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Full Title

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New England Dreams: A Novel Based on the Life of Reverend Joseph Hull, © 2010

A book for sale by Clint Hull (HFA Member #1020), of Yarmouthport, MA

Synopsis of the Book

Joseph Hull, an Anglican minister, emigrates in 1635 with his congregation to Weymouth in Massachusetts, where he hopes to establish a church that will provide an antidote to the growing separatist sentiment in the Bay Colony. Prevailing Puritan sentiment forces him to relocate to Hingham and then to Barnstable, where he is excommunicated for preaching without permission. Opportunity provides him with a more congenial post at York in the Province of Maine. Returning to England in 1648, he is caught up by events of the civil war. He accepts a post in Cornwall and has some dealings with George Fox. With the restoration of the monarchy he is evicted, his loyalty to Church and Crown questioned. Returning to New England in 1662, he settles in Oyster River. There he aids two Quaker women who have disrupted his service. He eventually finds some peace ministering to fishermen on the Isles of Shoals. When Maine is restored as an independent province in 1665, his hopes appear to be realized; and he dies content on Hog Island. In the course of his odyssey Hull encounters such historic figures as John Winthrop, George Fox, Peter Hobart, John Lothrop, and Sir Ferdinando Gorges. His dream is typical of those that inspired people of all classes to come to New England as part of the Great Migration; but the fact that he remains loyal throughout his career to the Church of England makes his story different and possibly unique.

Ordering Information

For your copy, send your personal check for $14.95 per copy payable to Leon C. Hull to:

Leon C. Hull
2220 Heatherwood
Yarmouthport, MA 02675