our HFA Members18
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members18
Richard W. Hughes, Gemologist, Professor, Tongji Univ., Shanghai21
Did you Know? Part XXXII22
How our Members can Help the HFA & the Genealogy Committee26
Membership Updates, Patron Members27
Issue 3 (Nov 2016)
HFA 31st Reunion: Kansas City, MO1
From your President & Editor2
More Reunion News3
DNA Groups at the Reunion5
DNA News Corner by Sheran McCants, DNA Chair6
HFA Member Lineages9
Phyllis Hughes Hull/Holl/Hohl Collection: Denver Public Library14
News Among our HFA Members16
Comments from HFA Members18
Contributions from HFA Members19
HFA Database Update20
Biography: Joseph Poyer Deyo Hull21
Did You Know? - Part XXXIII24
Membership Updates26

Volume 35 (2015)
Issue 1 (Feb 2015)
Donald R. Hull, Nylon Pioneer & Inventor, by Robert W. Hull1
From your President & Editor2
Denver Public Library Accepts Hughes Hull/Holl/Hohl Collection3
1652 Pine Tree Shilling Coin Surfaces in MA6
DNA News Corner by Sheran McCants, DNA Chair8
DNA Lineage Group R-11 Green Hull9
Can You Believe This? By Michael L. Marshall10
News Among Our Members12
Athens, GA, Historical Society Honors A. L. Hull12
Taverns in Early America, by Michael L. Marshall13
New Hull Quadruplets contributed by Dr. D. Michael Hull14
Congratulations to John "Jack" Ware Hull Sr. and John Ware Hull Jr.14
Comments from our HFA Members15
Did You Know? Part XXVII15
Genealogical Contributions20
Other Hull Items on the Internet21
Reunions, Daniel & Lucretia (Hoffman) Descendants, New Haven, CT23
Hulls in Special Collections in Libraries and Other Archives26
HFA Database Update26
Membership & Patron Member Updates27
Issue 2 (Jun 2015)
Blanche Keeler Williams Hull, A Remarkable Life, by Robert W. Hull1
From your President & Editor2
Ancestral Photographs for Blanche Keeler Williams Hull5
HFA Database Update6
The Wakeman Hull Estate, by Donna Bowman (Hull)7
Biography of Arthur Spencer Hull Bowman Sr.8
Obituary of Mable May Booker HFA #049410
DNA News Corner by Sheran McCants, DNA Chair11
Photograph Archives, from Gerald Boener & Michael L. Marshall13
Hull Samplers15
Did You Know? Part XXVIII18
Update: Genealogy of Louisa May Alcott, by Anne Hastings Murray22
Genealogical Contributions25
Comments from our HFA Members25
Membership Updates26
Issue 3 (Nov 2015)
HFA 30th Reunions: Hull's Rose Garden, Rancho Cucamonga, CA1
From your President & Editor2
More Reunion News3
Phyllis Hughes Hull/Holl/Hohl Collection: Denver Public Library5
Looking for German Origins of Nicholas Holl, by Richard Culhane6
DNA News Corner by Sheran McCants, DNA Chair9
Death of Linda Morrison Hull, wife of past president Dan Hull HFA #11
Death of Dave DeWitt Boatman HFA #031212
Obituary of Cynthia Hull Alania HFA #157613
Death of Donald F Hydrick, spouse of Gay Nichols-Hydrick HFA #037414
Clint Hull Publishes his Second Hull Novel15
Lois Hull Stenstrom Celebrates 88th Birthday16
Genealogical Contributions17
Michael Marshall's Latest Book18
Cousins Adam Hull & Michael Marshall Meet in North Carolina19
Did You Know? - Part XXVIX20
HFA Database Update22
German Hull Photograph Archives23
Membership Updates26

Volume 34 (2014)
Issue 1 (Feb 2014)
Common Errors on the Various Hull/Holl/Hohl Lines in America1
From your President & Editor2
Book Award: HFA member #1559 Patricia Daly-Lipe10
DNA News Corner by HFA member #1338 Sheran McCants11
Did You Know? Part XXIV13
Hulls in the California Gold Rush15
Next HFA Reunion Location15
Corrections, Additions, & Updates16
Comments from our HFA Members19
Genealogical Contributions19
Have You Found Your Ancestor's Land Grant?20
General Motors Engineer: Harry Blair Hull Obituary22
Information on Various Religions24
Historic Hull Houses25
HFA Database Update26
Membership Updates & Patron Members27
HFA Officers and Committee Members28
Issue 2 (Jun 2014)
Bicentennial of the War of 1812, by #0136 Virginia Apyar1
From your President & Editor2
Sampler from HFA #1115 Stephen L. Pearson4
Ruby & Sapphire: A Collector's Guide, by Gemologist Richard Hughes5
Patriot Priest-the Vatican's 1st American Canon, by Patricia Daly-Lipe HFA #15596
#1640 Jefferson Ball - Lineage and SAR Membership7
Obituary of Beth Joan Crow, HFA #00219
Obituary of Leonard Mann Hull, father-in-law of HFA #133712
Obituary of Neal J. Hinton HFA #043014
Hand Painted China Travels to Three Countries15
God Loves Genealogy, contributed by Julia (St. Clair) Kavet16
DNA News Corner by HFA member #1338 Sheran McCants18
Where Did Your Hulls Live?20
HFA Database Update20
Did You Know? Part XXV21
Genealogical Contributions23
Comments from our HFA Members23
2014 HFA Reunion: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, area25
Hulls in Special Collections in Libraries and Other Archives26
Membership Updates & Patron Members27
HFA Officers & Committee Members28
Issue 3 (Oct 2014)
2014 HFA Reunion1
From your President & Editor2
Obituary of Fred Leo Hull HFA #11744
News Among our Members: Gregory Hull, Impressionist Artist5
DNA News Corner by Sheran McCants7
Photograph Archives from Carolyn & Thomas Durkin9
Photograph Archives from Larry & Joy Ann Hull12
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members13
Comments from our HFA Members13
Did You Know? Part XXVI14
Facts Relating to the Taking of US Census17
Corrections & Additions19
Zalmon Hull Arrest, Matamoras, Mexico20
Obituary of Leonard C. Hull, Dancer & Vaudevillian21
Skepticism & the Art of Genealogical Research22
American History Timeline23
Hulls in Special Collections24
Membership & Patron Member Updates27

Volume 33 (2013)
Issue 1 (Feb 2013)
George & Caroline (Parmenter) Hull photos, from Georgie May (Hull) Gardiner1
From your President & Editor2
HFA Database Update4
More Hull Archive Photos, from HFA #1297 Patricia (Shumate) Lewis5
DNA News Corner: Non-Hull Name Matches to the Crewkerne Lineage Group7
Obituary of Barbara I. Hull, wife of HFA #0000 Robert "Saratoga Bob" Hull8
Death of Ann Hallgren HFA #05059
Death of Virginia Smith HFA #10389
Death of Charles Walker HFA #12679
A Nation Mourns: Newtown, Fairfield County, Connecticut11
Did You Know? Part XXIV14
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members17
Comments from our HFA Members19
Berks County, Pennsylvania, Church Records19
Correction & Photos contributed by HFA #0597 Judge Cindy (Hull) Bruner20
Membership Updates23
HFA Officers and Committee Members24
Issue 2 (Jun 2013)
Hull Umbrella Company in Ohio1
From your President & Editor2
"Uncle Eb" Hull, Forsyth Co., NC, from Michael L Marshall & Ronald Adam Hull5
DNA News Corner11
Death of Alys Monod HFA #021512
Death of Shirley Schilly HFA #082813
Richard Hughes & Burma Trip13
Hull & Ellis Cemeteries, Licking Co., OH, by HFA Member Sandi (Shipps) Beernink14
Novels for Sale by HFA Member Clint Hull21
Did You Know? Part XXII22
Comments from our HFA Members23
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members24
Corrections & Additions30
HFA Database Update30
Membership Updates & Patron Members31
HFA Officers and Committee Members32
Issue 3 (Nov 2013)
HFA Reunion, Salt Lake City1
From your President & Editor2
A North Carolina Tragedy, by HFA member #1520 Ronald Adam Hull4
News Among our Members: HFA member #1801 Michael L. Marshall7
Ancestral Homeland: A Visit to Hancock Co., OH, by HFA #0477 Gregory S. Hull8
DNA News Corner, by HFA member #1338 Sheran McCants12
Commodore Hull Returns Home, Derby, Connecticut, Historical Society14
Did You Know? Part XXIII17
Thank You! From Phyllis J. Hughes20
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members21
Corrections and Additions22
Comments from our HFA Members22
Historic Hull Houses24
HFA Database Update26
Membership Updates27

Volume 32 (2012)
Issue 1 (Feb 2012)
John Justus Hull, Violin & Cello Maker, by Carol (Hull) Sechriest1
From your President & Editor2
Hull Family Reunions: The Isaac Homer Hull Family, by Linda & David Hull4
DNA News Corner11
Digging Up Samuel Hull, by Patricia (Hull) Fulton12
Hull Archive Photograph Contributions, by Patricia D. Hull13
Did You Know? Part XVIII17
Genealogical Contributions20
Comments from our HFA Members22
HFA Database Update22
Membership Updates & Patron Members23
HFA Officers and Committee Members24
Issue 2 (Jun 2012)
Death of Lewis W. Hull1
From your President & Editor2
Hull House; Warren Hull & Polly Gillette Descendants4
Another Warren Hull10
DNA News Corner12
Hull Archive Photograph Contributions by HFA #1742 Charles Hull Schoepflin13
CD on Richard & Andrew Hull for Sale16
Hull House Closed16
Did You Know? Part XIX17
Genealogical Contributions18
Comments from our HFA Members22
HFA Database Update23
Membership Updates & Patron Members24
2012 HFA Reunion, New York25
HFA Officers and Committee Members28
Issues 3 (Oct 2012)
2012 Hull Family Association Annual Meeting and Reunion1
From your President & Editor2
Photos of Warren & Polly Hull Descendants5
Death of Darrell Locklin HFA #11966
Death of Carol Greene Ackerman HFA #13977
News of HFA Member: Gregory S. Hull8
Photo of Jeremiah Hull9
Photos of Burl B. Hull's ancestors10
Litchfield Co., CT, Hull Family Reunion Photo11
What Information Can You Trust Regarding Commodore Isaac Hull?12
HFA Genealogist's Report13
Did You Know? Part XX14
New Items Posted on HFA Links Page16
Genealogical Contributions17
Comments from our HFA Members22
HFA Database Update22
Membership Updates23

Volume 31 (2011)
Issue 1 (Spring 2011)
In Research, As in Life: Cemetery Search in Jackson County, TN1
New Contributing Editor, Judge Cindy (Hull) Bruner2
From Your Editor, Phyllis J. Hughes2
Important 1850 Census5
The Sauratown Project6
HFA Database Update7
DNA News Corner8
Hull/Holl/Hohl DNA Project:9
Peter Thomas Hohl Websites: A Warning10
Death of Ivan Lester Hull HFA #033311
Death of Charles C Hinson HFA #060712
HFA Members Behind the Scenes12
Robert Weinheimer Joins the SAR13
Comments from our HFA Members15
Genealogical Contributions16
Did You Know? Part XVIII17
Robert Hull for Representative, Grafton County, NH19
Membership Updates22
Issue 2 (Summer 2011)
That Eerie Feeling: Cemetery Search in NY for Amos Girard Hull family1
From your President & Editor2
Biographical Information on Amos Girard Hull4
HFA Database Update5
Restorations at Hull House6
Daniel Ray Hull, Landscape Engineer, National Parks7
DNA News Corner9
Hull/Holl/Hohl DNA Project11
Death of Robert Rothermel HFA #166712
Death of Albron Hull, brother of Col. Robert Lee Hull HFA #018412
Research at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City13
Hull Homes & Buildings in US14
HFA Members Behind the Scenes15
Comments from our HFA Members15
Genealogical Contributions17
Can You Believe This? Part I18
Membership Updates & Patron Members23
Issue 3 (Winter 2011)
Death of Past HFA President, Barbara Ann Hull HFA #03711
From your President2
25th HFA Anniversary Commemorative Coin2
Condolences to HFA Newsletter Editor Douglas C. Hull2
Tribute to Barbara A. Hull3
HFA Database Update4
Minutes of HFA Executive Board4
Job Descriptions for HFA Officers6
Corrections for Parents of Mary Leora (Hull) Wiant7
DNA News Corner: Numbers, Numbers, Numbers8
DNA Project Lineages Corrections9
Hull/Holl/Hohl DNA Lineage Postings10
Comments from our HFA Members10
Did You Know?11
Death of Jean A Sweningson HFA #003413
Genealogical Contributions14
Membership Updates & Patron Members22

Volume 30 (2010)
Issue 1 (Spring 2010)
Hull/Holl/Hohl DNA Project & Lineage Postings1
From your President & Editor2
From Your Editor2
Did You Know? Part XIII4
HFA Database Update7
Genealogical Contributions8
Query Submittals8
Hull Actors & Actresses on Broadway and Elsewhere11
Melvin H. Graham: A Career in Federal Law Enforcement12
Capt. Stephen Hull Home13
News of our Members14
Errors in German Peter Thomas Hohl/Hull Line15
Photograph Contributions: Cemetery Stones, IN16
HFA Members: New & Patron18
HFA Officers19
Issue 2 (Summer 2010)
New: Immigrant Richard Hull CD Book for Sale1
Hull/Holl/Hohl DNA Project1
From your President2
DNA Analysis, Richard Hull line2
HFA Database Update4
Immigrant George Hull CD Book for Sale4
Hull Actresses and Actors5
Hull-Hyde Tombstones in NY7
Revolutionary War Stephen Hull in New York9
Did You Know? Part XIV10
Genealogical Contributions13
Death of Onda Lucille Hull, mother of David Braithwaite HFA #128114
Coming in the Next HFA Journal14
Query Submittals15
HFA 25th Meeting & Reunion20
HFA Reunion Registration21
HFA Members: New, Patron22
HFA Officers23
Issue 3 (Autumn 2010)
HFA 25th Meeting & Reunion1
Hull/Holl/Hohl DNA Project3
DNA News Corner4
HFA Database Update5
Robert "Bob" Booth Hull, Gay Rights Pioneer6
Ancestor Tombstones for Robert "Bob" Booth Hull10
Hull Actresses and Actors11
Did You Know? Part XV12
United States Trivia14
Author Robert "Bob" Williams Hull HFA #031415
Comments from our HFA Members15
Hull-Graham Family Reunion Catawba Co., NC16
New England Dreams: Novel Based on Life of the Rev. Joseph Hull, 1635 Immigrant17
Bicentennial of Hull House, NY18
Genealogical Contributions19
Warning: Hull Coats of Arms20
Coming in Future HFA Journals20
Membership Updates23

Volume 29 (2009)
Issue 1 (Spring 2009)
Death of Hull Descendant & Famous Science Fiction Writer: Philip José Farmer1
From your President2
2009 Reunion Announcement2
Errors in German Peter Thomas Hohl/Hull Line4
John Justus Hull, Violin Maker5
Genealogical Information: John Justus Hull7
Death of Donald H. Hull, Former HFA President, HFA #09368
Did You Know? Part X9
Genealogical Contributions11
Query Submittals12
Photograph Contributions: William H. Hull & Ozena O. Day Hull Family16
HFA Members: New, Patron18
HFA Database Update18
HFA Officers19
Issue 2 (Summer 2009)
Life on the James Leslie & Amelia Ellen Buzza Hull Farm1
From your President & Editor2
HFA Database Update2
Gerald W. Hull, 1911-2009, Obituary4
Reasons for Guardianship Records4
Did You Know?, Part XI5
Genealogical Contributions7
German Hull Descendants9
Query Submittals10
Membership Updates15
HFA Photo Archive Contributions16
2009 Reunion Schedule18
HFA Officers19
Issue 3 (Autumn 2009)
2009 HFA Reunion1
From your President & Editor2
Memories of a 1942 Air Raid, Gay Nichols Hydrick3
Death of Dwain Eugene Van Dolah, spouse of Lorraine Van Dolah HFA #03054
Death of Raymond Charles Knittle, spouse of Gloria Knittle HFA #11424
Artist Gregory S. Hull: One-Man Show5
New Rev. Hope Hull Website5
Mark T Groutage, DAR Acceptance6
Richard W. Hughes, Gemologist7
Family Group Sheet Guidelines8
Federal Land Patents8
New E-Book: George Hull Descendants9
HFA Database Update9
Did You Know? Part XII10
Genealogical Contributions11
Query Submittals12
Photograph Contributions18
HFA Members Update: New, Patron22
HFA Officers23

Volume 28 (2008)
Issue 1 (Spring 2008)
Honoring a Family Legacy: Hope Hull & University of Georgia1
From your President2
Note from the Editor2
Old Family Pictures2
Update on 2008 Reunion4
Did You Know? Part VII5
HFA Database Update6
Hull/Holl/Hohl Family Group Sheets6
Query Submittals7
Genealogical Contributions12
Death of A. Franklin Rice HFA #092613
Death of Ronald Knittle, son of Gloria Knittle HFA #114213
Death of Marian M. Hewitt HFA #004213
HFA Patron Members14
Archive Photo Contributions16
Charleston, SC: Visit of Lord Lyon17
HFA Membership Update18
HFA Submissions Policy18
HFA Officers19
Issue 2 (Summer 2008)
Loyd W. Prouty: Collector of German Hull/Holl/Hohl Records1
From your President2
Note from the Editor2
"Saratoga" Bob Hull to Reissue 1994 George Hull Book3
Confusing Definitions3
Did You Know? Part VIII4
Why Family Information Cannot Always be Trusted7
HFA Database Update8
Query Submittals8
Genealogical Contributions12
Death of Berta-Mae Blackmur HFA #004313
Death of Earl Roger Hull HFA #042414
Death of Eldon C Hull, spouse of Evelyn Hull HFA #013014
Archive Photo Contributions: The John Tillman Hull Family of Lincoln Co., NC15
HFA Reunion Schedule - SLC17
HFA Membership Update18
Patron Members, Updated September 201718
HFA Officers19
Issue 3 (Autumn 2008)
2008 Hull Reunion1
From your President2
Note from the Editor2
2009 Reunion Announcement2
Shirts from Reunion Picnic3
Did You Know? Part IX4
Have You Updated your Lineage Lately?6
Death of Duane Hull 2nd cousin of Gregory S Hull HFA #04777
Death of Erdine Nugent HFA #08387
Death of Margaret Carson Hull (honorary member) spouse of Lewis Hull #02108
Death of Kenneth L Hull HFA #0741 father of Ronald L Hull HFA #11078
Death of Billy Joseph Hull friend of Ronald Hull HFA #15208
Query Submittals9
HFA Database Update12
Genealogical Contributions12
Wolcott House/Rilla Hull14
Photograph Contributions17
Political Graveyard: Noble Andrew Hull, US Representative from Florida18
HFA Members: New, Updated18
HFA Officers & Committee Members19

Volume 27 (2007)
Issue 1 (Spring 2007)
A Blind Date with History, by David Braithwaite1
From your President2
Note from the Editor2
Non-HFA Recommended Links2
How About a DNA Test?4
Hull Heartbreak at Barnstable, by David Braithwaite5
Willam Frank Price Jr., HFA #1172, Confirmed to National Council of Arts6
Query Submittals7
2007 HFA Reunion Planned8
Update on HFA Database9
Researching in Virginia9
Archive Photograph Contributions10
Did You Know? Part IV13
Death of Howard Cox HFA #089215
Death of Pastor Allen Hull Jr. HFA #145415
Corrections - 2006 Autumn Newsletter16
What's New on the HFA Website16
Medal of Honor: James Lott Hull17
Membership Updates19
Enhanced Access to MyFamily.com19
HFA Officers20
Issue 2 (Summer 2007)
A Perplexing Preponderance: Fern Elmer Hull aka Frank Elmer Hansen?1
From your President2
Note from the Editor2
Did You Know? Part V3
Death of Margie Gay Morgan Cooper, mother of Sheran McCants HFA #13389
Genealogical Contributions10
Steven Holl, Architect12
Update on HFA Database13
HFA Members - New, Updated13
Hull Photo Archives14
The Great Fire of 190016
Texas Vietnam MIA Identified17
Helpful Genealogy Links17
HFA Reunion Information18
HFA Officers19
Issue 3 (Autumn 2007)
2007 Annual Reunion1
From your President2
Note from the Editor2
New Membership Category Announced2
2008 Reunion Notice2
Dues Increase Notice2
Did You Know? Part V3
Query Submittals5
Genealogical Contributions from Members11
Update on HFA Database13
Five Generations of NY Hulls14
Dr. McAllister H. Hull, Atomic Physicist16
HFA Members - New & Updated18
Post-1900 Hull Articles18
HFA Officers19

Volume 26 (2006)
Issue 1 (Spring 2006)
Fred H. Hull Biography, father of Robert "Saratoga Bob" Hull HFA #00001
From your President2
Architect Steven Holl2
Author Claudia McCants HFA #1242, by Barbara A Hull5
Ancestors of Orville Duane Howe7
Hull House Restoration Update9
Five Generation Photograph10
Did You Know?11
Members' Contributions13
Update on HFA Database13
Hull Archive Photographs14
HFA Member Updates17
2006 HFA Reunion Plans18
Issue 2 (Summer 2006)
Gregory Hull, Artist of Sedona, HFA #0477, by Barbara A. Hull1
From your President2
New Publicity for HFA2
Important Announcement2
Jane Dee Bowersock Hull, Arizona Governor 1997-20035
Connecticut Grave-Stone Rubbings7
The Aaron Burr Connection9
Query Submittals10
Hints for Increasing Knowledge on your Hull Lineage11
Update on HFA Database11
Genealogical Contributions12
Hull Archive Photographs13
Hydrick-Nichols 60th Anniversary16
Did You Know?17
Death of Suzanne White Hull HFA #045419
Update: Did You Know?19
New HFA Members20
More Research Suggestions20
Mesa Family History Center21
2006 HFA Reunion Agenda22
Issue 3 (Autumn 2006)
2006 Hull Reunion1
From your President2
Note from the Editor2
Interview with New Editor9
New Discovery at Hull House10
Hull Archive Photographs11
News from Members13
Did You Know? Part III14
Query Submittals17
1913 Hull Family Reunion, Antioch, West Virginia21
Obit, Floyd Eugene Hull, Crooksville, Ohio22
World War I Vets23
Update on HFA Database24
Contributions from Members25
HFA Members: New, Updated27
HFA Officers and Committee Members28

Volume 25 (2005)
Issue 1 (Spring 2005)
In Honor of Robert Taylor Hull, HFA founder1
From your President & Editor2
Genealogical Contributions from our Members3
Preview of the Enhanced 1850 Census4
HFA Database Update7
Blueberries on Camel's Hump8
Our Beloved Mare Hull9
Willie's Diary10
Renewal Comments11
Dr. Donald B. Hull, biography12
Membership News17
Hull House Updates17
2005 Reunion Announcement18
Reunion Reservation Form19
HFA Officers Directory20
Issue 2 (Summer 2005)
I Found It on the Internet1
From your President2
Database Update2
Accessing Online Census4
Old Hull-Cogswell Photos5
Hulls & Holls at Valley Forge7
Update on Hull House14
Libraries with HFA Publications15
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members16
New Research Policy17
Hurricane Katrina18
List of past HFA Annual Meetings19
News of Our Members20
New Members21
Reunion Schedule of Events22
Issue 3 (Autumn 2005)
20th Annual HFA Reunion1
From your President & Editors2
Henry Carter Hull Library3
Death of Capt. James Ferris Lichtenberg HFA # 14055
HFA Photo Archive Project6
Hull-Cogswell Photographs7
DNA Mapping to Cordell Hull8
DNA Jim's Corner10
Cordelia Hull-Robinson Obit10
Thomas E. Hull, Las Vegas11
Genealogical Contributions from our Members12
HFA Database Update13
2006 HFA Reunion Plans14
2005 HFA Reunion News15
New HFA Members17
Hull/Holl/Hohl Immigrant Articles - HFA Journal18

Volume 24 (2004)
Issue 1 (Spring 2004)
More Good News for Warren Hull House1
From your President & Editor2
Genealogical Contributions from our Members3
Illinois Civil War Hulls5
HFA Database Update7
Member Comments8
Historical Background Info10
Excerpt from Biography of Samuel Hull / Martha Glover10
New Members17
2004 Reunion & Meeting18
Reunion Registration Form19
Issue 2 (Summer 2004)
Revival of a Reputation1
From your President & Editor2
HFA Database Update3
Prominent New York Hulls3
Genealogical Contributions from our Members4
Tobias Sechle Hull Jr /Emma Virginia Hanna - Family Group Record9
Using Land Records10
Early Hulls on the Niagara Frontier12
How Many Ancestors Do You Have?13
New Members & Address Changes14
19th Annual Reunion Form15
Issue 3 (Autumn 2004)
19th Annual Reunion1
From your President & Editor2
Genealogical Contributions from our Members3
No Slowing Down4
HFA Board Meeting6
Honorary HFA Member, Bob Hughes4
Reunion Photographs8
HFA Picnic / Warren Hull House10
Using Periodicals for Genealogical Research12
Update on HFA Database14
HFA Financial Statement14
Membership News15
Death of Robert A. Hull HFA #031515

Volume 23 (2003)
Issue 1 (Feb 2003)
A "Giant" Hoax, perpetrated by George Hull1
From your President & Editor2
Bible Records, Journal Indexing & Database Project Updates3
Click on the Library4
Genealogical Contributions from our Members6
Descendants Sought7
Members' Comments8
Publishing Non-proven Theories10
Family Group Sheets12
Membership Updates15
Issue 2 (Jun 2003)
18th Annual Reunion info1
From your President & Editor2
Doug Hull called to Active Duty2
Death of Alexander B. Hull III, HFA # 06213
Membership Info4
Mrs. Susan Springer Hull5
Book Review, "The Ghost and Me, Joey", about the Warren Hull House9
Hulls in the News10
Computer Comparison Checks11
DNA Results12
HFA Database12
Scrapbook Corner13
Genealogical Contributions from our Members14
Update on "Murdered in Her Bed" from the October 2002 Newsletter15
The Hull Family Association Websites & You16
Where to Send Items16
Slate of HFA Officers17
IRS Non-Profit Status for the HFA17
Staff E-mail Directory18
Issue 3 (Oct 2003)
The Meeting of Seven 10/20/1985 - the Founding of the HFA1
From your Presidents & the Editor2
Lilly Ebaugh Hull's lost Inheritance3
Reunion Pictures5
Funny Thing - Dan Hull crashes Reunion & becomes HFA #13806
The Original HFA 1904-19137
HFA Financial Report8
IRS Says No to Non-Profit Status8
HFA Newsletter started by Robert "Saratoga Bob" Hull HFA #0000 in 19819
Kinfolk Relationship Chart10
Origins of the HFA Journal - 1st issue Oct 1985 with Phyllis Hughes as Editor11
HFA Award13
Libraries with HFA Publications14
Query for James Hull14
DNA Study Selected15
New Members16
Where to Send Items16
Hulls in the News17
HFA Database18
Genealogical Input18
Staff Directory19
Reunion Notebook20

Volume 22 (2002)
Issue 1 (Feb 2002)
Thanks to Newsletter Editor James Reynolds Hull1
President's Corner2
HFA Non-Profit/Tax Exempt Status2
Hull DNA Study3
Comments from our Members5
New HFA Websites8
1936 Letter from Author Helen Rose Hull9
Update on HFA Database10
Hulls in the News & on the Web11
Hull Portraits & Photographs from Family Albums13
Ask It! Genealogical Queries14
Surname Organizations Participating in DNA Studies14
Genealogical Contributions from our Members15
HFA Financial Statement17
New Members & Address Changes18
John Hull, The Silversmith's Work Lives On!19
Treasures from the HFA19
Issue 2 (Jun 2002)
HFA Member Chronicles Legislative Experience1
From your President & Editor2
Help Save the Hull House3
What our Members can Expect from the HFA4
Update on HFA Database5
Family Group Sheets Requested5
Old Hull Photos6
Genealogical Contributions from our Members7
Trip to Salt Lake City8
Preservation & Depositing of Genealogical Materials8
Hohl/Holl in 1840 Census9
HFA Journal Contents10
Laurel Hill Furnace Cemetery, Pennsylvania13
Hull DNA Study Update14
Hull DNA Study Editorial15
New Members, etc.16
Death of Jeanette E Schoenmaker HFA #117617
Death of Donald Benjamin Hull, father of Joanne Hull Salmi HFA #086217
HFA Reunion & Meeting18
Issue 3 (Oct 2002)
17th Annual HFA Reunion1
From your President & Editor2
Phyllis & Bob Hughes - 50th Anniversary3
Robert Rees Honored3
Reunion Photos4
It's Your Turn - Hull DNA Study6
Phyllis Hughes to Step Down8
Hull Database Update9
2002 Financial Report9
The American Battle Monuments Commission10
Genealogical Contributions from our Members12
Death of Ellis Foster Hull HFA #049214
Murdered in Her Bed - Doctor's Wife Killed15
Hull Family Cookbook, Lisa Hull Riggs HFA #109116
Membership Renewal17
New Members, etc.19

Volume 21 (2001)
Issue 1 (Feb 2001)
Database Continues to Grow1
Nursery Rhymes & Legends - A Tour to England1
From the Editor's Keyboard2
The Courthouse Clock2
Roots & Branches2
The President's Corner3
How Do You Live Your Dash?4
Who's Who Among Hulls4
Our New HFA Members5
The Door Never Closes5
Mile-Posts & Farewell6
Changes & Corrections7
Salt Lake City Research Trip8
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members9
From the HFA Scrapbook11
HFA Officers12
Issue 2 (Jun 2001)
Y-Chromosome - DNA - Genetic Genealogy1
From the Editor's Keyboard2
The President's Corner2
Genealogical Computer Interest Groups4
Suzanne W. Hull Walks the Talk5
HFA Membership Demographics6
The Staying Power of Lorraine C. White9
Death of Terrance Kenneth Walker, brother of Robert M. Walker HFA #101210
Death of Tatianna Hull, mother of Mary Hull Edlavitch & Nancy Hull10
The Fish Are Still Biting by James R Hull11
From the Hull Family Scrapbook12
Death of Robert S Hull12
New Members13
Newsletter Corrections13
Common-Sense E-Mail14
Ask It! Genealogical Queries17
To All the Rocks in my Life17
Third Grader's 1850 Census18
Ross Hull, Radio Pioneer20
You Said It! Member Comments24
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members27
Member Address Changes & Corrections29
New Reference: The Sleuth Book for Genealogists, by Emily Anne Croom30
Issue 3 (Oct 2001)
The 16th National HFA Reunion1
The President's Corner3
Report on HFA Database5
From the Editor's Desk7
Photos of Illinois Hulls8
Corrections for HFA Book of Member Lineages9
Changes to HFA Officers & Committee Members9
Genealogical Contributions from our HFA Members10
Dowsing for Graves11
Rescuing Bibles12
People Helping People13
Ask It! Genealogy Inquiries13
Death of Harry Vern Hull HFA #091814
HFA Members: New & Updates15
Death of Allen I. Hull HFA #059216
Standards for Use of Technology in Genealogical Research17
Lives, Fortunes, Sacred Honor18
December 7th, 1941 by Burton W Hull19
Steven Holl - Architect - America's Best19

Volume 20 (2000)
Number 1 (Feb 2000)
Plans Set for Reunion in Louisiana June 8-101
Board Activity Accelerates2
Possible Future Meeting Sites2
Members in the News3
Longtime HFA Officer to Step Down4
Don Hull Recuperating at Home5
Death Claims HFA Organizer5
Have A Hankerin' to Go "Home"?6
Special Offer: Hulls in 18506
New Members, Address Changes, and Queries7
Number 2 (Jun 2000)
Report on Lafayette1
The BML - A New Direction2
An Open Letter from the Board3
Words that Ring True3
Computer Corner5
HULLs in the News - Member Notes6
New Members7
A Word from you President7
Latest Lineup of HFA Officers and Board Members8
Number 3 (Oct 2000)
Common Errors in Hull Lineages on the Internet1
Genealogical Contributions from HFA Members3
HULLs in the News4
From the President's Keyboard54
From the HFA Scrapbook5
Books about Hulls6
USS Constitution Facts & Figures6
Six Month Financial Report7
New Members, Corrections7
Marrying in the Winter8
Naughty Pilgrims9

Volume 19 (1999)
Number 1 (Feb 1999)
Sonoma County, CA, to Welcome HFA in June1
HFA Computer Home Page Operational2
HFA Email List Updated2
Another Author in the HFA2
Elections set for Annual Meeting3
Member Notes and Hulls in the News3
New Members & Address Changes6
Have a Hankerin' to Go "Home"?7
The Hull Picnic Table8
Membership Status Report9
HFA Financial Report (1998)9
Reunion Reservation Form11
Number 2 (Jun 1999)
Elections Held at Annual Meeting in Santa Rosa1
Reflections and Projections, by the New President1
Review Process for Book of Member Lineages2
Genealogical Software - Members Choices2
HFA Web Site Looking for Links4
HFA Research Trip to Salt Lake City Planned for May 20005
Hull 1880 Soundex Census Project Now Completed5
New Members6
Reinstatements and Address Changes7
A Note from a Member / Hulls in the News7
USS Constellation7
Number 3 (Dec 1999)
15th Annual HFA Reunion - Cajun Country, June 8-101
Research Trip to Salt Lake City2
Deanth of Long-time Member Harold Shaw Reported2
Corrections to Lineage Addendas2
Multiple Sources Yield Immigrant Ancestor3
Among our Members - Hulls in the News4
Current Board Issues5
New Members and Address Changes6
Registration Form for Reunion7

Volume 18 (1998)
Number 1 (Apr 1998)
New Hampsire Beckons HFA1
HFA Board Meeting Highlights2
HFA Genealogy Committee Formed3
USS Consitution - Update3
Member's Notes and Huls in the News4
New Members5
Next Issue6
13th Annual Reunion Registration Form7
Number 2 (Aug 1998)
New Hampsire Warmly Welcomes HFA1
Board Meets in Manchester2
Saving Crewkerne's Face3
Constitution Update - Hull Ships3
Computer Use - Personal Accounts4
Members Notes / Hulls in the News5
New Members6
Address Changes6
Special Offer: Hulls in 18507
Next Issue7
Number 3 (Dec 1998)
HFA in Review1
Notices to Members2
Recent Board Actions2
HULLs in the News - Member Notes3
Salt Lake City Research Trip3
Those Famous Hulls5
Member's Web Pages5
New Members6
Address Changes6
Reunion Registration7

Volume 17 (1997)
Number 1 (Feb 1997)
Norfolk Reunion Plans Firming UP1
A British Brigade in Maine and an Early English Hull2
Members Notes / Hulls in the News3
About Norfolk4
Board Activities4
New Members6
Address Changes6
Hull Family Reunion Registration Form7
Number 2 (Aug 1997)
Norfolk - the HFA 12th Annual Reunion1
HFA Data Base Phase I Complete2
USS Constitution Update - A Proud Day for America3
The HFA's Nature - A Historical Perspective3
Executive Board Whirling and Swirling4
The HFA Email Gang and other Computer Matters5
Member's Notes and Hulls in the News6
A Word about Membership7
New Members10
Address Changes10
Reinstatements and Address Changes10
Reunion Registration Form11
Number 3 (Dec 1997)
Don Hull Reelected at Norfolk Reunion1
Manchester, NH, Site of 13th Reunion2
Cardiff Giant Redux3
Computer Participation - an Update3
Authors we Know4
Member's Notes and Hulls in the News5
Manchester Reunion Registration Form7

Volume 16 (1996)
Number 1 (Feb 1996)
Publication Participants Proliferate1
October Reunion Plans2
HFA Debt of ....2
Norfolk in 19972
Asa Hull - Composer Identified3
Can You Index?3
Hulls in the News3
News in the Publishing Field7
New Members and Address Changes7
Number 2 (Jun 1996)
11th Annual HFA Reunion 1
Hull Family Association Database2
Executive Board Meeting3
The Attractions of Des Moines4
Book of Member Lineages - Updated and Reformatted4
Of Continuing Interest to George's Line5
Norfolk - Site of 1997 Reunion5
Hulls in the News6
New Members6
Address Changes7
Number 3 (Oct 1996)
11th Annual Reunion - Midwest Success Story1
Board Meeting2
Saratoga Bob and the Monument to George2
Get on the Web with the HFA3
1997 Reunion - Norfolk, Virginia3
A Visit with Captain Isaac Hull4
Hulls in the News6
New Members6
Odds and Ends7
Previous HFA Journals Still Available to Members8
Address Changes9

Volume 15 (1995)
Number 1 (Feb 1995)
Tenth Annual HFA Reunion1
Elections to be Held at Annual Meeting2
Philosophy for Selecting Officers2
Trip Planned to England in 19963
Monument Honoring George Hull Proposed3
Notice Concerning Taylor's Hulls in 18504
HFA Member Publishes Genealogical Records4
Among our Members - Hulls in the News5
Roger Hull Dies in Oklahoma6
Computer Interest Group7
Executive Board Meets, Decides Changes in Publications8
Our Members are a Big Help!9
From One of Our Members10
New Members and Address Changes11
Number 2 (Jun 1995)
Ellis Hull's Visit to Crewkerne, England1
Annual Meeting Plans Finalized2
Brock Recommends National Archives Publications3
New Members and Address Changes3
Ilene Peper's Story4
Among Our Members5
Slate of Candidates for HFA Offices Selected7
Plans Being Finalized for HFA Trip to England8
Alex Hull Relates to Journal Article9
Warren Hull Responds to Marjorie Miller's Query10
Number 3 (Oct 1995)
Donald H Hull Elected HFA President1
Looking Forward to England Trip in 19962
Robert E Hull of Saratoga, CA, Honored3
Saratoga Bob's Big Data Base3
Hulls in the News4
Samuel Hull no Longer Accepted by DAR5
Who Was Coposer Asa Hull?6
Among Our Members6
Lois Stenstrom New Publicity Director7
Correction to the Newsletter7
Hull Houses, Cabins, and Stoves8
New Members and Address Changes11

Volume 14 (1994)
Number 1 (Mar 1994)
The Hull Family Association Genealogist1
Results of Membership Survey2
NGS Conference in the States3
Computer Interest Group4
Among Our Members5
New Members and Address Changes9
Immigrant George Hull Genealogy Nears Completiont9
Number 2 (Jun 1994)
Executive Board Meets, Decides Changes in Publications1
Disney Channel Award Goes to HFA Member3
Preservation Planned for John Hull Journals3
New Virginia Genealogy Includes German Hulls3
Among Our Members4
New Members and Address Changes6
Plethora of Newsletter & Journal Topics Suggested7
Maybe I Could Do It Myself If I Knew Where to Start8
Cordell Hull Museum and Birthplace Open For Visitors8
Number 3 (Sep 1994)
Non-Profit Status Sought by HFA1
Book on Hulls in Revolutionary War Nears Publication1
Crewkerne Trip Report2
Interest in Regional Groups Resurfaces2
All Systems "GO" for Ninth Annual Meeting3
Hulls in Dixon, IL4
New Look for HFA Journal5
Among Our Members6
New Members and Address Changes8
Editor's Corner9
Number 4 (Dec 1994)
Report to the Membership1
Member Makes Offer: We Can't Refuse2
George Hull Genealogy Completed2
Plans Underway for 10th Annual HFA Meeting3
Dave Boatman and the Hull Family Register3
Computer Interest Group4
England in the Time of George and Joseph Hull5
Among Our Members8
New Members and Address Changes10
HFA Trip to West Country Being Planned11

Volume 13 (1993)
Number 1 (Mar 1993)
HFA Executive Board Meets1
Publicity Help Needed2
Among Our Members3
Hull at World Trade Center Catastrophe6
Compjter Interest Group7
New Members8
Address Changes9
Regional Groups Being Considered9
Number 2 (Jun 1993)
Eigth Annual Meeting Plans Finalized1
To Hull and Back (The Ultimate Ego Trip)2
Among Our Members5
Kenyon Neal is Making a Difference7
HFA Regional Groups Being Formed8
Corrections and Updates to Previous Newsletter Articles10
HFA Elections to be Held10
Mary and John Conference Scheduled11
New Members and Address Changes12
Number 3 (Sep 1993)
Eigth Annual Meeting Great Success1
To Hull and Back (The Ultimate Ego Trip)2
Computer Interest Column5
Among Our Members6
New Members and Address Changes9
Number 4 (Dec 1993)
Secretary's Message1
To Hull and Back (The Ultimate Ego Trip)2
Joanna Coffin was NOT a Hull7
Among Our Members9
New Members and Address Changes10
Null Patents11

Volume 12 (1992)
Number 1 (Mar 1992)
Executive Board Announces Changes1
Plans Finalized for Seventh Annual Meeting2
President's Corner3
New Members and Address Changes4
A Tribute to Robert Hull Taylor5
Among Our Members6
1920 Federal Census Just Released9
Number 2 (Jun 1992)
Report of Executive Board Meeting1
Changes of Address2
Editor's Corner3
Among Our Members4
New Members5
Report from the Secretary6
Number 3 (Sep 1992)
Seventh Annual Meeting Huge Success1
Membership Analysis2
HFA Computer Interest Group Forms3
What's in a Name?4
Among Our Members5
New Members and Address Changes9
Number 4 (Dec 1992)
Plans Underway for Eighth Annual Meeting1
New Members and Address Changes2
The Book of Member Lineages is Out!3
Weygant is Wonderful ... But3
HFA Publications for Sale4
Among Our Members5
Task Force Guadalcanal9

Volume 11 (1991)
Number 1 (Apr 1991)
Plans for Annual Meeting1
Notices to Members1
Where the Hulls Are2
New Members5
A New Order: Whose Responsibility?6
Number 2 (Aug 1991)
Sixth Annual Meetings1
Books By or About Hulls1
Hull-Related News Clippings2
Nature of the Hull Family Association3
Autobiographies: Landscapes and Timescapes4
A Permanent Headquarters for HFA?5
New Members5
Number 3 (Oct 1991)
HFA Executive Board Meets1
John I. Coddington Obituary2
Little League Volunteer of the Year5
Among Our Members6
Hulls in the News7
New Members and Address Changes8
Number 4 (Dec 1991)
Plans Underway for Seventh Annual Meeting1
Brock's Labor of Love1
Almost Annual Warning2
Secretary's Year-end Report3
Among Our Members3
Membership Dues Notice5
More Serendipity5
Schermond at Work6
New Members6
Changes of Address7

Volume 10 (1990)
Number 1 (Apr 1990)
HFA's Frederick Seeks Reelection1
New Accquisition for Hull Collection2
Who is Raymond Hull?2
HFA Members in a Democratic Information Age3
The President's Corner4
Plans Underway for Fifth Annual Meeting4
Queries, New Members, Address Changes5
Member Lineages6
Number 2 (Jun 1990)
Let's Have an HFA Party1
The President's Corner3
Claude Moore Farm is "Living History"4
Raymond Hull Identified4
HFA Genealogist's Notice to the Membership5
Computer Interest High for Many HFA Members5
Melancthon Hull Identified5
New Members, Address Changes, and Queries6
Another Case of Serendipity6
Number 3 (Oct 1990)
The President's Corner1
Analysis of HFA Computer Survey2
Among Our Members3
Results of Member Interest Survey Tabulated4
HFA Public Opinion Poll Being Planned5
Queries and New Members5
Computers and HFA Discussed at Annual Meeting6
Thoughts on Regional Meetings8
Number 4 (Dec 1990)
Among our Members1
Genalogy for the 21st Century3
New Members4
The President's Corner / Odds and Ends5
A Small Puzzle6

Volume 09 (1989)
Number 1 (Spring 1989)
How Many Hull Descendants?1
Principal Items in the HULL COLLECTION2
Land Grants to Hulls in Virginia4
New Members, Queries6
Number 2 (Summer 1989)
Hull Houses, Cabins, and Stoves2
Hulls - Quintessential 18th Century Americans?2
Some Notable Hull Humanitarians3
Interesting New Member is British Subject4
New Members; Address Changes5
Hulls as Innovators5
Hull Patents6
Number 3 (Fall 1989)
Report of the 4th Annual Meeting1
The President's Corner2
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Rubbing of Hulls3
Hulls and Automobiles4
Charles J. Hull as a Crusader4
Queries, New Members, Address Changes6
Hull Patents7
Number 4 (Winter 1989)
The President's Corner1
Make Serendipity Work for You2
Tracking Hulls Through Time and Space4
Queries, New Members, Address Changes6
Hull Patents7

Volume 08 (1988)
Number 1 (Spring 1988)
Third Annual Meeting1
America's Leading Still Life Painter1
Saving Our Heritage2
Census Work Being Accoplished3
Location Index Prepared for Hull Family in America4
New Members and Queries6
Number 2 (Summer 1988)
Third Annual Meeting1
Member Lineage Book1
The Hulls of Tennessee1
Hulls in 1988 - by County2
Hull Cemetery, Licking County, OH5
Surname Directories5
New Members5
Hull Biographies Project Well Under Way6
A Leaf From Memories Book, - Central Iowa6
Hulls in the Black Hawk Indiana War7
Number 3 (Fall 1988)
Member Lineage Book1
HFA Dues Notice2
Third Annual Meeting Held in Pennsylvania2
Secretary and Treasurer's Report to the Membership3
Crewkerne in 19883
Surname Frequency in the United States4
HFA Publication Policies6
New Members, Queries8
Number 4 (Winter 1988)
Peace on Earth1
Lucky as Hull2
Who is a Hull?3
The Hulls of Andes, NY5
New Members, Queries6

Volume 07 (1987)
Number 1 (Spring 1987)
Review and Preview1
Rev. Samuel of Vigo County, Indiana2
George Hul and the Cardiff Giant Hoax4
HFA Member Lineages (Announcement)5
Contributions for Articles Solicited5
New Members6
Number 2 (Summer 1987)
Hull Lineage Book1
Propposed Projects2
Hulls of the 20th Century2
Hulls in the Theater4
Hulls of German Origin5
Recent Acquisitions5
Re. Joseph Hull's First Wife was NOT Joanna Coffin6
New Members7
HFA Book of Member Lineages, Change #17
Number 3 (Fall 1987)
Second Annual Meeting Huge Success1
The Hull Collection: Prospects as of July 18, 19872
Dates & Locations Set for Future Annual Meetings3
Formation of Biography Committee3
Formation of Census Committee4
Possible Formation of Local or Regional Chapters4
Marion Hull McHale Reproduction of The Hull Family in America5
HFA will Purchase Computer5
Vote of Thanks to Second Annual Meeting Planning Committee5
Call for Comments from the Membership5
Hulls of German Origin6
HFA Welcomes John Insley Coddington6
Queries, New Members6
Book of Member Lineages, Change #27
Number 4 (Winter 1987)
Notices to Members1
Some Famous Descendants of Hulls1
All is not Gold2
Highway for Hulls2
Ideas for Newsletter Articles3
Possible Fraud Alert4
Welcome to Henry Lane Hull4
Hulls in the Library of Contress5
The Census Project5
Queries, New Members5
HFA Book of Member Lineages, Change #35
Original Land Patents & Grants to Hulls in Virginia7

Volume 06 (1986)
Number 1 (Spring 1986)
Greetings from the President1
Proposed Objectives for the Newsletter3
Association News4
Distribution of Hulls in the U.S., 1850 and 19856
Number 2 (Summer 1986)
HFA - For Genealogists or for Hulls?1
Guidelines for Donations of Material to the Hull Collection3
Association News4
New Members6
Number 3 (Fall 1986)
The First Annual Meetings1
Profile of Hull Ancestry of Members2
Hull-related Interests of Members3
Hull Research in Progress and Proposed4
New Members5
Member Lineages Sought for Publication6
Number 4 (Winter 1986)
Hulls - How did They Get Here?1
Who is a Hull?1
Roster of Hull's who Served in the War of 18122
To the Descendants of the Rev. Joseph Hull: An Update5
New Members5

Volume 05 (1985)
Number 1 (May-Jun 1985)
Notice - Is there Interest in Forming an HFA?1
Vital Records - Devon, England5
New Subscribers and Address Changes7
Number 2 (Jul-Aug 1985)
Vital Records - Derby, England6
New Subscribers6
Number 3 (Sep-Oct 1985)
A Descent from George Hull2
New Subscribers and Address Changes6
Notice - Is there Interest in Forming an HFA?6
Number 4 (Nov-Dec 1985)
Notice - HFA Organizational Meeting Held1
From Your Editor6
New Subscribers and Address Changes6
Number 5 (Jan-Feb 1986)
Early Hull Families in New England3
Vital Records - Derby, England5
New Subscribers6
Number 6 (Mar-Apr 1986)
Swan Song - From Your Editor2
New Subscribers6

Volume 04 (1984)
Number 1 (May-Jun 1984)
George Hull1
Vital Records - Devon, England4
New Subscribers and Address Changes6
Number 2 (Jul-Aug 1984)
Death of John B. Hull of Stockbridge2
Number 3 (Sep-Oct 1984)
Lineages - Corrections and Additions2
Hull Apprenticeships and Indentures4
Hulls Buried in Adams County, Ohio4
New Subscribers and Address Changes6
Number 4 (Nov-Dec 1984)
National Genealogical Society2
Hulls of Licking County, Ohio3
Vital Records - Devon, England5
New Subscribers and Address Changes6
Number 5 (Jan-Feb 1985)
Friends Records - Westerly, Rhode Island3
Cemetery Recods - Stark County, Ohio4
Richard Hull of New Haven4
Vital Records - Devon, England6
New Subscribers and Address Changes6
Number 6 (Mar-Apr 1985)
The Seven Joseph Hulls of Cecil and Kent Counties, Maryland5
Hull Family Reunion 1925, Churchville, (WV?)6
New Subscribers and Address Changes6

Volume 03 (1983)
Number 1 (May-Jun 1983)
Editorial Policy1
A Fringe Benefit3
350th Anniversay of Settling of Widsor, Connecticut4
New Subscribers6
Number 2 (Jul-Aug 1983)
Hull Family Association - 1904 Organization Notice1
Vital Records - Derby, England4
The Hull Family in Somerset [England]5
New Subscribers6
Number 3 (Sep-Oct 1983)
Bible Records - Nathaniel Hull 1795-18683
Richard Hull of New Haven4
Vital Records - Devon, England5
New Subscribers6
Number 4 (Nov-Dec 1983)
Genealogy versus Family History3
The Naming of Hull Massachusetts4
Vital Records - Devon, England5
New Subscribers6
Number 5 (Jan-Feb 1984)
Growth of Hull's in the USA 1790-18503
Vital Records - Devon, England5
New Subscribers and Address Changes6
Number 6 (Mar-Apr 1984)
Hull Family Records - Database Needed?4
Vital Records - Devon, England5
New Subscribers6

Volume 02 (1982)
Number 1 (May-Jun 1982)
Hull Family Reunions: The Isaac Homer Hull Family, by Linda & David Hull1
Advice for the Dead End Researcher2
Hull Family Information2
New Subscribers6
Number 2 (Jul-Aug 1982)
Forum - Is Joanna Coffin the wife of Rev. Joseph Hull?1
Vital Records - Somerset, England3
Book, "The [Richard] Hull [Immigrant, 1634] History", by Gustave Anjou6
New Subscribers and Address Changes6
Number 3 (Sep-Oct 1982)
Places Named Hull1
Vital Records - Somerset, England2
Hull's in New England 1620-17004
Peson Family - England5
New Subscribers6
Number 4 (Nov-Dec 1982)
Vital Records - Dorset, England3
Joanna Coffin, Was She the Wife of Rev. Joseph Hull, by Phyllis Hughes5
Editor's Note6
New Subscribers6
Number 5 (Jan-Feb 1983)
Ezra Hull's Journal - the son of Ebenezer Hull 1732-17972
Vital Records - Dorset, England5
New Subscribers6
Number 6 (Mar-Apr 1983)
Policy Change1
First Settlers of Barnstable [Massachusettes] - Hull vs Lothrop2
Vital Records - Derby, England3
Book, "Hulls in 1850 ..." by Robert Hull Taylor6
New Subscribers6

Volume 01 (1981)
Number 1 (May-Jun 1981)
Message from the Editor, Robert E Hull1
Book, Hull Family in America, by Col. Weygant2
Member Queries2
Number 2 (Jul-Aug 1981)
Message from the Editor, Robert E Hull1
Member Queries1
Hull Emigrants to the United States5
Number 3 (Sep-Oct 1981)
Message from the Editor, Robert E Hull1
Member Discussion Forum2
Member Queries3
Number 4 (Nov-Dec 1981)
Message from the Editor, Robert E Hull1
Member Discussion Forum2
Visit to Crewkerne, England, by Phyllis J Hughes2
Member Queries3
Hull's with Revolutionary War Service5
New Subscribers6
Number 5 (Jan-Feb 1982)
Message from the Editor, Robert E Hull1
Member Discussion Forum1
Visit to Crekerne, England (continued), by Phyllis J Hughes2
Hull Family of Crewkerne, England3
Hull's with Revolutionary War Service (continued)6
New Subscribers6
Number 6 (Mar-Apr 1982)
Message from the Editor, Robert E Hull1
Member Discussion Forum1
Crewkerne Parish Records, courtesy of Phyllis J Hughes3
Hull's with Revolutionary War Service (continued)6
New Subscribers6

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